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7 Best Hair Straightening Brush Reviews of 2024

For the best quality styling session, we break down this year’s top straightening brushes from most luxurious to most budget-friendly

Best Hair Straightening Brush Reviews
There are many hot hair tools in the market that offer different styling experiences. If what you need is an everyday tool to smoothen your hair in a gentle yet efficient way and what you’re looking to find is natural looking results rather than bone-straight hair, a straightening brush might be just what you need. There are many different models to choose from according to your hair type and length, as well as what style you want to achieve. Below we share our picks of the best straightening brushes of 2024, from the most budget-friendly tools for everyday use to the highest quality and luxury choices.

If you want to get informed in more detail, check out our comparison table and buying guide.

Top Picks

1. Best Overall:
ghd Glide

Price: $170
Shape: Paddle Brush
Heated Plate Size: 2.5” x 5”
Maximum Heat: 380°F
For Which Hair Type: Normal To Thick Hair
Hair Length: Medium To Long Hair
Pros: Good At Detangling, Material Durable And Sturdy
Cons: Overpriced, No Variable Heat Settings

Most people choose straightening brushes for their ease of use and gentle yet effective styling capacity.

Ghd glide provides all the qualities that a perfect straightening brush has to offer. It’s been our top pick this year and for good reason.

It has a big paddle-shaped brush which provides very fast styling as it can cover a large area at one go. Its densely placed short and long detangler bristles makes it superior at detangling knots. It also has heated bristles placed perfectly for optimum styling and speed.

While its efficiency is top quality, its material quality doesn’t disappoint either. The tool is sturdy and durable. It endured a lot of our tests without breakage and will last you for long years. It is a heavy hair tool but has a slim 3.25” handle that fits the hand comfortably. It also has ceramic coating which provides frizz-free results while nicely volumizing the hair.

Its extraordinarily large head (2.5” width and 5” length) makes everything easier for longer hair. But if you have short hair, this product is not ideal for you since the large paddle-shaped brush can’t come very close to the roots and fails to provide effective results. While there are no questions about its performance, it comes with a big price tag of $170 and it’s not for every budget. We may even call it overpriced since even the closest competition (Drybar Brush Crush) is almost half-priced. But if you want to give yourself the gift of luxury and have the budget for it, Ghd Glide will not disappoint you.

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2. Best For Thick Hair And Shine:
Drybar The Brush Crush

Price: $111
Shape: Paddle
Heated Plate Size: 4.3” * 2.1”
Maximum Heat: 420f
For Which Hair Type: All Hair Types
Hair Length: All Hair Lengths
Pros: Sturdy And Durable, 10 Levels Of Heat
Cons: Pricy, Doesn’t Have Dual Voltage

Drybar hair tools are famous for their material quality and performance and their straightening brush is living up to this reputation.

Drybar Brush Crush is a close second on our favorite straightening brush right after Ghd Glide this year.

It has a paddle-shaped brush that is very convenient for fast and effective styling. While paddle shape is usually preferred for longer hairstyles, Drybar is also a great option for shorter hair since it has a smaller size than others (4.3” x 2.1”). While it’s still big enough to cover a large area at one go and provide fast styling, it’s small enough to come close to the roots. But if you have very short hair, it’s still worth considering another option with a barrel since even the smallest paddle brush fails to provide super sleek results with short strands.

It comes in a ceramic with a nylon coating material which is specially produced to provide shinier results, and it really makes a difference. While straightening brushes are relatively gentle tools, their maximum temperature is still very important since more heat can provide more effective results, especially with unruly hair. Drybar is a winner with a max temperature of 420°F, the highest number on our list. It also comes with 10 levels of variable heat settings and no matter how your hair type is, you will find an adjustment perfect for you. It also is a lightweight tool (9.9 oz) and has an ergonomic design with a 3.5” slim handle.

Like most luxury tools, Drybar Brush Crush’s biggest compromise is its price. With $111, it has a higher price than most on our list and is certainly not affordable enough for some of our readers. It’s also important to mention that it’s the only straightening brush on our list that dual voltage doesn’t make it travel-friendly.

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3. Best Budget:
Conair Instant Heat Styling Brush


Price: $20
Barrel Size: 0.7” Width And 4.13” Length
Barrel Shape: Round Brush
Maximum Heat: 280°F
For Which Hair Type: Fine To Medium Hair
Hair Length: Short To Medium Length Hair
Pros: Affordable, Can Create Curls
Cons: Not Durable, Maximum Temperature Too Low

Straightening brushes come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. While paddle-shaped brushes are superior at boosting volume as well as fast styling, round barrels can create intricate curls and sleeker results as they can pull the hair and create more tension. Conair’s straightening brush has a round-shaped barrel with a size as slim as 1.25”. It’s no surprise that the curls that it creates are very put together with its tiny barrel but providing voluminous results isn’t Conair’s strong suit. Its size also makes it desirable for shorter hairstyles as it can come really close to the roots and have a strong grip with its strong bristles.

Its extremely affordable price of $20 makes it a head-turner and a very appealing choice. But like every budget product it comes with a couple of sacrifices. First of all, this tool doesn’t heat up a lot. It has a maximum heat of 280°F, which is much lower than its closest competition Tymo (350°F). While this fact doesn’t have big importance with fine hair, it’s a no-go for unruly strands as it can’t tame thick hair. Secondly, it doesn’t have a very sturdy material which is more than expected for this price range. But with all its faults, it’s a great value-for-money straightening brush that provides satisfying results.

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4. Best For Detangling:
CHI Tourmaline Ceramic Hot Styling Brush


Price: $80
Shape: Paddle Brush
Size: 4.82” Length And 2.7” Width
Maximum Heat: 375°F
For Which Hair Type: All Hair Types
Hair Length: Medium To Long Hair
Pros: Great At Detangling
Cons: Heavy

Chi hair tools are amongst our favorites for many years and they have two different straightening brushes that we love for different reasons. Their paddle brush makes our list as the best detangler this season but there’s much more this tool has to offer. Yes, it’s a brilliant detangler with its ergonomically placed bristles and very large surface. It also is a very sturdy and durable tool that will last you for many years. Its large surface is beneficial for longer strands as it can smoothen the hair quickly and efficiently, but it’s not ideal for shorter hair as it can’t come close to the roots (which is generally the issue with paddle brushes).
It has a maximum temperature of 375°F, which is high enough to tame thick hair without struggle. It also comes with 5 heat settings that you can adjust according to your hair type and styling needs. So, it’s also gentle enough to use for fine hair with as low as 250°F on the lowest setting.

On that note, it’s a quite heavy tool with a weight of 10.9 oz, which makes it not the most convenient if you use it for long periods of time. But it’s very budget-friendly compared to the other paddle brushes on our list and frankly we think it’s a bargain.

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5. Best For Fine Hair:
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Thermal Paddle Brush


Price: $70
Shape: Paddle Brush
Size: 2.3” Width And 4” Length
Maximum Heat: 370°F
For Which Hair Type: All Hair Types
Hair Length: All Lengths Except Very Short Hair
Pros: Very Low Heat Setting For Extra Fragile Hair
Cons: Not Very Sturdy

Babylisspro is a popular choice amongst straightening brushes for its budget-friendly price combined with effective results. It also has a very large range of variable heat settings which allows you to find the perfect temperature for your strands. While the maximum temperature is 370°F, which is a high enough number to work with unruly hair, the heat on low setting is as low as 120°F. This temperature is the lowest on our list and makes it safe for even the most delicate strands. With its thermal brush, this tool is for the ones that wants volume when styling their hair. It comes with a digital display which is a very nice touch that allows you to see exactly what temperature you’re on. It’s has a relatively large-sized paddle-shaped brush that provides fast results, especially for longer hair, yet it’s not the best for shorter hairstyles like all other large-sized paddle brushes as it doesn’t have a good grip on the roots.

It’s the most affordable paddle-shaped brush on our list with only $70 and surely this price comes with a couple of compromises. It’s not a very sturdy tool and definitely not as durable as its more expensive competitors such as Drybar Brush Crush or Ghd Glide.

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6. Best For Frizz-Free Results:
CHI Amplitude Ceramic Heated Round Brush


Price: $58
Barrel Size: 1.25”
Shape: Round Brush
Maximum Heat: 390f
For Which Hair Type: All Hair Types
Hair Length: All Hair Lengths Except Long Hair
Pros: Sturdy Material, High Heat Capacity
Cons: Heats Up Slow

Chi hair tools are amongst our favorites for a long time for their high-quality material. Chi Amplitude Round Brush is perfect for home stylists who still want a gentle option for their hair but also would like to curl their strands. It has a round shape and a very slim barrel which is 1.25”. Its slim size is perfect for shorter hair as it can come super close to the roots and provide efficient results. But if you have very long hair, it may take too long to style it as it can’t cover a large area at one go. The round shape is superior at creating curls which makes this tool versatile as well. It has densely placed bristles and it’s a great detangler (not as good as a paddle brush). It can reach to temperatures up to 390°F and it can tame even the unruliest strands. It also has a digital display and 60 min auto shut-off which provides extra safety.

While Chi has very good quality and sturdy material, their round straightening brush has a small issue regarding to their mechanism. It takes a longer time to heat up; 2 minutes instead of the 1-minute average. But this is not a big issue unless you are in a big hurry.

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7. Best For Short Hair:
TYMO Ring Plus


Price: $70
Shape: Comb
Size: 1.24” Width And 3.83” Length
Maximum Heat: 350f
For Which Hair Type: All Hair Types
Hair Length: Short To Medium Hair
Pros: Comes Very Close To The Roots, Sleek Results
Cons: Hand Accidentally Hits Buttons

Tymo offers something quite unique when it comes to straightening brushes. While all straightener brushes on our list are either paddle-shaped or with a barrel, Tymo has a comb-like shape. Straightening brushes are usually preferred for their ease of use and their gentleness so they can be used every day. But creating super straight and sleek results isn’t their strong suit and they provide a natural look instead. Tymo Ring Plus, now in its second generation, is an exception to this and it can straighten the hair almost as good as a flat iron while still being a gentle tool. It has 9 heat levels which makes this tool versatile and its maximum heat is 350°F, a below-average number. With its comb-like shape, it can smoothen the hair efficiently and come very close to the roots so it’s our favorite this season for short hair. It also comes with accessories like hair clips, glove, travel bag and a comb for maximum efficiency.

While it has a sturdy and durable material, there’s a design issue regarding the handle. Your hand can easily touch the digital display and hit buttons. It’s a relatively heavy tool with 10.5 oz which can get frustrating if you use it for long periods at a time. It also has a quite thick handle with 3.75” and may not be very comfortable for small hands. But these are small compromises for what this tool has to offer.

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Hair Straightening Brush Buying Guide

What is A Hair Straightening Brush?

A hair straightening brush has the shape of an ordinary hair brush. But instead of bristles, it has heated prongs. Plus, the pad of the brush heats up, making it work like a flat iron.

So, you can think of hair straightening brushes as a flat iron and a brush in one, which means they effectively detangle your hair while straightening it.

Be sure to use it on completely dry hair, as it differs from hot air brushes in that regard.

Is Hair Straightening Brush a Good Choice? For Whom and Why?

We all want a fast-styling session without damaging our hair, right? Here is the tool that will save the day for you if speed and efficiency are your priority.

A straightening brush is a great alternative to a flat iron, in case you are not interested in super straight hair. Because as much as it works well for removing curls and frizz, your hair will retain its body and movement for a more natural look.

That being said, a straightening brush is a much more gentle hot tool compared to a flat iron that presses your hair between two scorching hot plates.

What You Should Keep In Mind Before Buying A Hair Straightening Brush

Daily Use

A good hair straightening brush that is convenient for everyday use should be gentle on the hair, meaning it shouldn’t be too high on the heat department. It should also do a great job detangling your hair, since you probably don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror every day. Easy detangling is usually achieved by the combination of high-density shorter and longer bristles. Plus, it should be good quality so it can endure being used daily.
So, you will probably prioritize speed and durability over design. Some of our favorites include Drybar The Brush Crush and CHI, which both thick all these boxes.


Some people only use their hair tools every once in a while, or simply they don’t want to spend a fortune on their straightening brush. The good news is that you can get a good quality hair straightening brush for as low as 40 dollars. Revlon Hair Straightening Brush, for example, offers a decent session for this price. It’s true that budget models aren’t as durable and feature rich, but they still provide a decent session.


Performance-oriented straightening brushes generally focus on quality, long-lasting material. They also have high heat levels that go up to 450°F, as well as speedy warm-up time, for a fast styling session. Brushes in this category include the Ghd Glide, which impressed us with its strong material that stayed as new after years of use.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Hair Straightening Brush

If you don’t have experience with hair straightening tools, you may be confused with all those features mentioned in product descriptions and reviews. We are here to clear that up, so take a look at the factors worth considering when choosing a hairbrush straightener.

  • Shape

    Shape of the straightening brush is the first thing you need to consider before making your decision. There are typically 3 types to choose from; paddle brush, round brush and comb. Even though most straightening brushes come in paddle shape, it’s important to consider the other options for your hair type and the specific style you’re aiming for.

    1. Paddle Brush:

      Best For: Fast styling, long hair

      Paddle brushes are best for fast and effective styling, especially for long hair. They can cover a large section of your hair and detangle knots with ease. Drybar The Brush Crush and ghd glide are great examples for what a good paddle brush can achieve.

    2. Round Brush:

      Best For: Wavy and curly hair, versatile styling

      This option offers a much greater grip than paddle brushes, making it desirable for curly hair that requires more tension to straighten. Round brushes should be your go-to for a more versatile styling option, as they can curl your hair as well. Conair Instant Heat Styling Brush is a great budget option for only 20$.

    3. Comb:

  • Material

    Mainly there are 2 types of straightening brushes you can find in the market:

    1. Ceramic:
      Typically, straightening brushes come with a ceramic plate, but some brands take the game further by infusing the ceramic plates with tourmaline.
      So, what’s the difference?
      Ceramic plate is the most popular material amongst all hair straighteners and for good reason. It evenly distributes heat. This means neither hot spots that can damage your hair nor cold spots that result in needing to go over the same section more than once. Ceramic is best if you have fine, thin, or damaged hair. Ghd Glide is an ideal option for ceramic-plated brushes.
      If your hair is prone to frizz, tourmaline-infused ceramic is a great option. Tourmaline is a crystal that produces more negative ions than ceramic, which helps to close the cuticle and seal in moisture. This makes it a weapon against frizzy hair. CHI Tourmaline Ceramic is worth checking out if you’re opting for frizz-free results.
    2. Titanium:
      If you have thicker, harder-to-straighten hair, titanium is a good option. Titanium is a light metal, which means a less heavy tool. This also means it heats up faster and transfers the heat to your hair more quickly. Titanium plates are also recommended for long hair as they can recover heat faster than ceramic plates.
  • Maximum Heat Level

    We all know that heat is essential to straighten your hair. What’s important here is to make sure that your brush can deliver the amount of heat your hair requires.

    Maximum heat levels can vary, but they usually go from 350°F to 450°F. If you have thick and strong hair that is hard to control, you may want to go with the units that offer up to 450°F of heat. On the other hand, if your hair is of average length and strength, a lower maximum heat limit should do the trick.

    Drybar the brush crush has temperature settings of minimum 200°F and maximum 450°F, which are the highest and lowest settings available in the market.

    Here is the basic overview of suitability:

    • Density – If your strands are saturated, you will need high temperatures to tame it.
    • Thickness – If you can feel your follicles between your forefinger and thumb, you will need a heat over 400°F to straighten them. But if your hair is thin, you should keep the temperature under 350°F to avoid hair damage.
    • Sensitivity – while it’s usually true that thin hair that is not dense is more sensitive than dense and thick hair, it doesn’t have to be the case. You know the sensitivity of your hair the best. The general rule is, the more sensitive the follicles, the less heat you should apply to them.
  • Adjustable Temperature

    It is not only about the maximum heat level, but the ability to choose the right temperature for your hair. Many manufacturers provide “multiple heat settings”. Thanks to that, you can pick the desired heat level based on your hair type. Revlon Salon One-Step is a perfect example of what variable heat settings can provide. This brush has 10 temperature settings, one of the best we’ve seen on a hair tool. It varies from 250°F to 430°F, which is pretty precise for a styling brush. This means that you can regulate the heat for your hair type and avoid damaging your strands.

    The length of the hair doesn’t directly affect the temperature because you can find long and sensitive hair and short hair that is quite strong.

  • Handle

    A well-designed handle should be lightweight, fit comfortably in your hand and be non-slippery. All these are simply factors that should minimize fatigue. It also needs to remain cool to the touch. Some brands even offer heat-protectant gloves with the tool but in our opinion, you should be able to work comfortably without it.

  • Auto Shut-Off

    Nobody likes to start their day with a fire alarm, so it’s important to make sure your straightening brush has an auto shut-off feature. This feature automatically turns off the device after a certain amount of time, usually between 30 and 60 minutes. This is a great safety feature as it prevents the device from overheating or catching fire as well as prevents energy waste and prolongs the life of the tool.

  • Size And Weight

    The weight and size it’s not only important for a comfortable session, but it’s also crucial to consider if you want to travel.

    Another good rule of thumb is to pick something lightweight, as this will make it easier to maneuver and style your hair.

  • Price

    You will notice that the prices vary a lot when it comes to straightening brushes. There are many options out there from budget-friendly models to high-end luxury tools. Try to not settle for something cheap for the sake of saving money because this could end up costing you more in the long run. Look for a brush that offer all the features you need and protect your hair.
    Revlon Salon One-Step with a price of 40$ is a great budget-friendly and efficient option that will satisfy your needs without burning your pocket.

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