5 Best Hair Dryers for Fine Hair – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2019)

Best Hair Dryer For Fine HairWe’ve selected our top picks for best hair dryers for fine hair!

Fine hair is both thinner in quantity and texture than thick hair.

Oftentimes it is also straight and lies flatter, therefore creating less volume in hairstyles.

Fine hair is more delicate, so extra love and care are needed to keep it intact and looking and feeling healthy.

This starts with a proper blow dryer for fine hair.

We also reviewed best-sellers rating them for their features and ease of use. Check out the reviews of the professional hair dryers from BeautiLab Editors.

  • 4.6 Customer Rating
  • Panasonic Nano-e Nano Care Hair Dryer
  • PRICE $$$
  • Watts : 1875
  • Number of Speeds : 3
  • Num of Heat Settings : 4
  • Cool Shot Release : Yes
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer
  • PRICE $$$
  • Watts : 2000
  • Number of Speeds : 2
  • Num of Heat Settings : 7
  • Cool Shot Release : No
  • 4.2 Customer Rating
  • CHI Ionic Professional Hair Dryer
  • PRICE $$
  • Watts : 1800
  • Number of Speeds : 1
  • Num of Heat Settings : 2
  • Cool Shot Release : Yes
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Carrera2 Hair Dryer
  • PRICE $$
  • Watts : 1900
  • Number of Speeds : 2
  • Num of Heat Settings : 3
  • Cool Shot Release : Yes
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • Remington T|Studio Salon Collection Hair Dryer
  • PRICE $
  • Watts : 1875
  • Number of Speeds : 2
  • Num of Heat Settings : 3
  • Cool Shot Release : Yes

Best Hair Dryer for Fine Hair Reviews (Updated List)

1. Panasonic Nano-e Nano Care Hair Dryer

We absolutely love the design and visual layout of this hair dryer. It just makes so much sense! Rather than your average high/low option or 1-2-3 heat settings, each setting is labeled exactly how you’d use it.

The heat settings include a hot and cold option as well as “skin” and “scalp”.

The speed settings come in “set”, “dry”, and “turbo”. It’s a complete no-brainer! This is one of the best blow dryers for fine hair because it allows you complete precision for care of your fine hair.

In a lovely, sleek white Japanese design, you can also be assured this hair dryer is well-made.

Word to the wise, you will need a plug adaptor. It’s compact, lightweight travel-friendly hair dryer, and cuts drying time way down, especially with that turbo option.

Included are 3 attachments to add volume, concentrate flow to reduce frizz, or speed up the drying process. Its nano-e technology helps your fine hair stay rich in moisture content.

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2. Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer

This professional blow dryer mixes time-honored Italian craftsmanship with lightweight materials like flame resistant polycarbonate plastic. But don’t be fooled. It still packs a 2,000 watt punch in its 1.1 pound frame and perfectly mixes your need for heat, air, and the pressure behind that air.

Not to mention that this hair dryer is incredibly durable and will style your blowouts for years to come. Elchim is a trusted company that’s been in business for over 70 years, and their blow dryers are worth every extra penny.

Pair this blow dryer with a round brush and your favorite styling products to get the salon straight hair. There are 7 – count them, 7 – heat settings to help you style and seal in your look. If you find that you desire a quick touch-up on your ends, finish off with a curling wand to get pretty waves. Its easy-to-clean filter twists and pops off at the back, so you can keep good care of your hair dryer.

Click to enlarge Pros & Cons

  • Constructed with high-heat resistant polycarbonate plastic, it is as strong as it is unbelievably lightweight.
  • With 2,200 watts of power behind its featherweight frame, it dries in a smaller amount of time with half the work.


  • Consumers have complained as to the design of the buttons, them being placed too near each other thus causing accidental pressings of other heat settings.
  • This hair dryer has been known to burn through its engine quickly at times, so be sure to hold on to its warranty.

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3. CHI Ionic Professional Hair Dryer

New -CHI Ionic Professional Hair DryerWith fast and even airflow, this hair dryer truly is a rocket. Less time spent heat styling means less damage in the long run. 1800 watts of power is delivered through its tourmaline ceramic elements to create an extremely high number of negative ions.

And we all know what that means – less frizz and static! Gorgeous shine, body, and hair that’s easy to work with are the results of a home blowout with this hair dryer.

Though it is slightly on the louder and heftier end of CHI’s blow dryers, the reduced styling time will hardly make you notice. If you especially want something quieter, check out the full list of Quiet Hair Dryers now!

With 2 heat settings and an ion setting, it is said to break down water up to forty percent faster than other hair dryers. Finish that off with a quick cool shot to lock in your freshly styled look.

As the name would suggest, the CHI Rocket comes in a gorgeous Moroccan style deep purple with an intricately designed gold and pink overlay. Included are two attachments that fit perfectly on the barrel of the blow dryer – a wide slotted concentrator for controlled straightening techniques and a comb to pull double duty with your styling tools.

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  • This hair dryer equips ceramic and negative-ion emitting technology that reduces frizzes and ensures softness.
  • It comes with an easy to switch comb attachment.


  • It is only available with a short, one-year warranty.
  • CHI Rocket hair dryer has only two heat settings, not allowing for much flexibility in heat setting.

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4. BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Carrera2 Hair Dryer

Fine hair can be as delicate as porcelain, so what you need is a company that understands its materials and design need to match that.

The commercial grade porcelain and ceramic of this hair dryer make it just perfect for fine hair. It helps your hair handle the high heat and greater air pressure with ease.

The ceramic produces far infrared rays that protect your fine hair’s natural shine. Using 1900 watts, the power is a bit greater than other hair dryers but without making you feel like you’re in a wind tunnel.

The increased air will reduce drying time and therefore the amount of heat that actually touches your delicate strands. You want to protect them at all costs, of course.

Soft to the touch, the outside is rubberized with a curved ergonomic handle. Included is one concentrator nozzle, narrower than the usual kind, for even more precision over finer sections of hair.

Choose from 2 pressure settings and 3 heat settings with that much-needed cool shot button. Your thinner hair will never be so thankful for good care like it is with this BaByliss hair dryer!

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5. Remington T|Studio Salon Collection Hair Dryer

Just as with Remington’s line of pearl-infused straighteners, we love this pearl ceramic dryer, which works great on fine hair. The patent-pending technology gives your fine hair the shiniest results possible. No damage or breakage, which is oh-so-important for thinner locks.

The 1875-watt AC motor and power are straight out of the salon for forty percent faster drying, and a long motor life means durability and reliability for years to come. Its ionic conditioning gives you a boost of shine without frizz.

A bonus concentrator is included for precise styling techniques. And because fine hair doesn’t necessarily mean straight hair, there’s also a diffuser for more heat dispersion on those curly days. It comes in sleek black with appropriate pearly pink accents and grill.

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Buying Guide for the Best Hair Dryer for Fine Hair

The two must-have features of the right hair dryer for fine hair are multiple speed and heat settings. Without the control over the power and level of heat, you run the risk of damaging your already delicate hair.

Unless you have curly hair, a diffuser may not be necessary. But a concentrator is an awesome bonus to keep control over the direction and heat applied to each section.

What to Look For to Find The Right Hair Dryer for Fine Hair?

The best hair dryers for fine hair often include attachments like concentrators and diffusers to increase volume and reduce frizz that often haunts women with fine hair. If you have fine hair, you are likely to struggle with giving your fine hair a boost of volume while trying to fight off frizzy or flat dull ends. The major leading cause of damage is from intense heat from styling tools and hair dryers that leave hair feeling dull, dry, brittle, and especially flat. The best hair dryers for fine hair are mostly made with ceramic features along with tourmaline and ionic technology.

  1. Wattage
    Fine hair doesn’t require the use of high heat. This means you should choose a hair dryer that provides at least 600 to 2200 Watts. A light hair dryer that generates 2000 Watts of power is ideal for fine hair as it balances out the heat. Generally, a hair dryer with 1987 Watts with ionic technology will dry hair well in less amount of time. Hair dryers with less wattage work best for fine hair as cooler hair is gentle on frizz-prone hair.
  2. Titanium and Ceramic
    Titanium and ceramic hair dryers work best for fine, frizzy hair that is prone to heat damage. They work great for fine hair because the generated heat will gently dry the hair from the inside out, reducing the cause of damage from heat. Ceramic heating offers an even heat distribution throughout the hair. Choose a hair dryer with a ceramic heating as blow dryers with ceramic have a unique heat conduction property while dryers with plastic or metallic heating parts tend to burn hair with uneven extreme heat.
  3. Multiple Speed Settings
    Multiple speed setting is important for fine hair as the thing you want is a high speed and heat model that will cause damage to fine hair. Use the of multiple seed settings it tailored for your hair’s needs and the lowest speed is safest for fine hair.
  4. Adjustable Temperature
    For fine hair, a low heat setting is perfect. Aside from the speed settings, adjustable heat setting is a fantastic feature that allows the ability to adjust the temperature of the dryer. This feature gives you better flexibility to dry or restyle your hair with multiple speeds for maximum value.
  5. Ionic Technology
    Low-quality hair dryers with plastic or metallic heating parts tend to diffuse the positive ions in the hair, causing the hair cuticle to become dull and frizzy. The negative ion technology is beneficial for fine hair as it works to reduce the static electricity that causes frizz and makes your hair flat. Ionic technology is a great feature if you have fine and thin hair and want to achieve luscious volume. Negative ions work to bringing in moisture to your hair by giving the right amount of volume and hydration.
  6. Cool Shot Button
    Hair dryers must have a cool shot button to allow the cool air to lock in the style and volume while penetrating your hair. Giving your fine hair a blast of cool hair will set your hairstyle to last all day long.
  7. Lightweight
    As for any hair dryer, lightweight models are ergonomic as they are not only travel-friendly but will also reduce the strain you’re your arm when using the product.
  8. Size
    If you’re always on the go, choose a smaller model especially if you have fine hair. The benefit of having fine hair is that you are not limited to options as you only need no more than 2200 Watts. Compact hair dryers are lightweight and generally contain the same heat and power of their larger models.

The Best Way to Blow Dry Fine Hair to Achieve More Volume

best hair dryer for fine hairBefore getting to the business of styling fine hair, make sure to wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo. Give yourself a little scalp massage to stimulate the follicles. You may even want to skip the conditioner so as to not weigh down your hair. Spritz hair with a volumizing heat protecting spray and again massage it all the way into your scalp.

The key to working with fine hair is to use the least amount of heat so as not to damage it. Gently comb out hair with a wide-tooth comb and towel dry as much as possible.

Then, parting your hair in sections or flipping your head entirely over, begin to blow dry in the opposite direction of the growth of your hair. When you let your hair out or flip it back right side up, natural volume will be added.

Extra Tips on Blow Drying Fine Hair

Go easy on the hair styling products. They can get heavy and weigh hair down. After drying your hair, run your hands throughout to check for any damp spots.

Once completely dry, use a cool shot button first to seal in your style. And then only use the minimal amount of holding sprays or anti-frizz lotions that you absolutely need to keep your style going all day.


Best Hair Dryer For Fine Hair Comparison Chart

PRODUCTPRICEWattsNumber of SpeedsNum of Heat Settings
Panasonic Nano-e Nano Care Hair Dryer
Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer
CHI Ionic Professional Hair Dryer
BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Carrera2 Hair Dryer
Remington T|Studio Salon Collection Hair Dryer


Bottom Line

We feel your pain. It is hard to find the best hair dryer for fine hair. You require the best care possible and a blow dryer that will treat your silky hair just like that, silk. We guarantee that these hair dryers in our list are the best you will ever find and will be by your side, strand for strand, style after style!

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