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6 Best Flat Irons for Black Hair 2023

Many people are dreaming about natural black hair, and you are the one of few who can brag that they have it!
Although it looks dazzling, taking care of black hair and getting that flawless African American hairstyle can be a bit tricky. The secret lies in finding the right products, which is why we are looking at the best flat irons for natural black hair.
We wanted to make your job even easier, so we included a detailed guide on how you should choose a flat iron. Take a look at questions to ask and factors to consider, and start your search for the perfect hair straightener.
By the end of the article, you will become an expert on the topic, and that should help to take care of your black hair to the next level!

Top Picks

1. Safest Option:
GHD Platinum Plus Styler

GHD Platinum Plus StylerThe GHD Platinum Plus styler is the safest option for those with black hair. This smart flat iron uses advanced technology to monitor heat levels 250 times per second to ensure optimal styling temperature. It adjusts heat accordingly to hair thickness and the speed of your styling, so you’ll never have to worry about over or under-heating your hair. The result is personalized styling that leaves your hair looking healthier while reducing the risk of heat damage.

The ceramic plates on the styler are designed to heat up to 365°F, which is the safer-for-hair temperature according to the company’s research team. The 20-second heat-up time is one of the fastest on the market, so you won’t have to wait long for your flat iron to be ready to use. It has a flashing red LED light to let you know when it’s ready to use. The GHD Platinum Plus styler also beeps gently when it’s time to style.

The sleek design of the straightener is another selling point. The wishbone hinge makes it easier to twist and curl long hair without the risk of hair getting caught, and the single curve means less chance of snagging. This is one of the most expensive flat irons, but it’s worth the investment if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line product.

2. Best for Thick & Coarse Hair:
Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Titanium Flat IronPaul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Titanium Flat Iron is the best tool for thick, coarse healthy hair because it uses premium titanium plates to deliver heat fast and evenly.

The ultra-sensitive SmartSense microchip monitors temperature 50 times per second and ensures stable heating throughout styling, making it more efficient and saving your time greatly.

Plus, after each pass through the hair, the flat iron quickly regains its desired temperature, making it a great choice for professional stylists.

The Neuro Smooth also features adjustable temperature control up to 450 degrees so you can choose the perfect heat for your hair type, and a LED display that shows the exact temperature.

The plates are cushioned to protect hair from stress and have beveled edges that won’t snag, making it easy to glide through your hair in one pass. So whether you’re looking to smooth, flip or wave your hair, the Neuro Smooth is perfect for you. But if you’re looking for a stronger curl pattern, we recommend the Neuro Style flat iron instead.

However, one downside of the Neuro Smooth is that it does not transfer negative ions into the hair, so it will not be effective at reducing frizz. If you have frizzy and unruly hair, we recommend using a product that features a built-in Ionic Generator like L’ANGE HAIR Le Rêve Blush.

This straightener is also backed by a 2-year warranty, so you can be confident in its quality. While it is on the pricey range, the Neuro Smooth is worth the investment if you’re looking for a flat iron that will give you salon-quality results.

3. Best for Frizzy & Unruly Hair:
L’Oreal Professionnel Steampod

L’Oreal Professionnel Steampod Steam Powered Flat IronThe L’Oreal Professionnel Steampod is a game-changer in the world of hair straighteners. Unlike conventional straighteners that rely on heat to straighten hair, the Steampod uses a combination of heat and steam. This allows it to add moisture to the hair shaft as it straightens, instead of drying out the core. As a result, when you go outside in humid weather, the hair won’t take on any more water and frizz up. Even on hot or humid and rainy days, the Steampod will keep your hair looking its best.

The Steampod also has a removable comb that holds the hair in place, allowing for faster stretching of the fiber and less damage to the hair. Kinky hair or 4C curl types will find the comb especially beneficial as it will help to detangle the hair while straightening. The results are that your hair will feel more alive and healthier than with regular straighteners.

The continuous steam flow comes from one plate/side to hydrate hair while the removable comb helps hold your hair in place. This allows for faster stretching of the fiber with less risk of breakage. In terms of results, the Steampod does an excellent job of making your hair feels softer, smoother, and more alive than with regular straighteners.

However, there are some downsides to the Steampod. First, it does not have an automatic shut-off, so you need to be careful not to leave it on for too long. Second, it is bulky and can be a little harder to use due to its size. Third, the comb attachment only fits on one side of the Steampod, so you can only use it one way. This can be fine for the left side of your head, but it is a lot harder to use on the right side. Overall, the Steampod is an innovative product that does an excellent job of straightening frizzy and unruly hair.

4. Best Budget:
Herstyler Forever

Herstyler Forever Straightening Flat Iron Travel Friendly Dual Voltage Flat Iron 1.25 inchIf you’re looking for a classic flat iron that won’t break the bank, the Herstyler Forever Straightening Flat Iron is a great option. It has been around forever, and it’s still a favorite among many women for its affordability and effectiveness.

This flat iron features 100% ceramic plates, which provide even heat distribution and help to prevent damage to your hair.

The adjustable temperature control allows you to find the perfect setting for your hair type/texture. You can start at a low temperature of 180°F if you have fine, type 4A hair that requires less heat. It also heats up quickly in 30 seconds, so you won’t have to wait around for it to get hot enough to use. And if you have thicker, type 4C hair, it can reach a high temperature of 450°F to give you the straight look you want.

Plus, the negative ion technology helps distribute heat evenly across your hair, which prevents frizz and leaves the hair feeling super soft. So if you live in a humid area and are looking for a flat iron that can give you bone-straight hair, the Herstyler Forever will not disappoint.

The 1 1/4 inch width is perfect for those with longer hair, and the curved edges make it easy to create soft curls or waves.

One downside of this flat iron is that it does not have a shut-off timer, so you need to be careful not to leave it on for too long.

5. Best Versatility: Furiden Professional 2 in 1

FURIDEN PRO Hair Straightener and Curler 2 in 1The Furiden Hair Straightener and Curler 2-in-1 is an affordable appliance that does it all. You can curl or straighten your hair with this one, making it perfect for those who like to change up their hairstyle often.

It is very user-friendly and is perfect for those who are not very experienced. The 3D floating plates are very smooth and do not catch on hair. The handle stays cool so you don’t burn yourself like with curling wands.

It comes with a hairbrush and two booklets; one of the booklets gives tips and tricks on different ways you can style your hair. It even talks about how it’s different curling the right side of your head vs. left. The other booklet is the instruction manual on how to use the flat iron based on your hair type.

This tool has 20 heat settings, so you are in total control of the temperature. The digital screen makes it easy to see what temperature you’re on, and you can adjust it up or down depending on your needs. Whether you have thick or fine hair strands, this appliance can work well for you between 265°F- 450°F.

Wrap Up

It is not easy to tame African American hair, especially if you want to keep it straight. You will have to use the right combination of hair products and ensure to take all the right steps at the right time. As long as you optimize the care for your hair, you can have any hairstyle you want.
The crucial appliance to help you straighten your hair is a flat iron. Since you can find hundreds of various hair straighteners on the market, we hope that this buying guide made your choice easier. We tried to single out the best flat irons for black hair, and point out their pros and cons in our reviews.
Our buying guide section should’ve helped you to learn everything you needed to know about these devices. At this point, you should have the necessary knowledge to handle your afro hair properly, and enjoy that straight hairstyle you always wanted!

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