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Remington Shine Therapy Flat Iron Review

Remington Shine Therapy is budget friendly and powerful, providing a fast session for long strands

Remington Shine Therapy Flat Iron Review featured

Price: $40
Available sizes: 1”, 2”
Material: ceramic
Heat range: 300f to 450f
Best for: all hair lengths, medium to thick strands
What we like: argan oil and keratin helps with shinier results, affordable, very large plates for styling in less passes
What we don’t like: heavy, doesn’t have dual voltage, not good for curling, too harsh for fine hair
How it stands out: a very powerful yet affordable tool with shiny and long-lasting results
Rating: 4.3/5.0

Remington Shine Therapy is a simple yet powerful tool. It comes with two plate size options and the 1” one is the standard size in the market, offering a session that fits most needs. But what really stands out is its 2” size, which is the largest available number when it comes to flat iron plates. Combined with its very long 4.3” plates, this tool has one of the largest plates surfaces on our list. That’s the reason why it can cover a very large part of your hair at one pass, and is ideal for long hair. Less passes mean a faster session, as well as less heat damage. Larger plates also can heat more than the smaller ones, so this tool can tame strands very easily. It has a heat range starting from 300F and reaching till 450F. Its maximum heat is very efficient for thick strands and with all this information, this tool is more than capable of providing a very powerful session. But it’s not our favourite when it comes to keeping it gentle for fine strands. It may be too harsh for some very fragile or damaged hair types which need very low temperatures. Ceramic plates make it gentler though, which are also infused with argan oil and keratin. These also helps considerably with shinier results. This is a relatively heavy tool with 12oz and is not the best if you need your tool to be compact. It also is not very easy to manoeuvre, and may cause arm fatigue if you use it for longer periods. This tool is not the. Best for curling strands, since it’s not very round on the outside, neither for travelling, because it doesn’t come with dual voltage. It’s a simple and affordable tool which doesn’t have the most durable material, but it has an elegant design with led display and digital temperature control. Below we share our experiences with “Remington Shine Therapy Flat Iron”.

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Shape And Size

Remington is a classic flat iron and its plates has rounded edges, which helps with avoiding snagging while styling your strands. It comes in two size options, one being 1” and the other 2”. The smaller size is the most common size which every brand offers, and for good reason. This size fits all hair types and lengths. It’s the goldilocks number which is large enough to cover a large area at one pass, but narrow enough to come close to your roots. The 2” one on the other hand, is extraordinarily wide. This is the largest number available in the market, and perfect for longer, as well as thicker strands that need higher temperatures to tame. This tool also has very long plates. With 4.3”, it’s very much above average and combining the two, the surface of the tool becomes really large. It can cover a very large area at one pass and tame your strands very quickly. It also has the capacity to heat up more than the smaller sizes and this tool provides a very powerful session.

The 1” size is nothing unusual, but the 2” size is very fat and looks quite bulky. This tool also is not very rounded on the outside, and if you’re planning to curl your strands with your flat iron, this is not the best option.

Heat And Variable Settings

It comes with 9 variable heat settings to choose from, starting from 300F, reaching till 450F. Its maximum heat setting is very high and can tame any kind of hair, even the most stubborn ones. When we look at its minimum temperature though, we’re not very satisfied as it can be too harsh for some hair types. If you have color treated strands that can easily can get damaged from heat, at tool with 250F minimum heat or less is more advisable.

This tool is not great at creating curls, not only because it’s not rounded on the outside, but also that area doesn’t get very hot. With 110F maximum temperature, it’s not hot enough to style hair.

Its handle is maximum 85F and is safe for your hands to touch, but its cool tip is 130F and is on the edge of being too hot.

Material And Performance

Ceramic plates are usually the ones we go for if we want a gentle session. But in this case, this tool is not great for fine hair as its heat settings are too high. But it’s a more beginner-friendly option, as it heats up slower than its titanium alternatives.

This tool’s plates are infused with argan oil and keratin. These are released throughout your session and helps with shinier results.

Remington is a very powerful tool and its performance is outstanding, especially when we look at its very affordable price. It can tame strands very fast. But we can’t say the same about its material quality. It’s not very durable and is quite simple compared to its luxury alternatives.


Remington Shine Therapy is not a luxury tool and comes with simple features. It has 60-minute auto shut off to make sure to eliminate fire risk, which is very useful.

One feature which we love and is missing in this tool is dual voltage. This is meant to make sure that your tool works anywhere in the world, and is only an issue if you want to travel with your tool.

It comes with led display and digital temperature control, and is very straight forward to figure out, in case you’re a beginner home stylist. You can lock its temperature setting and in memorizes it for you for next use.

It has a hinge lock to keep the tool closed when you’re not using it.


Unfortunately, this is a heavy flat iron. With 12oz, it’s above the average number of 9.5oz and not the easiest to handle and manoeuvre. It can also get frustrating to hold after a while, if your session takes longer to finish. Considering its lack of dual voltage and bulkiness, this tool is not great for travelling. The length of the tool is 11” though, and medium sized.

Its handle is 4.5”, which is the usual width when it comes to hair tools. It’s comfortable to hold.

Its cord is quite short with 6ft. It’s just long enough for most people, but may be too short if your plug is not close to your mirror.

Generally, it has an elegant design and nice colours.

Price And Guarantee

Remington is a very affordable product and appeals to the ones on a budget, rather than luxury seekers. It only costs $40 and has very high performance considering. Its compromise is mostly on its not so durable material. It can’t really compare with its luxury alternatives. But it offers a 3-year warranty which is longer than usual. Overall, it has great value and a no brainer for the ones who have thick or long strands who don’t have so much to spend on their tool.


Reminton is a very efficient budget friendly tool, but you may want to consider another tool if you’re looking for high quality material. Bioionic OnePass Styling Iron is one of the most durable tools in the market. It also has a very high maximum heat setting of 450F, and can tame strands very fast. It comes with a 1.5” plate size option and also is suitable for long strands, like Remington. But it’s a luxury tool and provides a smoother session with ionic technology and lasts for many years, if you use it well. It also has a luxury price which is $200, but it’s worth it if you can afford it.

If you want a budget-friendly flat iron like Remington but you have fine hair that needs gentler styling, InfinitiPro Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron is a great alternative. It has tourmaline ceramic material and a minimum temperature of 248F, which both make the tool safe enough from heat damage, no matter how fragile your strands are. It also is much more lightweight than Remington with only 7.9oz, and very travel friendly.

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