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Remington Pro Wet2Style Flat Iron Review

Remington’s very affordable flat iron offers a unique session which lets you style your strands while they’re damp

Remington Pro Wet2Style Flat Iron Review Featured
Price: $30
Available Sizes: 1”, 1.75”
Best For: All Hair Types And Lengths
What We Like: Mixed Plate Material For Fast Yet Gentle Results, Unique Venting System That Removes Moisture
What We Don’t Like: Poor Material Quality, No Dual Voltage
How It Stands Out: An Affordable Tool Which Lets You Style Your Strands Without Blowdrying Them
Rating: 4.2/5.0

Remington’s Wet2style Flat Iron has the unique ability to remove excess steam from your strands, and protects hair from heat damage. With this tool, you don’t need to blow dry your hair, which results in a much faster styling session. This mechanism can be turned on and off according to how dry your hair is. It’s a versatile tool in every sense. First of all, it has a very wide range of heat settings starting from 280F and reaching till 450F. With ten options to choose from, it appeals to both fine and thick hair types. It also has ceramic and titanium coated plates. The combination of the two provides fast heating and even heat distribution that makes the tool gentle as well. It has a 1” plate size option which is the most versatile one in the market. But the one that really stands out is the larger size of 1.75”. This option is very comfortable if you have longer hair, and can cover large sections of your hair. That said, if you want to curl your hair with your flat iron, this tool may not be the best option. It’s not very round at the back and doesn’t get as hot as it should to create curls. It’s one of the most affordable tools on our list with only $30, and is a basic yet powerful one. It doesn’t have the fancy features such as floating plates or dual voltage. It’s quite heavy with 10oz and not very durable. But it comes with a 4-year warranty to compensate that. Below, we share our experiences with “Hot Tools Black Gold Evolve Ionic Salon Flat Iron”.

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Shape And Size

Shape of this tool is nothing extraordinary. It’s a flat iron with rounded edges to avoid snagging. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have floating plates, which is a feature to create better contact between the hair and the plates. The tool is not very round, which means that it’s not the best if you want to curl your hair with it.

It comes with two size options; 1” and 1.75”. The 1” one is the standard size in the market which fits most needs. It’s relatively large for longer strands and can cover a good area, yet its slim enough to come closer to the roots if you have shorter strands. The 1.75” one is what catches our attention as it’s extraordinarily wide. This size is great if you have longer hair, especially if they’re thick as well since this size can heat up more.

Its plates are average length with 3.93” and convenient for both longer and shorter strands.

Length of the tool is 11” and considered medium sized, which is compact enough for travelling.

Heat And Variable Settings

This tool has a satisfying heat range. It comes with ted different heat settings to choose from, and the range is very wide. The minimum setting is 280F, and is gentle enough for fine hair. This option will protect your strands from heat damage, no matter how fragile they are. The maximum temperature is 450F and is very high. If you use this option, your strands will be tamed and smoothened in no time, even if they’re very stubborn. We love this tool for curly strands with its very effective yet gentle options to choose from.

Its cool tip gets very hot with 150F and should be used carefully. But its handle remains at 85F which is comfortably cool to hold. Back of its plates get hot with 145F, but this tool is still not convenient for curling the hair with its flattish shape.

Material And Performance

Its material of choice is a mix of ceramic and titanium. This means that if has the qualities of both materials. With its ceramic content, it can distribute the heat evenly and avoid hot and cold pockets. This results in styling in fewer passes and strands less likely to get heat damaged. Titanium on the other hand, speeds up the process and recovers its heat very fast. So, this tool is gentle yet very fast at the same time.

It’s not the sturdiest tool in the market. With its affordable price, it sacrifices on material quality and some features such as dual voltage. But its performance is very high according to its price.


The most outstanding feature of Remington is its venting system which removes excess water. This way, you don’t need to wat till your hair is completely dry, which usually can cause heat damage. This feature reduces the risk of heat damage considerably, and provides a healthier session for your strands.

It comes with the usual 60-minute auto shut off technology which is very useful. With this feature, you don’t need to worry about if you remembered to turn your tool of. It eliminates fire risk completely.

It doesn’t have floating plates to ensure better contact better contact between the tool and the strands. But this is expected for a budget tool.

One thing which is disappointing is lack of dual voltage. Be careful if you want to travel with this flat iron as it may not work in some parts of the world.

It has a hinge lock to keep the tool closed when you’re not using it, which helps the tool be more compact.


This is a pretty heavy tool with 10oz. This weight is above average and may get frustrating to hold for a long time. Arm fatigue is a usual problem amongst home stylists and if you suffer from it, we recommend to aim for a more lightweight tool. This tool is also not the most travel friendly with this weight and lack of dual voltage.

Its handle is 4.5” and is average sized. It will comfortably fit your hands.

Its cord is only 6f which is one of the shortest ones on our list. This size is sufficient for home use, unless your plug is not close to your mirror.

It’s a beginner friendly tool with digital temperature control and led display. It’s ergonomically designed and buttons are placed wisely.

Price And Guarantee

Remington WET2STYLE is a very affordable flat iron with only #30. This tool is created for the ones on a budget and doesn’t have the material quality of the luxury tools. But its performance stands out and its fast and gentle styling is a rare quality amongst budget tools. Its not very sturdy to hold, but comes with a 4 year warranty and we think it has great value.


A great alternative to Remington with similarly high-performance levels but much more durable material, is Bioionic 10X Styling Iron. This tool has one of the highest quality materials in the market and will just feel great in your hands when you hold it. It’s really sturdy and elegant. It also comes with vibrating plates to ensure faster and more effective styling which is a rare quality.

Another great tool with similar price but one that can successfully create curls is Hot Tools Purple Ceramic Digital Flat Iron. This tool is very round in the back and it gets as hot as 270F at the back of the plates. This way it mimics a curling iron and creates beautiful waves.

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