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5 Best Flat Irons for Curly Hair 2023

If you’re tired of your natural hair, you may be considering straightening your curly locks.

Curly hair is naturally dry and prone to damage, so straightening your strands needs to be done very carefully. If your flat iron is a dinosaur, it’s time to break the piggy bank for a good quality flat iron. With the right tool, you can achieve sleek, straight strands — without sacrificing the health of your hair.

But with so many different options on the market, it can be hard to know which one is the best for your hair type. Let’s take a look at some of the features you should look for in a flat iron if you have curly hair.

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The 3 Most Important Features to Look for

When it comes to finding the best flat iron for curly hair, it’s important to keep in mind that not all curls are created equal. In fact, your hair texture, hair length, and styling needs play a big role in determining the features you need.

1. Temperature

Fine and curly hair is delicate and prone to damage. (1) That’s why it’s so important to choose a flat iron with the lowest heat starting point possible. The best temperature range for styling fine or processed hair is between 250°F and 300°F degrees. (2) Anything higher than that is likely to cause heat damage. Also, make sure your flat iron has adjustable heat settings so you can find the perfect temperature for your strands.

However, if your hair is coarse, you don’t need to worry about lower heat temperatures being available – all you need is a flat iron that goes up to the 400-degree range.

2. Plate size

If you have coarse and curly hair that’s past your shoulders when stretched, then wider plates are going to be a better choice. They will straighten your hair more quickly and eliminate the need to pass over each section multiple times.

However, if you have thinner or more delicate hair, then slim plates might be a better choice as they expose each section to slightly less heat.

Another thing to keep in mind is the curl pattern. If your curls start from the root, then you need to make sure that you never go above an inch-and-a-half as you won’t be able to reach the root properly.

Thicker irons can be good for styling but not so much for straightening.

3. Material

If you have fine, thin strands, then ceramic is your best bet. Ceramic irons heat up evenly, which means there are no “cool spots.” This helps to keep frizz at bay and results in a smoother overall straightening job.

Straighteners made with tourmaline can actually straighten hair with less heat than ceramic and titanium irons. That’s because tourmaline has a high negative ion count. And less heat means less damage. So if you’re looking for an iron that will be gentle on your hair, tourmaline is a good choice.

If you’re torn between ceramic and tourmaline, go for a tourmaline-coated ceramic iron. This will give you the best of both worlds – even heat distribution and negative ions to help protect your hair.

If you have thick, coarse hair or are looking for a professional-grade iron, titanium is a good option. That’s because they heat up quickly and maintain a high heat for a long period of time.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best flat irons on the market for curly hair.

1. Best for Coarse Hair:
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin 1 inch Straightening Iron

If you’re looking for a top-quality straightening iron that can handle even the thickest, coarsest hair, look no further than the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron. This salon-grade iron uses titanium – a superior heat conductor – to quickly and evenly distribute far-infrared heat, resulting in less damage and fewer split ends. Plus, the titanium plates are extra-smooth, so your hair will glide through effortlessly, leaving it silky-straight.

This iron has extra-long 5″ plates which help you straighten your hair quickly. However, the longer plates make it difficult to curl your hair. It is available in three widths (1 inch, 1-1/2 inch, and 2 inch) to suit your specific needs. Larger plates make it easier to style larger sections of hair. Therefore, if you have long or thick hair, the Jumbo 2 Inch is the best choice for you. And the ultra-thin design means you can even straighten hard-to-reach areas with ease!

This is a great choice for those who are looking for a lightweight straightening iron that heats up quickly and has a wide range of temperatures. However, it does not have an auto shut-off feature or digital LCD display, so you will need to be careful not to overheat your hair. Additionally, this iron is not dual voltage, so if you travel frequently, you may want to consider another option.

In-depth review: Babylisspro Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightener

Plate Material: Titanium   Plate Width: 1, 1-1/2, 2 ” Temp Range: 240 to 450°F   Heat Up Time: 30 sc   Heat settings: 50   Swivel Cord: 9 ft.   Auto Shut-off: N/A   Warranty: Limited 4 Year   Digital LCD display: No   Dual voltage: No

2. Best for Fine Hair:
Hot Tools Pro Artist Black Gold Evolve

HOT TOOLS Pro Artist Black Gold + Titanium Digital Flat Iron 1 inch

If you’re looking for a flat iron that’s gentle on your hair and won’t damage your curl pattern, the Hot Tools Pro Artist Black Gold Evolve Flat Iron is a great option. It has ceramic-titanium plates and a low starting heat setting of 205F, making it ideal for fine, delicate hair. Plus, it has ionic technology to help reduce frizz and flyaways. And if you need a little more heat, you can always adjust the settings up to 455F.

This 4 1/2″ long iron can give you effortless waves and curls if that is what you are looking for. It has rounded edges, so you can create waves and curls without worrying about unwanted kinks and bends.

And it’s available in two widths: 1 inch and 1.25 inches. The 1 Inch is perfect for getting defined curls and waves, while the 1.25 Inch is ideal for looser curls.

The Hot Tools Pro Artist Black Gold Evolve Ionic Salon Hair Flat Iron also features a universal dual voltage, so you can use it overseas without having to worry about an adapter. And if you’re worried about accidentally leaving the iron on, don’t be! It has a 2-hour auto shut-off feature that will turn the iron off automatically if it hasn’t been used in 2 hours. Plus, it comes with a glove to help you avoid burns.

One downside of this iron is that it’s not designed with a hinge lock, so you can’t keep the plates closed when you’re not using it. And the ionizer makes a little buzz noise when it’s turned on.

In-depth review: Hot Tools Black Gold Evolve Ionic Salon Flat Iron

Plate Material: Ceramic-Titanium   Plate Width: 1, 1.25 ” Temp Range: 205 to 455°F   Heat Up Time: 30 sc   Heat settings: 27   Swivel Cord: 9 ft.   Auto Shut-off: 2 hr   Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty   Digital LCD display: Yes   Dual voltage: Yes

3. Best for Frizzy Hair:
CHI Original Ceramic 1″

CHI Original Ceramic Hair Straightening Flat Iron

If you’re looking for an effective and reliable flat iron to help tame your frizzy hair, then the CHI Original Ceramic Hair Straightening Flat Iron is a great option. This ceramic flat iron uses far-infrared heat to help seal the cuticle and eliminate frizz, while the constant 392°F heat ensures that your hair remains healthy and damage-free. Plus, the flat iron is more suited for daily use, thanks to its gentle and consistent heat.

The plates are ceramic coated and squeeze sensitive which means you can control the pressure. It also features a beveled edge that helps create curls and waves, while the one-inch width is perfect for straightening small sections of hair. And with its 11-foot swivel cord, you’ll have plenty of room to move around while you’re styling your hair.

Its on/off button is placed on the inside near the plates so you should be careful not to burn yourself. This lightweight, dual voltage straight iron comes with an 11 ft long power cord which makes it ideal for those who travel a lot. Some find the cord to be too long but, there is a velcro strap to bundle the cord if you feel it gets in your way. When you pick up the CHI you get the feeling that it’s the perfect size/fit for your hand. The “L” shaped swivel mechanism allows maneuverability but you have to be cautious while laying your straightener down.

Plate Material: Ceramic-Titanium   Plate Width: 1″ Temp Range: 392°F   Heat Up Time: 40 sc   Heat settings: N/A   Swivel Cord: 11 ft.   Auto Shut-off: N/A   Warranty: Limited 2 Year Warranty   Digital LCD display: No   Dual voltage: Yes

4. Time-Saving:
Remington Pro S25A10 Wet2style 13/4″

Remington Pro Wet2style 13_4 Flat Iron Mojave Mist S25A10
The Remington Pro Wet2style Flat Iron is a good option for those who want to achieve a quick, straight hairstyle with minimal effort. It features a venting system, making it possible to safely straighten your hair while it’s still wet. This means you can achieve two styling processes in one!

The ceramic and titanium plates heat up quickly, making it easy to straighten even the thickest hair without damage. The wide plates also make it easy to style large sections of hair at once. This flat iron is available in two widths: 1 and 1¾ inches. Choose the size that best fits your needs.

It has 10 heat settings, so you can find the perfect temperature for your hair type. With a soft touch, you can increase or reduce the heat by 20 degrees a click. If you need to touch up your hair during the day, the Wet2style has you covered. It features a damp, wet, or dry setting, making it versatile for any situation. It powers up in about 30 seconds and the flashing light by the power button indicates it’s safe and ready to go.

However, one downside of this flat iron is that it does not provide as much volume as you would get from blow-drying your hair first. And it’s not dual voltage so don’t expect to be able use abroad! Overall, the Remington Pro Wet2style Flat Iron is a good choice for those who want to style their hair while it is still wet and do not mind sacrificing some volume.

Plate Material: Ceramic-Titanium   Plate Width: 1, 1.75″ Temp Range: 310 to 450°F  Heat Up Time: 30 sc   Heat settings: 10   Swivel Cord: 10 ft.   Auto Shut-off: 1 hr   Warranty: Limited 4 Year   Digital LCD display: Yes   Dual voltage: No

5. Best for Short Hair:
Terviiix Pencil

Terviiix Small Flat Iron for Short Hair

If you’re looking for a flat iron that’s specifically designed for very short hair and pixie cuts, the Terviiix Temperature Adjustable Pencil Flat Iron is a great option. With 3/10 inch plates, it’s perfect for getting close to the roots and does a great job with baby hair. If you have a bearded man in your life, there’s a good chance you’ll end up sharing it with him!

One of the great things about this flat iron is that it’s fast. The Terviiix has ceramic tourmaline plates and heats up to a maximum temperature of 450°F in 15 seconds.  Plus, the temperature is adjustable so you can find the perfect setting for your hair type. You can set it to a very low temperature of 122F if you have fine or damaged hair. This flat iron comes with a digital LCD display so you can see what temperature you’re using.

The Terviiix is a dual-voltage flat iron, so it’s great for travel. It comes with a velvet carrying pouch to keep it safe while you’re on the go. The cord is 8.5 ft long, you may appreciate its’ length in hotel rooms short on power outlets.

One thing to keep in mind is that this flat iron doesn’t have temperature memory, so you’ll need to adjust the temperature each time you use it. It’s also not suitable for coarse hair because of the small plates.

Plate Material: Ceramic-Tourmaline  Plate Width: 3/10″ Temp Range: 122 to 450°F   Heat Up Time: 15 sc   Heat settings: 3   Swivel Cord: 8,5 ft.   Auto Shut-off: 1 hr   Warranty: 1 Year   Digital LCD display: Yes   Dual voltage: Yes

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