6 Best Flat Irons for Curly Hair – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2019)

Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair 2Even if your curly hair is fine in nature, it appears to have more volume because of the space added to each strand.

But every girl with curly hair has, at some point, wanted to tame her locks. In our post, you will find the most useful tips to look for when buying the best flat iron for curly hair!

What exactly is the difference between curly and straight hair?

The basic answer is that it lies in the fiber of your hair. If each fiber of your hair is circular, you will have straight hair. If it’s shaped like an oval, you hair will appear wavy or curly.



BIO IONIC Onepass Straightening Iron

Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening Iron

  • Price : $$$$
  • Plate Material : Cushion Plates with Bioceramic Heaters
  • Plate Width : 1″
  • Maximum Heat: 400°F
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New -The Remington 8001G Wet 2 StraightWet To Dry Ceramic Flat Iron

The Remington 8001G Wet 2 StraightWet To Dry Ceramic Flat Iron

  • Price : $
  • Plate Material : Ceramic
  • Plate Width : 2″
  • Maximum Heat : 400°F
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Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron

  • Price : $$$
  • Plate Material : Titanium
  • Plate Width : 1.25″
  • Maximum Heat : 450°
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New -Remington Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron

Remington Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron

  • Price: $
  • Plate Material : Ceramic 
  • Plate Width : 1″
  • Heat Setting : 400°F
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BaByliss Pro – Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron

  • Price: $
  • Plate Material : Ceramic
  • Plate Width : 1″
  • Maximum Heat : 450°F
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Best Hair Straighteners for Curly Hair

1. Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening Iron

The Bio Ionic one pass is an awesome addition for curly-haired ladies. The irons capabilities are seen in how easy it is to pass the iron only once and get straight hair. Its plates are made up of ceramic which is known to be gentler on hair and a set of silicone speed strips. The ceramic plates give off negative ions which result in a smoother, glossier finish. The negative ions emitted fight off humidity that reverts any manipulation on curly hair.

The iron heats to a maximum temperature of 400f the ceramic plates distribute heat evenly resulting in a balanced look. One plate has silicon strips that act to increase tension and how smoothly you pass through a portion of hair. The strips ensure that you go through your hair with fewer passes.

For those with curly hair, you can adjust the heat to higher temperatures from the low 240f. The knob on the handle makes this possible. Dropping this iron is almost impossible thanks to the grooved indentations on its handle for a firmer grip.

The straightener comes with a nine-foot cord that swivels at 360 degrees. It also makes it simpler to use the iron in other places where the outlets are not easily accessible.

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2. The Remington 8001G Wet 2 StraightWet To Dry Ceramic Flat Iron

New -The Remington 8001G Wet 2 StraightWet To Dry Ceramic Flat IronThis flat iron is a huge time saver because it can be used on wet hair. You skip the entire step of drying your hair cutting styling time by about a half. The iron has steam vents on the plates of the iron will release moisture into every strand. The steams heat will dry the hair while conditioning it.
The far infrared energy then locks in the moisture and closes the cuticle after killing all bacteria present.

The ceramic plates heat up quickly within just 50 seconds. At 2 inches even the curliest hair can be curled right from the roots easily. It’s hard to find such a great plate size and combined with the steam from the plates your hair will have no other choice but to hold that smooth curl.

The curling iron will heat up to a maximum temperature of 450f.the heat can be adjusted using buttons on the handle and shown on a digital display. The iron has 26 heat settings. No one likes to get hand fatigue after styling. For curly hair, we all know it takes a while longer, but at least the iron is lightweight at 9.9 ounces. The nine-foot professional length swivel cord is ideal for moving about your styling station or at home.

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3. Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron

This is a flat iron that does it all. There are multiple heat settings, each chosen digitally, or you can select “fine”, “normal”, or “coarse” to take the guesswork out of it.

An extra feature allows you to also choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Perfectly even heating is an understatement – a microchip in the IsoTherm titanium plates checks the temperature 50 times per second.

You can even customize your auto shut off feature ranging between 1 and 120 minutes. A 1.5 pounds and with 1 ¼ inch plates, it is the ideal choice for medium length to long hair.

It tops out at a “professional” setting at 450F for the ultimately perfect salon style.

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4. Remington Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron

New -Remington Wet 2 Straight Flat IronWe don’t always choose wet-to-dry hair styling tools on our site, but when we do, they’re the best of the best.

If you truly don’t have the time to prep your hair the way we recommend, then try Remington Wet 2 Straight which eliminates the need for blow drying. How does the hair straightener do this?

Vents attract moisture and allow the steam to escape as you straighten while also sealing in the cuticle.

It reaches temps 300-400F with 26 different settings, a temperature lock, and turbo boost option for finishing touches.

The flat iron heats up in 30 seconds and shuts itself off after 60 minutes. You’ll be able to hear the steam passing through. Make a few passes through each section, and you’re good to go.

Read more about Remington Hair Straighteners

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5. BaByliss Pro – Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron

BaByliss is famous for making ultra lightweight hair straighteners. They treat your hair gently while still getting the job done.

The combination of commercial grade porcelain on its 4-inch ceramic plates is a truly unique design not seen in many flat irons that will protect your hair’s natural shine.

The rheostat temperature control reaches up to 450F instantly on those days you need professional power, but it also maintains heat evenly, constantly checking to readjust.

The straightforward controls are easy to use with a light indicating when it’s on and ready to go and a dial for switching between low and high temps.

Read more about Babyliss Pro Hair Straighteners

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6. Solano Sleek Heat 450 Professional Flat Iron

Curly hair is the most prone to frizz and one of the most difficult to straighten. Solano Sleek, professional iron will give you straightened hair for that curly mane. With ceramic and tourmaline plates you are assured of even heat and a balanced look.

The four-sided beveled plates ensure your hair glides smoothly on the iron. It also increases your styling options. The 1-inch tourmaline infused in the plates will maintain the set temperature even after several curly portions are straightened.

The ceramic mineral complex is there to fight curly hairs biggest enemy, humidity! A slightly humid weather will have your hair absorbing all the moisture and reverting to those curls. The far infrared energy conditions your hair and closes your cuticles.

The extra- long cool tip helps when straightening, to hold on to and keep your fingers from burning. The temperature range on this straightening iron is 170-450 f.

If your hair both curly and thick use a higher temperature setting but if it is curly and fine use lower heat settings. The handle is ergonomic with non- slip material giving you a firm grip .a nine-foot swivel cord allows styling at various angles.

Check The Price on Amazon!

Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair Buying Guide

In order to determine what is the best flat iron to use to straighten your curly hair you first have to understand a little bit about what makes hair curly. That way you will better know the features that the flat iron you will buy must possess to best straighten your hair.

The right choice in a flat iron to straighten your curly hair will make the job go fast and smooth, whereas, the wrong choice can leave you frustrated with the time it takes to do this task and you will probably also be unhappy with the quality of the finished job.

Curly hair starts to form on your head when one side of the fibers on your individual strands of hair repeatedly grows faster than on the other side. This results in the cuticles of your hair having a spiral shape formed in them that is known as a curl. People with both thick and thin hair can have curly hair also.

The amount and the shape of the spiraling in your hair cuticles determine the type of curly hair you have.

  1. Wavy hair: C-shaped cuticles that that only give your hair a slight bend to it
  2. Curly hair: S-shaped cuticles that tend to cause your hair to curl back to itself
  3. Kinky hair: very tight S-shaped or Z-shaped curls that cause your hair to curl completely back to itself one or more times.

Each of these curl types has a set of flat iron characteristics that work best to help make it straight.

What Causes Your Hair To Become Curly?

If you don’t like your hair to be curly and you are always trying to straighten it out you have only your parents to than for this. Curly hair is produced by genes that have been passed on by your family through the ages. So try not to think bad thoughts as you use your flat iron each day to straighten it to give you he look you want.

If your hair was straighter when you were younger but curlier now that can be for one of several reasons. Age, stress, hormonal changes and other factors also play a role in the amount of curliness your hair has too.

Matching a Flat Iron to the Amount of Curl You Have So You Can Best Straighten It

People often overlook the importance of hair type when it comes to matching grooming products to it and it’s no different with flat irons for straightening hair. Now that we have broken the amount of your curl down into one of three specific types it is time to find the flat iron characteristics that best straighten that type of curl.

You also must realize that heat plays a vital role in straightening your hair too. All types of hair are held together by the hydrogen bonds in them and high heat is the best way to loosen these hydrogen bonds to style your hair the way you want it. Just like curly hair exists in different amounts of tightness in the cuticle of it, so too does it take different amounts of heat to reshape and straighten a particular type of curl.

  • Straightening ‘Wavy’ type curl
    With wavy hair you have to be a little careful with when straightening it. That is because it does not require super high heat and other things to get it looking straight. If you use an aggressive approach to straightening wavy hair you may very well damage it.
    This means that a flat iron that operates in a temperature range of 400 degrees should be adequate to straighten this type of curl. Flat irons with ceramic plates will do the trick nicely here because their heat tends to be less aggressive and spreads out nicely without causing damage. Added tourmaline crystals in the ceramic plates are a nice bonus that will speed up the straightening process with wavy hair too.
  • Straightening ‘naturally Curly’ hair
    You are going to need some really high heat to straighten naturally curly hair. Therefore you will need a flat iron that can operate in the 430 – 450 degree range. Flat irons with titanium plates work well for this and produce very intense heat quickly. You can use flat iron models that have ceramic plates too but it will probably take you longer to get the straight look you want from your hair.
  • Straightening ‘Kinky’ type curl
    Kinky type curl will use the same type of flat iron that is required to straighten out naturally curly hair. The only difference is you will need to apply the very high heat a little bit longer. That means to avoid damaging your hair as you straighten it it’s best to add something like a light coat of argon oil to the ends of your hair to help protect them.

Some Final Thoughts on Straightening Curly Hair with a Flat Iron

If you have ever known a hair stylist or been one there are certain things that frustrate them. One of the main things is that no two people’s hair ever reacts to shampooing, cutting and styling (including using a flat iron) the same way. That fact alone makes it very difficult to say ‘exactly’ what is best for any individual’s curly hair type when it comes to picking out a flat iron to use.
What we have done with this article is give you a starting point in which to help you select the right flat iron to help you straighten your hair. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different temperatures and styling techniques to learn best how to use your new flat iron to straighten your hair.

How to Buy The Right Flat Iron For Curly Hair

  1. Plate Size
    When in doubt, don’t go too large with plate size. Unless you have extremely thick and long hair, a general 1 or 1 ¼ inch will work best.
  2. Plate Material & Technology
    A ceramic flat iron is always the best choice for its even heating. It will reach every nook and cranny of your curls evenly without leaving hot and cool spots for you to do over and over again.Always look for negative ion-inducing plates, usually blended with tourmaline, for an extra boost of shine without the frizz. Titanium, or a combination with titanium, with reaching the highest heat.
  3. Temperature Settings & Features
    Extremely high heat is not a daily necessity. But it sure comes in handy for those days where you need a perfect style. So look for the best flat iron with respect to your needs ha which variable heat settings. You can use a lower setting for daily use or those shorter strands near your face.


choosing flat iron for curly hair

How to Straighten Curly Hair – (And Make It Last!)


Getting your hair ready for the heat it’s about to endure is important – not only for the best result that day but for your entire lifetime. The best way to prevent long-term damageprevent long-term damage is to care for your hair all around.

For naturally curly hair, choose a shampoo and conditioner that will fight frizz, especially on high humidity days. Sprays and serums that protect you from heat styling (both before and after blow drying) are a must-have.

Always make sure to cover your ends with the products you choose and to get your hair trimmed regularly. Split ends and damage will be much more obvious once you straighten it.

Once your hair is dried and prepped, pull the top section of hair onto the crown of your head and secure with a clip. Beginning with the back and sides, straighten like this:

To Style:curly-hair-straightening-tips

  • Starting between your root and where the curl begins, make a slow and steady pass with your flat iron. Turn the flat iron slightly inward at the ends. With smaller sections just above the ears and on the sides, repeat this step with each section.
  • To prevent damage, try not to make multiple passes through hair. If you find a spot that is still wavy, lightly run the flat iron over just that section. Clamping down hard will only create horizontal lines, so think of it as blending. Go lightly the second or third time around.
  • Continue doing this, pulling down sections of hair at a time until you reach the front. To frame your face, straighten in the direction of your part or flip the top section up and straighten from front to back. As you gently let your hair fall, it will create its own natural part as you do this and give an extra boost of volume.
  • It may not be necessary to use a final spray or serum, but if you do, apply it only to the sections that need it for hold or fighting humidity. Using less product will let you get the most amount of time out of your straightened look, even 3 or 4 days.

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Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair Comparison Chart

PRODUCTPRICEPlate MaterialPlate WidthMaximum Heat
Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening Iron
$$$$Cushion Plates with Bioceramic Heaters1 inch400°F
Solano Sleek Heat 450 Professional Flat Iron
$$$$Ceramic tourmaline1 ¼ Inch450°F
The Remington 8001G Wet 2 StraightWet To Dry Ceramic Flat Iron
$Ceramic Plate2 Inch400°F
Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron
$$$Titanium Plate1.25 Inch450°F
Remington Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron
$Ceramic Plates1 Inch400°F
BaByliss Pro – Porcfelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron
$Ceramic Plates1 Inch450°F

Bottom Line

Have you looked everywhere only to find that you still weren’t sure just which tool was the right straightener for curly hair? Look no further than these three.

Each of these flat irons pulls double duty between daily home styling and professional level heat styling.

Whether you want something that is light and easy to use each day, one that streamlines the blow dry/straightening process, or one that is the Ferrari of hair tools, these are the best flat irons for curly hair to try.

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