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T3 Smooth ID Smart Straightening & Styling Iron Review

T3 with its Smooth ID flat iron, takes heat personalisation to the next level

Price: $250
Available sizes: 1”
Best for: all hair types and lengths
What we like: perfection in finding the right heat setting, elegant design, ion generator, versatile styling
What we don’t like: the touch technology makes it too easy to change settings by mistake, overpriced
How it stands out: customization of heat setting so precise, including hair texture, length and even color treatment
Rating: 4.7/5.0

T3 SMOOTH ID takes its name firstly from its capacity to smoothen the strands more successfully than usual with its ionic technology. Secondly, it comes from its many different hair type settings to apply for the most beneficial temperature for your hair type. This tool takes things to next level by providing different settings for your hair texture, length, as well as color treatments. This tool makes the ultimate effort to keep your strands safe from heat damage while being as efficient as possible. We are impressed by how accurate the heat choices are and you can really trust this tool to make the right decision for you. It also has a wide range of heat settings from 260F till 410F which means that there is an appropriate temperature for your needs no matter how thin or thick they are. It also has memory function to remember the setting that you previously chose. One thing that can be annoying about this is that it has so many buttons on its handle which has touch technology, and it’s easy to press accidentally and change he settings. But other than that, it’s very elegantly and ergonomically designed. It’s a luxury tool and has great quality material, but also comes with a big price tag of $250. While we think it’s a good investment if you can afford it, it’s a tool which can be considered overpriced. Below we share our experiences with “Hot Tools Black Gold Evolve Ionic Salon Flat Iron”.

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Shape And Size

This is an elegantly designed flat iron which has flat surfaced plates. Edges of the plates are rounded and this tool can make beautiful waves in case this is also something that you need from your tool. It also has multidirectional floating plates, and the plates keep contact with the hair much more efficiently.

It comes with only one plate width option which is 1”, and is the most versatile option in the market. This size is quite slim in the sense of being able to come close to the roots, and has the capacity to style short hair. But it also is wide enough to cover a decent amount of your hair at one pass, in case you have longer strands. So, we really recommend this tool if your hair is not extremely short or long. And even then, it would do a decent job. The length of its plates is 3.75” and is slightly below the average number of 4”. This size also can be considered a good fit for most hair lengths, and considering both numbers, this tool is medium sized and fits most.

Size of the tool is 10.5” and is short enough to be compact and easy to travel with.

Heat And Variable Settings

When it comes to heat, T3 Smooth ID is a special tool. This tool has a heat personalisation system that actually works, and it’s so detailed that it’s by far the most effective one that we’ve ever come across. There are settings that you can choose that includes your hair texture, length and even the color treatment. After you put all the information according to your needs, it gives you the perfect heat setting. We tested this tool on many different hair types and we were pleasantly surprised by how accurate it is. Another fact about it is that it has a quite wide range of heat settings starting from 260F and reaching till 410F. With 9 different options, there will be a perfect setting for you no matter how unruly or thin your strands are.

Back of its plates heats up till 85F and its cool tip till 80F, which are both very low. With this level of heat, your hands are completely safe from heat damage, which you’ll need to touch if you use the tool to curl your strands.

Material And Performance

Plates of T3 Smooth ID are made out of ceramic. This is the material which is by far the gentlest option in the market. It heats up much slower than its alternatives such as titanium, and has the capacity to evenly distribute the heat better. This is the one to go for if you’re a beginner and want to stay on the safe side, as it leaves much more room for mistakes. Speed is not its strong suit though. And if this is your priority, titanium may be a much better option.

It’s really durable and will last you for many years to come, if you take good care of it. We really appreciate its sturdiness and ergonomic design, as well as its elegant white color. There qualities are all common amongst luxury tools which have high prices and this tool certainly is an investment. It’s worth it if you have the budget, but we do feel like it’s a bit overpriced.


The most outstanding feature of this tool is its “interactive heat id technology” for obvious reasons. This tool allows you to enter your hair texture, length and color treatments, at it provides you a personalised temperature which is perfect for your needs. This is a very innovative feature that we only see in T3.

It also has memory function that records the previous settings that you’ve entered in the tool, which saves you a lot of time and energy.

It has sound indicators that let you know when the tool is heated up and ready to use, which is great. But if you don’t want it, you can’t turn it off and it can be annoying if you have a sleeping family member close by.

Ionic technology is a feature that we really appreciate and this tool offers it. This feature for people with frizz issues and it basically emits negative ions and eliminates frizz from strands. It’s true that this tool smoothens strands better than most flat irons on our list.

It comes with a 60-minute auto shut off to make sure that you don’t forget your tool on. This feature is great to make your tool as fire safe as possible.

Dual voltage is offered so that you can use your flat iron anywhere in the world, and its essential if you want to travel with your tool.


Having a compact flat iron is beneficial for the ones who want to travel with their tool. We can say that T3 Smooth ID has a lightweight design which is 9.1 oz, considering the average number of 9.5oz. This weight also is quite easy to hold for longer periods and most likely won’t give you any arm fatigue.

It has a thicker than usual handle which is 4.9” which may be a bit annoying if you have very small hands, but otherwise convenient.

Its cord is 8ft long and swivel. This length is more than enough for home use.

It comes with a led display and digital temperature settings, as well as hair type settings to personalise the temperature for your needs. While we appreciate all this, the touch mechanism sometimes can get pressed accidentally and it’s too easily to change the settings without realising. All things considered, this tool is a very elegantly designed flat iron but in terms of ergonomics, it has this small issue.

Price And Guarantee

T3 tools are rarely budget friendly and this tool is not an exception. With a price tag of $250, it’s one of the most expensive options on our list and is a sizable investment. But this tool is extremely durable and versatile, fitting every different hair type as well as being a decent hair curler. Its personalized setting feature is also outstanding and unique. Long story short, we recommend this tool if you can afford it, but we do feel like it’s overpriced. It comes with a 2-year warranty as well, which is refreshing to know.


If you want to have a T3 flat iron but this tool is way over your budget, don’t worry, there are solutions. T3 Lucea is another tool from T3 that can adjust the temperature based on texture and shape of your hair to have the best level of heat. The biggest downside of Singlepass Stylemax is the lack of ionic technology. If you are not suffering from frizz, you can pay $100 less compared to the T3 Smooth ID and enjoy your Singlepass Stylemax.

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