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Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron Review

A close look at one of the most cost-effective flat irons in the market, with very large plate options for extra versatility

Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron Review

Price: $29
Available sizes: 1”, 1.5”, 2”
For which hair type: medium to thick hair, medium to long hair
What we like: budget-friendly, large plates for long hair
What we don’t like: not very durable
Rating: 4.0/5.0

It can be confusing to choose the right flat iron as there are so many sizes and materials for different budgets in the market. If what you need is an affordable flat iron that can tame thick and long hair, Conair Double Ceramic may be the right choice for you. It definitely stands out with its price of only $29, which is the cheapest on our list. It comes with double-ceramic-coated plates and is a gentler option than its titanium alternatives. Ceramic also is known to be slower than other materials, so if speed is important to you, Conair may not be the best option. It’s obviously less durable than the luxury brands but as it is super affordable, we can confidently say that it’s value for money. It reaches up to temperatures like 410F and is effective on thick hair, but we can’t say the same about its low heat setting (266F), which is not gentle enough for fine hair. It has different-sized plate options and its largest option, 2”, is the largest on our list and appeals to very long and thick strands. Below we share our experiences with “Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron”.
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Shape And Size

Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron has 3 different size options; 1”, 1,5”, and 2”. The narrowest one, which is 1”, is perfect for medium-sized strands and is the most versatile size in the market. It fits almost all hair types and lengths and is the safest option to choose if you can’t decide. As the plate size gets larger, the tool gains the capacity to reach higher temperatures as well. The 1.5” one, is best if your hair is medium or longer but on the thicker side and needs more heat to tame. The 2” one on the other hand, is a rare size and is designed for very long and thick strands. If you have short hair, we recommend to opt for another brand with slimmer plates as they can come closer to the roots and provide a gentler styling experience. Babyliss pro Nano Titanium Prima 3000 Ionic Straightener comes with 0.75” plates and is a great option for very short hair.

This tool’s plates are 4.73” and is the longest size on our list, another reason to choose this tool if you have long hair.

It comes with rounded-edged plates which helps create perfect curls so if you’re looking to curl your hair, this tool is a good option. It also comes with multi-directional floating plates which maximize hair contact with the plates. It’s a great feature to straighten the hair with less passes.

Heat And Variable Settings

Flat irons usually come with variable heat settings so that you can choose the perfect temperature for your hair type and styling needs. Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron’s maximum temperature is 410F, which is perfect for thick and unruly strands, so if you fit in this category, it’s an option worth considering. Its minimum temperature on the other hand, with 266F, is not low enough as it should be to provide gentle styling for fine hair as some fragile hair types may need as low as 180F. It still is worth checking out as its ceramic plates make the process gentler than usual. If you have very fine hair and want to protect your strands as much as possible, a tool with a very low heat setting may be a better idea. There are many on our list such as Bioionic Goldpro Flat Iron with variable heat settings that goes as low as 170F.

It reaches its maximum temperature in 30 seconds and has an average speed when we compare it with its alternatives.

Heat of its handle is maximum 88F and is very safe to touch. Its cool tip reaches up to 145F and back of its plates even higher with 185F. Both should be touched with caution.

It doesn’t have an audible warning to indicate it has reached its desired temperature, but it has auto shot off technology that turns itself off after 60 minutes of not being used. This feature put minds at ease and make this tool as safe as possible.

Material And Performance

Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron, as its name signifies, has double ceramic coated plates. This means that it has higher ceramic content which amplifies the qualities of ceramic. It provides an extra gentle styling experience as ceramic is known to be a softer material than titanium. But it also is slower. If you don’t have much time for hair styling and want the fastest results, a tool with titanium plates may be more desirable. Babylisspro Prima3100 1″ Ionic Straightener, with its titanium plates, provide the fastest styling experience.

Conair may be the most affordable option on our list, but it certainly is not the strongest. Of course, its price comes with a few compromises and one of them is sturdiness. It’s not the most durable material and won’t last you as long as its luxury alternatives. But it comes with a 3-year warranty that puts minds at ease.


Conair Double Ceramic weighs 8.4oz and is lighter than an average flat iron. This aspect can be important if you struggle holding your tool for long periods of time and want to avoid arm fatigue.

Diameter of its handle is 4.2” and is also smaller than usual. If you have small hands, you’ll know the struggle and this tool is perfect for you.

It has a swivel cord which helps a lot while curling your hair, but its cord is only 5ft tall and is the shortest one we’ve ever come across. This may cause some issues if your mirror is not right next to your plug. There are much longer cords in the market such as FHI Platform Signature Pro Styler with as long as 12ft, more than double the size.

This is the only tool on our list that doesn’t come with dual voltage. This feature is very important if you want to travel with your flat iron as the voltage changes from country to country and you may not be able to use it everywhere you go. There are so many in the market that offers it and you may want to consider a brand that offers it, such as Hot Tools Purple Ceramic Flat Iron, if you travel often.

It has digital temperature count as well as a lock swich that saves your desired temperature. It doesn’t have led display though, which is a feature that makes things easier for beginners.

We can say that overall, it’s a quite ergonomically designed flat iron, although we have to mention that it’s not the sturdiest.

Price And Guarantee

Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron is the most affordable flat iron on our list. Considering that our list only consists of the tools that are worth mentioning, this tool is great value for money. It does an outstanding job at smoothening your strands and will satisfy your needs unless you’re fussy about the durability of your tool. Obviously, it comes with its compromises and is not the most long-lasting flat iron in the market. But it comes with a 3-year guarantee that puts the mind at ease, which is longer than the average 2 years.

If you would rather invest money on your flat iron and buy a luxury tool that will last you for many years, there are many in the market with more durable material. Bioionic One Pass Styling Iron ($240) and BabylissPro Prima 3100($190) are both great examples of luxury flat irons with superior material quality.


Conair is a very affordable flat iron but it may not satisfy the needs of luxury seekers. A great alternative with similar features is Bioionic 10X Styling Iron. This tool is a magician on the strands, it’s extremely comfortable to hold and is also ceramic with similar variable heat settings (280F to 450F). It cost much more that Conair with $240 but it’s next level when it comes to results and durability.

If you want a very fast flat iron, ceramic is not the best material. We recommend a titanium alternative and if you want to stay on the affordable side, Tymo Sway may be just what you need. It’s also affordable with only $70 and is as fast as it gets with its titanium plates and 450F maximum temperature.

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