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Conair The Knot Dr. All-In-One Oval Dryer Brush Review

A close look at Conair’s extra-large hot air brush with endless attachment possibilities

Conair The Knot Dr. All-In-One Oval Dryer Brush Review Featured

Conair The Knot Dr. All-In-One Oval Dryer Brush

Model Name/ Number: BC116
Price: $60
Heat Settings: Low: 132°F / High: 181°F
For Which Hair Type: All Hair Types, All Hair Lengths
What We Like: Very Versatile With Many Attachments
What We Don’t Like: Not Very Sturdy
Rating: 4.4/5.0

Conair took things to next level with a hot air brush with so many attachment options for every possible need. It initially comes with a large (3”) oval-shaped barrel and catches our attention as the best option for long hair. But this tool offers much more. There are many extra attachment options to purchase for many different hair types and styles. Not only with its 180°F maximum temperature it does a great job taming unruly strands, but it can also be as gentle as it gets with 130°F minimum temperature for the most fragile. It may not be the sturdiest hot air brush in the market and a more luxury tool like Drybar will be more durable, but for its average price of $60, it’s a perfectly efficient tool for all hair types. Below we share our experiences with “Conair Knot Dr All-In-One Dryer Brush”. If you’re curious about the competition, check out the article about Best Hot Air Brushes of 2023.

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Barrel Size And Shape

Conair Oval Brush initially comes as a 3” oval barrel, which is a very large size, actually the largest on our list. (The second biggest barrel belongs to Amika Hair Blow Dry Brush 2.0 which is 2.8″.) While its oval shape makes it a fast and effective choice for longer hair, it’s not ideal for short hair as it can’t come close to the roots. Its oval shape is meant to boost volume and create large beach waves instead of intricate curls. But Conair also offers different attachment options with many different-sized barrels for every different hair type, so you just need to purchase the one for your needs. You do need to buy the large barrel though, no matter what you need because the tool initially comes with it. If you have short hair and don’t want to purchase the large barrel, there are other tools in the market that specializes on shorter strands.


Hot air brushes have two types of bristles and according to their softness and length, they choose to compromise on styling or detangling. Conair’s bristles are softer than most brushes on our list and with 0.62” nylon and 0.31” tufted, they’re relatively short. We can say that they’re not best at detangling but they provide superior styling. If you want to detangle your hair with your hot air brush, you can purchase the extra attachment, double-row detangling comb, or the paddle brush.

Detachable Design

One might say Conair’s best quality is its detachable design and many attachment options. This tool is not joking when it comes to versatility. It comes with 3 different round barrels, from super large to extra slim (1.5” and even slimmer) for all possible hair lengths and styling needs, a double-row detangling comb, a paddle brush for a fast session, and a natural finish, volume pik and a storage case. This is a compact tool and travel-friendly since it can be detached and packed away easily. If you don’t need a detachable tool and enjoy the extra sturdiness, there are options like Hot Tools and Drybar that offer satisfying results.


– Heat Settings

According to their maximum and minimum heats, hot air brushes can be great stylers that can tame the unruliest hair or huge hazards to the delicate strands. Conair Oval Brush is 131.9°F on low setting which is gentle enough for fine hair, yet it’s still an efficient styler. The maximum heat is 180.8°F, an average number, which can tame most hair types.

– Handle Temperature

– Cool Tip Temperature

The maximum heat of the handle is 80.6°F, and cool tip 93.0°F. These are both very gentle numbers, even for the most delicate hands.

Performance And Durability

Detachable heads usually sacrifice on sturdiness but Conair impressed us wits its high-quality material and durability. Of course, it can never be as sturdy as a non-detachable model but it’s better than most detachable ones. It has ionic technology that adds to its speed and frizz-free results. With a price of $60 (and more if you purchase the extra attachments), it’s an investment and it pays off with its material quality. It’s a long-lasting tool and after our thorough tests, we can say that it doesn’t break easy. There are even more luxurious and sturdy products like Drybar in the market if you are willing to spend $150 but Conair is a great alternative with its middle-range price. Its wattage of 1000W is also an average number that usually does an efficient job unless you plan to use this tool professionally.


– Weight:

The weight of a hot tool can get overwhelming if used for long periods of time. Conair is 16.2oz, which is average compared to most tools in the market and it’s an acceptable option for most that wouldn’t cause arm fatigue.

– Handle Size:

The handle’s diameter is 5.5” and 7.5”, which is also the largest on our list. This is something to consider in case you have small hands. Conair, as much as being versatile and effective, is not the most ergonomically designed tool.

– Length:

With a length of 15”, it’s the longest tool on our list. Fortunately, it’s a detachable model and it can be made to a compact size with a press of a button. The bottom part comes out as well so you can clean the tool easily, which is a nice touch that most hot air brushes fail to offer.

– Noise Level:

The maximum noise level of Conair is 90 dBA, which is an average number. It will most likely not bother you even if you have sensitive ears.

– Cord:

Its cord is 7.5 ft and swivel, which is longer than average.

Price And Guarantee

Conair Oval Brush is a middle-priced tool. $60 (more if you purchase the extra attachments), as much as being cheaper than other luxury models such as Drybar Double Shot ($150), is still an investment for most. We feel like it’s worth it with its versatility and effective styling, but if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, Revlon One-Step Plus is much more affordable.

Conair also comes with a 3-year limited guarantee which is more than the standard 2 years. But it can’t beat the lifetime guarantee that Hot Tools Black Gold offers.

Other Models From Conair

Conair All-In-one Dryer Brush is not the only hot air brush that Conair offers. There’s also “Conair The Knot Dr. Smoothening Dryer brush”, with a paddle shape. This brush is the best detangler on our list, which is not surprising as paddle brushes can detangle the knots and smoothen the hair much faster with its shape and large surface. While Conair offers only these two round brushes, it also has extra attachments to pick and choose from in case you have different styling needs. These two tools can even match each other’s bases if needed. They’re similarly priced (paddle brush is $50 instead of $60) but the oval barrel has the capacity to heat up to higher temperatures, which makes it more convenient for thick hair.


Conair impressed us with its durable material and versatility, but there are plenty of competitors in the market that offer more luxury styling. Drybar is a brand known for its best-quality material and durability and it’s noticeably more well-built compared to Conair. It’s more than double the price with $150 instead of $60 though, and definitely not for every budget. Its non-detachable design adds to its sturdiness but it’s definitely not as versatile as Conair. Drybar comes in 3 different sizes for different hair lengths and styles, but you have to purchase them separately, while you can just buy extra attachments for much cheaper with Conair.

CHI Volumizer 4-in-1 is the other most versatile hot air brush on our list, and it comes with many different attachments, even if you don’t ask for them. It’s a bit more expensive but as it comes with all the extras, it adds up similarly with Conair. It’s a bit sturdier than Conair and comes with a concentrator that allows you to actually dry your hair.


Conair The Knot Dr. All-In-One Dryer Brush

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