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Drybar The Half Shot Round Blow-Dryer Brush Review

With the slimmest barrel and great root grip capacity, Drybar’s The Half Shot matches the needs of short hair perfectly

Drybar The Half Shot Round Blow-Dryer Brush Review featured

Drybar The Half Shot Round Blow-Dryer Brush

Model Name/ Number: 900-3425-4
Price: $155
Heat Settings: low: 130°F / high: 150°F
Hair type/ texture: fine to medium hair textures, short to medium-length hair
Hair style: creates defined curls and waves and is perfect for those with short hair, bangs, or who need precision styling
What We Like: great grip by the roots and defined curls/ waves
What We Don’t Like: doesn’t get very hot
Ease of use: 5.0 / 5.0
Performance: 4.3 / 5.0

Drybar The Half Shot is the third one of The Shot Collection, and it’s specifically designed for short hair. It’s a truly unique tool since it has the slimmest barrel available in the market, providing perfect grip even with the shortest styles. With only 1.5”, this barrel is the perfect fit, especially for pixie and bob cuts.

It has high-quality material which is sturdy and durable and will last you for long years. It’s also very comfortable to hold with its slim design, and it’s the lightest tool on our list.

It’s a luxury tool with a luxury price, and what you pay doesn’t disappoint. Below, we share our experiences with “Drybar The Half Shot”. If you’re curious about the competition, check out the article about Best Hot Air Brushes.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Barrel Size And Shape

With a 1.5” barrel, The Half Shot is the slimmest hot air brush in the market. It’s a truly unique tool that is designed specifically for shorter hair types and it does an excellent job.

Combined with its round shape, this size makes it very easy to get closer to the roots to maximize volume or to stretch the hair for a smooth finish. The small and round shape also provides the capacity to create defined curls and waves if desired.

The Half Shot is the third generation of The Shot Collection which offers different-sized and shaped models according to your hair type and styling needs.


Similar to other The Shot Collection dryer brushes, The Half Shot has the thickest and firmest bristles on our list.

This quality provides better grip and control at the roots, which fits perfectly with the needs of short hairstyles.

It has 0.75” nylon and 0.53” tufted bristles, which is longer than most hot air brushes. This also contributes to the detangling issue since they may pull and break off the strands.

But since short hair types don’t usually need detangling, the qualities of long and tough bristles are appreciated more as they’re better stylers.


– Heat Settings

The Half Shot is a gentler tool than most hot air brushes with 3 heat settings (high, low, and cold). It has a maximum heat of 150°F and even lower on the low setting (130°F). These numbers make this hot air brush not effective on very thick hair and if you have unruly strands, this tool is not for you. But if you have fine to medium hair texture, it’s a perfect product and it will protect your strands while styling them.

– Handle Temperature

The handle of The Half Shot gets only up to 90°F and it has an acceptable temperature, even for fragile hands.

– Cool Tip Temperature

The cool tip temperature is even lower, with 89°F . It’s true in all aspects that this is a very gentle tool that is safe for both hair and hands.

Performance And Durability

Drybar is a luxury brand that has high-quality material and The Half Shot is no exception. The tool is very sturdy, as well as being non-detachable which also contributes to the sturdiness. It has a long-lasting and durable material. It endured all our tests without any damage and earned our trust again and again without failing.

Its wattage is 1100W which is an average number. But it’s lower than The Double Shot and The Single Shot, and you can see the difference in the maximum heat that they provide.


– Weight:

The Half Shot is a very intelligently designed tool that fits your hand perfectly and it’s as ergonomic as it gets when it comes to hot air brushes. With only 12.3oz, it’s the lightest tool on our list and it won’t cause any arm fatigue even in longer sessions.

– Handle Size:

The diameter of the handle is 5” to 7”, which is the average optimal size of most hot air brushes in the market. It will fit even the smallest hands without a struggle.

– Length:

– Noise Level:

The sound of The Half Shot is 89.3 dBA on the high setting which is one of the lowest on our list. This tool truly proves itself to be the gentlest in every aspect, even for the ears.

– Cord:

It has a 8.7 ft swivel cord that is also contributing to the intelligence of the design. This is the longest available size in the market and helps a lot if you don’t have a plug next to your mirror.

Price And Guarantee

The Half Shot is not for every budget. We know that not everyone wants to spend $150 on a hot air brush. But if you want to give yourself a gift, it will satisfy your needs perfectly with its durable material and ergonomic design.

Other Models From Drybar

The Half Shot is not the only option that Drybar offers. There are two more hot air brushes in The Shot Collection and they all offer different experiences according to your hair type and length. The difference is in their barrel size and shape. While The Double Shot is oval-shaped, The Single Shot is round like The Half Shot. The Double Shot is 2.4”, The Single Shot is 2.25” and The Half Shot is 1.5”. Double shot is best for longer hair and boosting volume, while The Single Shot is for all hair lengths that want to create loose waves. You can find the details in Double Shot Vs. Single Shot Vs. Half Shot Blow-Dryer Brushes comparison.


Drybar The Half Shot is one of the most popular hot air brushes on the market for its durable material and ergonomic design, bringing high-quality blow out for short hair. However, it’s not the most budget-friendly option in the market and Infiniti Pro oval dryer brush is another, more budget-friendly option that also has a barrel option as slim as The Half Shot (1.5”), and for a much better price ($60+ $15 for the extra slim barrel). It also comes with a detachable design that provides different heads for versatility. It compromises on durability but it’s a great alternative for our low-budget readers.


The Half Shot Small Round Blow-Dryer Brush


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