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Drybar Double Shot Vs. Single Shot Vs. Half Shot Comparison

For every hair type and styling need, an in-depth comparison among “Drybar The Shot Collection”

The Double Shot Vs The Single Shot Vs The Half Shot Blow-Dryer Brushes comparison featured

Drybar Double Shot Vs. Single Shot Vs. Half Shot

DRYBAR blow drying brushes seem to have it all; fast and effective styling combined with great material quality.

This brand clearly is one of the best choices in the market. But it may get confusing when deciding on the best Drybar for your needs since there are three different heads to choose from. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you.

While some features such as ionic technology, variable heat settings, and handle size are the same among the three, there are some key differences that make each of them unique. The decision will be about the hair type and length that you have, rather than which one is better.

We compared and analyzed all 3 for you without leaving out a single detail. Below we share our experiences with “Drybar The Shot Collection”. If you’re curious about the competition, check out the article about Best Hot Air Brushes of 2023.


The Double Shot:

Drybar Double Shot Oval Blow Dryer Brush
Model Name/ Number: 900-2225-4
Price: $150
Heat Settings: Low: 127.1 °F / High: 151.2 °F
Best for: Shoulder length to long hair, fine to thick hair texture, big voluminous look, and loose waves
Pros: Fast drying, can cover more hair at once
Cons: Oval shape can’t create curls

In-depth review: Drybar The Double Shot Oval Blow-Dryer Brush Review

The Single Shot:

Drybar The Single Shot Round Blow Dryer Brush
Model Name/ Number: 900-2840-4
Price: $150
Heat Settings: Low: 151.5 °F / High: 189.8 °F
Best for: Short to long hair, bangs, and curls, stubborn medium/ coarse hair textures
Pros: Can curl the hair
Cons: Too harsh for fine hair

In-depth review: Drybar The Single Shot Round Blow-Dryer Brush Review

The Half Shot:

Drybar The Half Shot Small Round Blow Dryer Brush
Model Name/ Number: 900-3425-4
Price: $150
Heat Settings: Low: 131.1 °F / High: 151.7 °F
Best for: Short hair, intricate styling, medium to coarse hair
Pros: Great for styling roots and short hair
Cons: Takes a long time to dry long hair

In-depth review: Drybar The Half Shot Round Blow-Dryer Brush Review

Table of Contents

Keynotes On Their Differences:

Barrel Size And Shape

We know that choosing the right barrel shape and size can be confusing. Pay close attention here, this section will make a big difference in making the right decision.

The major difference between The Double Shot, The Single Shot, and The Half Shot is the shape and size of their barrels.

Drybar The Shot Collection gives you plenty of different options;

  • The Double Shot is 2.4”, The Single is 2.25” and The Half is 1.5”
  • The Double Shot is oval while The Single and The Half Shot’s barrels are round-shaped.

The Double Shot Vs The Single Shot Vs The Half Shot barrel size and shape comparison

In order to get a better understanding of the differences between these three models, we need to talk about shape first.

Oval brushes have a larger surface area compared to round brushes. This helps oval brushes cover more hair in one brush stroke and make them superior in speed. Oval brushes are gentler on hair, they create less stress than round brushes. They are also best at boosting volume and creating loose waves.

Round brushes, on the other hand, provide more tension to stretch and straighten curly hair. And they can really curl the hair.

When it comes to size, the first rule is; the shorter your hair, the smaller the diameter you need. Secondly, the bigger the brush you use, the more volume and looser curls you’ll get, while smaller brushes make them tighter.

In light of this information,

  • The Double Shot has the largest diameter. It is ideal for creating smooth styles and loose, beach waves on long to medium hair with its wider base. The Double Shot’s large surface area gently stretches strands and causes less stress than The Single Shot and The Half Shot. It was the fastest hair dryer we’ve tested.
  • The Single Shot is still large enough to make it better for medium-length to long hair. Its round shape makes it perfect for either straightening wavy or curly hair or adding bounce and texture to straight hair.
  • The Half Shot, on the other hand, is perfect for short hair. It can create defined curls with its small round barrel, and it works miracles on pixie and bob cuts. The Half Shot is not the best choice for long hair. It will take far too long to finish the style, and you’ll run the risk of getting your hair tangled in the bristles.


While the topic of bristles isn’t the top consideration for most home stylists, they matter more than you think. We all appreciate when our tool fits our needs perfectly. We need to set our priorities to make the right decision here.

There are two different bristles on hot air brushes; ball tip bristles (nylon pin) and short bristles (tufted).

To be very precise,

  • the double has 0.65″ nylon pin bristles, 0.44″ tufted bristles
  • the single has 0.68″ nylon pin bristles, 0,50″ tufted bristles
  • the half has 0.75″ nylon pin bristles, and 0.53″ tufted bristles.

You may think there is no big difference there, however, these minor differences have a big impact on results.

If your priority is straightening stubborn medium/ coarse hair textures while detangling in a single step, the Half Shot and The Single Shot will do the trick perfectly. Their sparser, longer nylon pin bristles provide a quick and painless detangling experience for thick and curly hair full of tough knots.

The Half Shot has the longest and most dense tufted bristles compared to all the other hot air brushes on the market. They catch every hair and create more stretch and tension to smooth out curls.

The Double Shot, on the other hand, has shorter and less dense bristles compared to The Single and The Double Shot. This allows the hair to slide easily through without applying too much stress, which is optimal for styling wavy or straight and fine to thick hair.

While these three tools are made to fit almost all hair types, our measurements show that Drybar hot air brushes have the thickest and firmest bristles on the list. This quality makes them the best choice for thick and long hair as they can create enough tension and penetrate unruly hair.

The Double Shot Vs The Single Shot Vs The Half Shot-bristles-comparison


– Heat Settings

We measured the differences in the temperatures of these three tools since the amount of heat is a very important component of the decision-making process. While high heat can be detrimental for fine strands, too low temperature may be a deal breaker for unruly hair.

Our thermometer shows that, at high heat setting, The Single Shot gets considerably hotter (190°F) than The Double and The Half Shot (151°F). Heat is necessary but too much of it can cause damage to your delicate strands. Thick hair can handle high levels but you should watch out if your hair is fine.

Considering these, The Single Shot is perfect for thick hair as it gets hot enough to tame unruly hair. The Double Shot, on the other hand, creates safe and smooth results with fine hair as it doesn’t get as hot, with its oval shape that pulls the hair less.

The Double Shot Vs. The Single Shot Vs. The Half Shot high heats comparison


– Handle Temperature

You may think that the handle’s temperature is not a big deal but if you use your hot air brush every day and for longer periods of time, it will affect your session’s comfort and quality. While The Double Shot (86°F) and The Single Shot (82°F) have average temperatures, The Half Shot gets considerably hot with 90°F.

We would say none of these are alarming numbers and they’re all safe, under average, and easy to use.

The Double Shot Vs The Single Shot Vs The Half Shot handle temperature comparison

– Cool Tip Temperature

When we measure their cool tips, on the other hand, the results seem to be the opposite. We know that the cool tip is also an area that we touch regularly in our styling session and we don’t want to burn our hands whenever we need to use it. While The Half Shot is as low as 89°F., The Single Shot and The Double Shot go up to 97°F. These numbers are definitely worth mentioning for our readers with delicate hands.

The Double Shot Vs The Single Shot Vs The Half Shot cool tip temperature comparison

Performance And Durability

Drybar is known for its excellent durability and attention to detail. These brushes are noticeably well-built and their material is sturdy. While this brand will not disappoint you with its performance, the three types have some differences in terms of wattage which shows the strength of the airflow within the tool. If the tool heats a lot without airflow, it may cause heat damage.

The Double Shot (1170W) has the highest number, followed by The Single Shot (1140W), then The Half Shot (1100W). These numbers are quite similar to each other and they’re all high enough to provide decent results.


If you style your hair regularly, you know that little things can make a big difference in your long-term comfort. Drybar The Shot Collection blow-dryer brushes are luxury products that are designed in an intelligent way. But are they different from each other? Numbers don’t lie.

While the cord lengths and the handles are exactly the same between these three tools, we did notice a couple of differences that might make a difference in comfort.

– Weight

While The Single Shot (14.9 oz) and The Double Shot (15.1 oz) have similar weights, The Half Shot (12.3 oz) is much lighter. It actually is the lightest hot air brush on our list. Something to definitely consider if you’re agitated by your fatigued arm that you have to endure every day.

The-Double-Shot-Vs-The-Single-Shot-Vs-The-Half-Shot-weight-comparison 1

– Handle Size

While the barrel sizes differ, the diameters of the handles remain the same, so as do the overall lengths of the tools. It is important to note that, The Half Shot brings no advantage to women with small hands.

The Double Shot Vs The Single Shot Vs The Half Shot-handle size-comparison

– Length


– Noise Level

The sound of the hot air brush can be irritating too. We know that some of our readers are sensitive to loud noises, so we wanted to be precise. The Single Shot has the highest with 92.7 dBA, followed by The Double Shot with 91.3 dBA, then The Half Shot at 89.3 dBA.

The Double Shot Vs The Single Shot Vs The Half Shot-noise level-comparison-1

– Cord

Each model comes with a standard 8.6 ft long swivel cord. The manufacturer lists it as 9 ft but we measured it to be slightly shorter. That being said, the Drybars’ swivel cords are the longest among all the products we reviewed. If you’re mobile while styling or your power outlet isn’t ideally located, you will definitely benefit from the cord length.

The Shot Collection Blow-Dryer Brushes Comparison Table

Drybar Double ShotDrybar Single ShotDrybar Half Shot
Barrel ShapeOvalRoundRound
Barrel Size2.4”2.25”1.5”
Wattage1170 W1140 W1100 W
Noise Level (dBA)82.6 , 91.385.2 , 92.782.9 , 89,3
Heat Settings (low, high)127.1 °F , 151.2 °F151.5 °F , 189.8 °F131.1 °F , 151.7 °F
Cool Tip Temperature (min, max)89.4 °F , 96.8 °F83.9 °F , 96.1 °F86.3 °F , 88.8 °F
Handle Temperature80.9 °F , 86 °F78.9 °F , 82.8 °F81.8 °F , 90.1 °F
Weight14.9 oz15.1 oz12.3 oz
Product Length14"14"14"
Cord Length8.6 ft8.6 ft8.6 ft
Swivel CordYesYesYes
WarrantyLimited 2 YearLimited 2 YearLimited 2 Year
ALCI safety plugYesYesYes


The Double Shot Oval Blow-Dryer Brush

The Single Shot Round Blow-Dryer Brush

The Half Shot Small Round Blow-Dryer Brush

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