6 Best Curling Irons for Short Hair – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2019)

best curling iron for short hairCurly hair admittedly takes a little more care to style just right than long hair. These quick and easy tips in best curling iron for short hair post will ensure that your short ‘do always look its best.

While there’s not as much of it in quantity and you would think it takes less time, it can easily look “poofy” or appear to stand straight up on end if you’re not careful.

The comparison we need to clarify before starting our reviews is differences between Curling wand and Curling irons. A curling wand is different than a curling iron in that it doesn’t have a hinge to hold the hair for you. Check it out to learn more.



BIO IONIC Goldpro Curling Iron

BIO IONIC Goldpro Curling Iron

  • Price : $$
  • Barrel Type : Gold Ceramic
  • Barrel Size : 1″
  • Maximum Heat : 350°F
View On Amazon
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

  • Price : $
  • Barrel Type : Nano titanium barrel
  • Barrel Size : 1″
  • Maximum Heat : 360°F
View On Amazon
Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron

Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron

  • Price : $$
  • Barrel Type : Exclusive no-slip thermagrip tapered barrel
  • Barrel Size : ¾ to 1.5″ 
  • Maximum Heat : 380°F
View On Amazon
Revlon Curl Magic Clipless Titanium Curling Wand

Revlon Curl Magic Clipless Titanium Curling Wand

  • Price : $
  • Barrel Type : Clipless Titanium
  • Barrel Size : 1″
  • Maximum Heat : 400-450°F
View On Amazon

Best Curling Iron for Short Hair Reviews

1. BIO IONIC Goldpro Curling Iron

The Bio Ionic Goldpro is an awesome addition for curly-haired ladies. Its Ceramic infused plates deliver hydrated, silky curls due to the presence of negative ions.


  • 24k Ceramic mineral complex: It is the curling iron to go for when looking for a professional look. Its 24k gold ceramic ensures consistent temperature where the user can set the temp according to their needs.
  • Length of the cord: The cord on the iron provides plenty of lengths to work without an issue. This length is especially important for women who love to have a salon-looking hair all week long.
  • Adjustable Temperature: For thinner hair, the curling iron heats up instantly hence be sure to watch out as the temperatures rise. It is assumed that presence of the gold particles in the heating iron help with a more heating surface. The option of temperature control keeps one from turning it off while using it.


  • Suitable for simple curls
    As it glides through the hair, it curls the ends of the hair hence should not be considered for a spiral curl because the curls do not last very long.
  • A disadvantage of this amazing curling iron is that the temperature nozzle coincides with where the user places his or her hand which forces the user to change the temperature while operating the iron regularly.
  • The price is on the higher side which is however compensated by the exceptional features of the Bio Ionic Goldpro.

Bottom line
With this curling iron as your backup, you can achieve unbelievable glamorous looks with your short hair displaying pro styling skills. Besides, BIOIONIC Goldpro curling iron leads to a balanced look through the 400f temperature distributed evenly.

Check The Price on Amazon!

2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

This amazing curling iron could be just what you need for your short hair to give it flawlessly, textured curls and waves. Its Nano titanium technology gives you shiny curls. Its ergonomic design will allow you to have strain free styling session while also increasing the number of styles you can create.

The good

  • Temperature control nozzle
    Burns from curling irons are a terrible experience which this iron avoids by having a cool tip that fits where you can place a grip while designing perfect curls for your short hair
  • Lightweight: This curling iron is light in weight which is especially a relief for the fatigued arms, hands, and wrists when curling your entire head using other curling irons.
  • The Barrel: This is an added advantage over other irons because you will love the way it glides through your hair because of its silky smooth texture eliminating any chances of it snagging your hair cuticle. This feature also makes the curling iron a time saver with its tapered tip that you can easily pull out of the curl barrel clamp holds your hair tight enough while avoiding crimping your hair.
  • Swivel cord: You can happily say goodbye to the hard times you experienced curling your shoulder length hair once you buy this curling iron. It has a swivel cord that ensures your curl your entire head adding volume. It will earn your loyalty.

The not so good

BaByliss is quite pricey which compensates for the super easy curling experience and the versatile range of hair types and volumes it can accommodate.

Bottom line

Your curling experience could not get much more comfortable with this curling iron.Women have now said goodbye to the frustrating bad hair days as this curling iron is as good as your salon. For short hair, it requires you to hold the tip of the iron. It also works very well with thick hair. For maximum results, always work with small sections of hair.

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3. Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron

The Sultra ranges from ¾ to 1.5 inches.

It maintains a consistent 380F and uses far infrared rays in a ceramic 3/4 inch barrel with no clip lines.

So it is more noticeable on short hair and this is one of the key reasons why Sultra is the top pick for curling short hair.

It heats up lightning fast, features auto shut off, and universal voltage.

Check The Price on Amazon!

4. Revlon Curl Magic Clipless Titanium Curling Wand

New -Revlon Curl Magic 1" Clipless Titanium Curling Wand Model #RVIR1084CThe curl magic curling wand could be just what you need for your short hair to give it flawlessly, natural looking curls.


  • Clipless wand: The lack of clips will only give you smooth crimp-less curls. The clipless titanium technology provides high heat that helps your hair styles last longer with fewer frizzes
  • 1-Inch barrel: The one-inch barrel of the titanium curling wand is best for creating tight curls or loose beachy waves for your short hair. The barrel is streamlined and gets all your curls to just about the same size
  • Variable temperature: It quickly heats up to 430f, the maximum temperature, in just 45 seconds. Heat sensors maintain the temperature you set to a constant.
  • Heat protective glove: An extra-long cool tip and a protective glove that comes with the wand protect your scalp and fingers from burning.
  • Swivel Cord: The extra-long 8-foot cord will ensure no tangles stop your styling process.
  • Lightweight: Weighing just 1 pound this rod is lightweight with an easy grip handle that fits perfectly in your palm.
  • Dual voltage: With dual voltage, the curling wand might be your best travel companion. Its small size lets you easily pop it into your purse or bag if you’re on the go.


This product comes with a reduced warranty of one year which is compensated by the outstanding features it has. You probably will never need to repair or return this curling wand once bought anyway.

Bottom line

For those with frizzy hair, this is the wand to use without the need of a hairspray as your will hold the curl all day. For women with pin straight hard to curl hair, this curling wand not only gets the job done but also gives you a nice big barrel curl.

Check The Price on Amazon!

5. Hot Tools ¾’ Salon Brush Iron with Ball Tipped

The hot tools salon brush is one of the best especially for those with fine, limp hair. If you love a fuller look, you will love this curling brush.

The good
It has removable and replaceable bristles that will last you for years and still work as well as when you bought it.

  • Barrel with gold texture: The gold tone barrels will ensure it will heat up fast. Heat is retained via pulse technology in the bristles giving off even and constant heat at a lower setting or the maximum extra hot.
  • Ball tipped bristles: You don’t have to fret constantly about your scalp getting burnt with this brush because it is installed with ball-tipped bristles that protect your precious skin while stimulating your scalp.
  • Cool tip at the end: The presence of an extra-long cool tip makes styling easy and creates those curls like a piece of cake.
  • Swivel cord: An 8ft swivel cord also makes work less tedious.
  • Advanced temperature nozzles: The best part is that the iron will memorize your preferred heat settings thanks to separate on and off buttons.
  • Suitable voltage: The 85 watts of voltage are perfect for most hair types giving just the right amount of energy required.

The not so good
The product comes with a one year warranty.

Bottom line
This is a great styling tool for those in need a styling tool which is not a regular curling iron. It is especially suitable for women with short hair because of its small diameter. It is the only curling brush that can curl fine hair. This hot curling brush will leave you always ranting and raving about how it is the best once you buy it.

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6. Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron

New -Hot Tools Professional Curling IronThis gorgeous 1inch iron comes with a 24K gold-plated barrel, a cooling tip that is longer than average, and two replaceable springs.

It heats up to 428F, maintains constant heat, and features a separate on-off switch for your favorite setting.

The soft-grip handle is important when reaching those shortest and finest of strands.

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Check The Price on Amazon!

Tricks to Identifying the Best Curling Iron for Your Short Hair

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to curling short hair. I have heard such things as you can’t use a large barreled curling iron on short hair which is entirely not true. Barrel size is more concerned with the type of curl you want as opposed to the length of your hair.
Even though it’s true if you have very short hair a larger size barrel may have trouble grabbing onto it.

So when I try to answer the question what’s the best curling iron for short hair my answer will be it depends on what kind of curl you want. You also have to consider your hair type. Without a doubt there are a lot of personal hair traits that will go into your buying decision on a curling iron for your shorter style hair too.

The Role Heat Plays In Choosing a Curling Iron for Your Short Hair

How does a curling irons heat range affect your curling iron buying decision? It’s because you also have to consider how fine or thick your hair is. The diameter of your hair directly determines what temperature you will curl your hair at. You need a curling iron that will have temperature setting under 200 degrees if you have finer short hair and a curling iron that goes well over 300 degrees if you have very thick short hair.

Narrowing Down Your Short Hair Curling Iron Choices by Barrel Size

Of course the best way to cover all the different hair types and to make all the different types of curls is to go out and buy every curling iron barrel size in the beauty marketplace. Unless you are independently wealthy or work at a hair salon it’s probably not practical for you to do this.

In lieu of that we will try narrow down your choices by the type of short hair curl that each curling iron barrel size makes best. Take a look:

  • 1 inch barrel
    One inch barrel curling irons are probably the easiest to use ones. They are also best at making really tight and pronounced curls. Great for making popular spiral style curls too. Never a bad short hair option either.
  • 1 ¼ inch barrel
    This is a great middle of the road choice that you can do a lot of different curls with even on shorter hair. Great for making softer curls that add some volume to your hair also.
  • 1 ½ inch barrel
    This is another versatile barrel choice for people with short hair. Individuals who are very experienced with curling irons are the only ones that should choose this barrel size. This barrel size does a great job making softer curls and waves.
  • 2 inch barrel
    These barrels are perhaps the toughest to use and sometimes are best left to salon pros. They also do not help you make tight curls. The curls they produce are subtle and more like waves once combed out a little. If your hair is very short this barrel size most likely will not work for you.

Practice Makes Perfect When It Comes To Curling Your Short Hair

Once you select a curling iron or two that makes the types of curls you like in your shorter style hair, you can then make it a much more versatile styling tool for yourself if you experiment with it. You can learn to do such things as comb out tight curls into softer ones and comb out softer curls into wavy ones.

So don’t be afraid to play around with your new curling iron for short hair. You can use one
size curling iron to do a lot of different things with your hair if you practice with it.

The Perfect Curling Iron for Short Hair

So there really is no perfect or easy answer as to which is the right curling iron for short hair because there are so many variables that go into it. For example; a person with fine, less dense short hair that wants loose curl is not going to choose the same type of curling iron as a person who has thick, dense hair who wants tight curl.

So saying something simple like ‘this curling iron works best on short hair’ can be misleading and lead you astray in your search for the right curling iron for your short hair.

It’s best to combine your own experiences with curling irons, what you read in articles such as this one and the advice of your own salon stylist to help narrow down a search range for a new curling iron for yourself. Then choose a model within that search range that is versatile (many heat settings, medium barrel size) that can be further adapted to your own short hair type and individual curling needs.

How to Curl Short Hair?

To help you pick the right one, we´ve reviewed the curling irons working great on short hair. Now, let’s learn how to style!

Regardless of which of the following tools you use, make sure to always prep your hair the same way first.

Consider the importance of finding the right heat protection and use it every single time.

best curling iron for short hairThink about it, if you wouldn’t touch a hot iron directly to your hand, why should you do it with your hair? Your hair needs a shield between itself and the heat just like your hand needs a glove.

Using heat without a protectant leaves your hair susceptible to damage and loss.

Choosing the right shampoos and conditioners, but even more importantly sprays or serums, will coat and seal the follicles of your hair and protect them against this damage and leave your hair looking soft and shiny.

For thin hair, choose a light spray that will not weigh down your already delicate hair. Thick or coarse hair can handle (and may even require) a more substantial gel or serum to counteract frizz.

To prep:

  1. Spray your hair with a heat protectant before drying.
  2. Dry your hair gently but quickly. Use as much towel drying as possible first to minimize the amount of time heat spends on hair.
  3. There is no need to perfectly style while drying since you will be using a styling tool later, but do make sure that hair is parted in the direction you prefer as you dry it.
  4. Give your hair one more spritz with your heat protectant spray before applying the flat iron or curling iron that you choose.

How to Curl Short Hair with a Curling Iron

Up and Around
How to Curl Short Hair with a Curling Iron

  1. After tying up the top section of hair, begin with the sides and curl each section in a straight outward motion rather than downward.
  2. Select both vertical sections of hair and hold the curling iron vertically as well. Starting at least an inch from the roots, wrap the hair around the iron, using the hinge to hold in place if you choose. Be sure to hinge loosely so that you don’t end up with clip lines near the root. Just a few seconds should do the trick. Release hinge with a thumb, continuing to twirl the curling iron and let the curl fall away.
  3. Continue in this fashion, twirling the iron in the direction you prefer (away from the face will ensure that hair stays out of your eyes).
  4. To top it off, gently style with fingers and favorite finishing spray.

How to Curl Your Short Hair with a Wand?

Wrap It Up!

That means both of your hands have to get to work. For short hair, a thinner barrel works best.

Follows these tips for flawlessly short curls:

  1. Always start with the top portion of your hair tied up first and begin curling from the back and sides. With the curling wand positioned vertically, wrap one section of hair around the wand and hold for a few seconds before gently sliding the wand out and letting the curl fall loosely. As you transition from side to side, switch the curling wand to your other hand so that you don’t have to reach over your head.
  2. For one uniform look of curls, continue curling all hair in the same direction.
  3. For looser, beachy-looking curls, curl each piece in different directions.
  4. For ringlets, wrap a piece of hair flat around the curling wand as you go without twisting.
  5. If you both twist and wrap the sections of hair around the wand simultaneously, you will get a more relaxed look.
  6. When finished, use fingers to comb through hair as you spray to ensure that each piece gets misted with the product.

If you don’t mind the look of straight ends, then wind the hair only as far as your fingertips can handle. Remember there is no hinge, so if you want the entire strand of hair curled, use a glove to protect your hand.

How to Curl Short Hair with a Flat Iron

How to Curl Short Hair with a Flat Iron?

Make a Smooth Move

  1. Section top portion of hair up away from the face in order to curl the sides and back first.
  2. Starting on one side, select small sections of hair at a time.
  3. Using the flat iron vertically, take the first section closest to the face and glide gently, twisting as you go. Use your opposite hand to keep the iron shut if necessary.
  4. If the first section was twisted away from the face, twist the next section toward the face (and vice versa) if you want more volume added.
  5. If your hair is extremely short or you notice any spiky pieces at the ends, gently curl the ends themselves back inward toward your neck.
  6. Continue until all sections, including the secured one at the top of your head are finished.
  7. Gently comb out with fingers and finish off with your favorite shine or holding spray.

CHI Ceramic 1 Inch

The one-inch plates of this ceramic flat iron use far infrared heating, which not only leaves hair silky, shiny but reduces damage.

It heats up to one solid temperature of 392F and features an ergonomic design to let you flip and curl without pain to your wrist.

Check The Price on Amazon!

curling short hair tips

Check out other great options on Infiniti Pro Conair curling irons and Nume curlers posts.

Best Curling Iron for Short Hair Comparison Chart

BIO IONIC Goldpro Curling Iron
$$Gold Ceramic1 inch350°F
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron
$Nano titanium barrel1 inch360°F
Revlon Curl Magic Curling Wand
$ Clipless Titanium1 inch400-450°F
Hot Tools Salon Brush Iron with Ball-Tipped
$Barrel with gold texture3/4 inchesN/A
Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron
$$$Exclusive no-slip thermagrip tapered barrel¾ to 1.5 inches380°F
Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron
$24K gold-plated barrel3/4"428°F

Wrap up

While shopping for the best curling iron for your short hair, it is best to have the following considerations in mind:

  1. The length of hair
  2. The volume of hair
  3. The hair type
  4. Variety of sizes of the curling tool
  5. The type of curls you hope to achieve

While most women go shopping for a curling iron or wand by price, it is advisable to have an open mind of the price range as some may be cheap but end up doing no work while some may be expensive but will get the job done.

Feel free to look online for some of the reviews on the product you finally settle for before buying to avoid the “I wish I knew” experience which we all know is a terrible one.

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