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Beachwaver S Curling Iron Review

This rotating curling iron achieves the most effortless styling session combined with an ergonomic design

Beachwaver S Curling Iron Review Featured

Model name/number: DV1139 (3/4″), DV1137 (1″), DV1138 (1.25″)
Price: $149
Shape: rotating curling iron
Available sizes: 0.75″, 1″, 1.25″
Best for: normal to thick strands, all hair lenghts
What we like: great material quality, effortless, ergonomic design
What we don’t like: bulky, expensive, too hot for fine hair
How it stands out: fast and easy session with its automatically rotated barrel,

Beachwaver S1 offers something different with its rotating barrel and it makes a serious difference in the styling session in terms of the effort that is spent. This tool is almost wand shaped, except that it has a tiny holding clamp to keep the tips together while turning. While the holding clamp usually creates perfect looking ringlets, this hybrid shaped tool is able to create the more bouncy and loose undone waves that only a wand can create. The automatic rotation allows you to bring the tool very close to your scalp as well. Its maximum temperature of 410 °F is very efficient at taming thick and unruly strands. But its minimum heat setting of 290 °F is way too high for very thin hair an even though it has a ceramic barrel, it still is not very safe against heat. It has buttons for different rotations, as well as digital display and temperature control. It’s a very ergonomically designed tool and very comfortable to hold, also coming with a very comfortable cool tip. This is a luxury tool with very high performance capacity and high quality material. But you have to be prepared to invest on it. We know that $145 is not for every wallet, but in our opinion, it’s more than worth it if you have the budget.

If you’re seeking the best curling iron for short hair, rest assured, Beachwaver S Curling Iron has you covered.

Below we share our experiences with “Beachwaver S Curling Iron”.

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This is a rotating curling iron with a straight barrel and has a very small holding clamp. The qualities of this tool are very similar to a wand, yet it can hold your strands in place for the most effortless styling session. Like a wand, it achieves those loose and bouncy beach waves like its name indicates. The locks that it creates are more undone, rather than being perfect looking ringlets as with spring irons. Its barrel is straight, which means that the curls are quite uniform. For a more undone look, try to attach your hair to the clamp not straight at the tips but a bit closer to the base.

While it may take a little time to figure out how to use it as it rotates automatically, it’ actually pretty straight forward. It also allows toy to have one hand free with its clamp. So, we think it’s beginner friendly.


This tool has three different barrel width options and no matter what your hair length is, there’s a right size for you.

The 0.75” one is the smallest rotating curling iron size that we’ve ever come across and is perfect for shoulder length or shorter strands. The curls that it creates are tighter and less voluminous, just as short hair needs.

The 1” one is the standard size amongst all curling iron brands and is the most versatile one. It can create a big variety of hair styles, from looser waves to tighter locks and fits almost all hair lengths.

The 1.25” one is the one to go for if you have armpit length or longer strands and would like to have very voluminous and bouncy waves. This size won’t really work on shorter strands, but creates magic on the longer ones.

Another aspect of size is the length of its barrel, which is 5.5”. This is very close to the average number in the market and fits to all hair types and lengths perfectly. So, in terms of size, is a very versatile tool.


As far as rotating tools go, this tool provides one of the most luxurious experiences in the market. First of all, it has buttons that allows you to switch the direction of the rotation, which is very important. But not only the direction, you can also choose the speed of its rotation. While a beginner home stylist would probably prefer a slower session while getting used to the tool, the experienced users that would rather have the speediest session possible would choose the faster option. The buttons are very clear and all the options are digitally displayed.

Heat and Variable Settings

Beachwaver S1 comes with 7 different heat settings which is not that many. Its maximum setting is very satisfying with 410 °F, so if you have thick or unruly strands, you don’t need to worry about taming them. But its minimum heat setting is 290 °F and frankly, too high for fine hair. We don’t recommend this tool if you have very fragile strands, as they may need temperatures as low as 240 °F, and 290 °F may cause heat damage to your strands. But you will be totally fine if your hair type is not very fine or damaged, as the ceramic material makes the session gentler.

Material and Performance

Beachwaver S1 Rotating Curling Iron’s material of choice is ceramic which is the gentlest option in the market. The heating system of ceramic is different and basically heats up less and provides a more even heat distribution. This kind of barrel heats up much slower than its titanium alternatives. So, speed is not this tool’s strong suit. And our tests show that even though it has automatic rotation, it still takes the same amount of time as a regular curling iron to style the hair.

While it’s not the fastest, it still has very high performance and can tame the strands very smoothly. It also has very high material quality, one of the best on our list. It satisfies every expectation from a luxury tool, including its price. It’s not a cheap tool with $145 and requires some investment. But we think its price vs performance is pretty high.


Obviously, the most outstanding feature of this tool is the rotation, which is a very appealing quality. But for a luxury curling iron, it doesn’t come with many other qualities that would make this tool extra-ordinary.

First of all, it doesn’t have ionic technology, a feature that eliminates frizz from strands. So, if you have frizz issues, we recommend to aim for this feature.

It does have auto- shut off technology. But it turns itself off after 30 minutes of use, which for some people, too short. If you usually spend more than half an hour with your curling iron, it may be important to know that this tool will turn off in the middle of your session. It still can be frustrating when this happens, even though it’s quite easy to just turn it on again.

It has buttons so you can adjust from F to C. This quality is very hard to find in hair tools and is as good one for the ones that need a different system to understand. It also has a dual voltage to make sure that you can use this tool anywhere in the world.

It has a non-slip barrel with a textured coating. The hair doesn’t glide off the barrel’s surface. This is a good quality if you want more defined curls.


This is bulky tool which weighs 10.1oz. Considering the fact that the average number amongst curling irons is about 8oz, we can’t say that this tool is very travel friendly.

Its handle is also considered thick with 1.21”, while most tools are around 1.08” and very small hand may struggle to feel comfortable holding it.

It has digital display, as well as digital temperature control. These are both aspects that makes a tool beginner friendly and brings extra precision to your session.

It has a long swivel cord which is 8ft. This is a very comfortable number and is very pleasing for the ones that have their mirror away from their plug.

It has a very comfortable cool touch finger grip to allow you to handle the tool much easier.

It comes with an integrated counter rest to protect the surfaces from high heat.

Price & Warranty

Like all the luxury tools, Beachwaver S1 requires a bit of investment. It’s not for the ones that are on a tight budget and it costs $145. But as a rotating curling iron, it actually has great value. We can easily say that this tool will make your life much easier, if you’re in the mood for investing on your strands. We’re not very impressed by the 1 year warranty, which Is less than the usual number in the market. But its material is veery durable and there’s no real concern here.


Beachwaver S operates within a temperature range of 290°F to 410°F. Even on its lowest heat setting of 290°F, Beachwaver S is still quite hot, which is not suitable for fine or damaged strands. If you’re looking for a curler with gentler heat settings, the CHI Spin N Curl is an excellent choice. It operates between 180°F to 410°F. The lowest temperature of 180°F is gentle enough to be used even on synthetic hair.

Beachwaver S is not the right tool for you if you have long or thick hair. The Beachwaver Pro is a great alternative with a barrel that is 1″ longer and a higher temperature range between 310°F and 450°F.

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