curlers category featuredWe know you are here because you just want to curl or wave your hair.

But, there are plenty of different kinds of curlers on the market that might confuse you. And you are right. Each of these tools has its own unique features and benefits.

Before making an informed decision, you need to be aware of all the choices available. Let's dive into the world of curling irons and wands.

  • Spring Curling Irons are great for creating defined, even curls in a spiral shape. The clamp holds your hair in place as you wrap it around the barrel and making styling fast and simple, especially for beginners. They make longer lasting curls than curling wands. Also, they're versatile – you can use them as a wand or to straighten your hair. However, they can damage your hair faster because they expose it to more heat.
  • Curling Wands are fantastic for medium-length hair if you're going for relaxed waves or want to touch up your natural curls. They don't have a clamp and create looser curls with less tension, giving you more of an 'S' pattern rather than tight spirals. You'll need to hold the hair with your fingers, which can risk burns. However, wands are gentler on hair compared to spring curling irons.
  • Marcel Curling Irons are loved by pros because they give you better control on hair. Unlike spring irons, Marcels have a handle that spins, letting you control the clamp yourself. But, it takes a bit of practice to get the hang of using them.
  • Rotating Curling Irons are perfect for beginners and people with short hair who find styling difficult, especially at the back of their head. These irons typically have a smaller clamp or a chamber to grab hair, and the barrel spins automatically. While this feature makes them easy to use, they don't apply as much tension, resulting in looser curls compared to spring and Marcel irons.
  • Multi-Stylers: Need to change your hairstyle on a whim? Can't decide which curler to choose? Multi-stylers have got you covered.

So there you go – now you know about the different types of curlers. Whether you want smooth ringlets or casual waves, there's a curler that's just right for you. Happy styling!