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Babylisspro Nano Titanium Curling Wand Review

Babyliss’ curling wand seems to bring together speed and long-lasting results with a natural-looking finish for both long and short strands


Model name/number: BNTW50UC (½”), BNTW75NUC (¾”), BNTW100NUC (1″), BNTMWUC (1″ compact), BNTW125NUC (1¼”)
Price: $75
Shape: straight barrel wand
Available sizes: 0.5″, 0.75″, 1″, 1.25″
Best for: all hair lengths, normal to thick hair
What we like: different size options for different needs, elegant design
What we don’t like: too harsh on fine hair
How it stands out: very fast tool with casual-looking results
Rating: 4.7/5.0

Everyone has different needs while choosing hair tools, and Babyliss is very sensitive to them. It has many different curling irons that appeals to specific hair types and styles which we appreciate a lot as precision brings perfection. This tool, first of all, is wand-shaped, meaning it doesn’t have a clamp and creates looser, more casual-looking results than a traditional spring iron. It also comes with many different barrel widths that can create different-sized curls and appeals to different hair lengths. The smallest size of 0.5” is perfect for short strands, especially if you have hair with a bob cut or shorter. It’s the smallest size on our list and the curls that it creates is also quite tight, but as it’s a wand, they’re s-shaped rather than being spiralled. Its largest size is also worth mentioning. It’s better for creating looser waves and is perfect for thick hair as it can get really hot with this tool’s maximum temperature of 430 °F. One drawback of this wand is that it doesn’t come with ionic technology and its results are not as smooth as many alternatives that offer this feature. This is only an issue if you have frizzy hair though. It also has titanium material, and combined with its not so low minimum heat of 285 °F, this tool may not be gentle enough for fine strands.

Whether you’re seeking the best curling iron for short hair or best curling iron for long, rest assured, Babylisspro Nano Titanium Curling Wand has you covered.

Below we share our experiences with “Babylisspro Nano Titanium Curling Wand”.

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Wand shaped curling irons are known to create casual-looking results, and Babylisspro Nano Titanium Curling Wand is no different. This tool leaves out the holding clamp on purpose, so that the hair that you roll around the tool doesn’t end up perfectly spiralled like it would in a spring iron. You have to hold the ends of your strands while styling your hair, meaning they don’t really get exposed to the same levels of heat as the other parts, hence creating more natural-looking results. It also makes this tool more complicated to use as you will have to use both hands while styling your strands. But many beginners still choose to have a wand because the precision that spring iron users aim for is more complicated to achieve.

This is a straight wand, and as opposed to most wands in the market, it has a straight cylinder shape rather than a cone. So, the locks that it creates will be the same size, still s- shaped nevertheless. If you’re looking for uneven curls that looks even more undone, maybe a tapered wand is a better option for you. There are many in the market that bring satisfying results and Infinitipro By Conair Rose Gold Curling Wand is one of our favourite for natural-looking loose waves this year.


Size of your curling iron seriously matters; it probably is what matters the most actually. When it comes to size, there are two numbers that stands out; first being the width and second the length of the barrel. This tool has many barrel width options that you can choose according to your styling needs and hair length. It may even be the most versatile tool on our list in terms of width options.

The smallest barrel diameter it offers is 0.5” and is one of the smallest barrels in the market. It, first of all, is considered to be perfect for short strands, especially for chin-length or shorter. It also created tighter locks, which is another reason for short styles to choose this one, as they usually require smaller curls. This size also gives a better volume for fine strands.

The 1” option is the most versatile one in the market, basically appealing to every possible hair type and length and achieving the widest range of hair styles. 1.25” is also similar. Their difference will be your hair length; shorter armpit length should go for the 1” and strands longer than that should probably stick with the 1.25”.

The largest option of 1.5” is designed specifically for longer and thicker strands. This number can cover a larger area at one go and curl even the longest hair types. It also creates much larger lock which is what longer hair usually needs. You may also like: Curling Irons for Thick Hair

When we look at this tools barrel length, it’s above the average with 6”, and speeds this tool up, especially if you have longer hair.

Heat and Variable Settings

It may be winning it terms of size versatility, but heat versatility is not this tool’s strong suit. It has only 5 variable heat settings, this number is not really impressive considering some curling irons offer as high as 50 different heat settings, such as Babyliss Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron.

It’s lowest setting of 285 °F is doubtlessly high for fine strands and if this is your case, we recommend to seek for an alternative with lower temperatures. 250 °F would be a good number if you want to be as safe as possible, and there are many in the market which offer this temperature. Bioionic Goldpro Styling Wand even goes as low as 170 °F, as well as coming with a ceramic barrel for the gentlest session for fine strands.

The highest setting of 430 °F, on the other hand, is more than satisfying if you have thick hair. This temperature can tame even the unruliest, and combined with its titanium material, this tool is one of our favourites for thick strands that need extra power to get tamed.

Material and Performance

Babyliss mostly chooses titanium as material, because this brand lies to appeal to professionals who preferers to use titanium. This material is known for heating up very fast and recovering its temperature quickly. It also can reach up to higher temperatures. So, as you can imagine, it’s perfect for thick hair that needs to be tamed, and again, it obviously is not the best for fine hair that needs gentleness. It also can be a bit dodgy for beginners as it doesn’t leave much room for mistakes. If you have very thin hair, a ceramic barrelled curling iron is a much gentler and a safer option and T3 Singlepass Wave is a perfect option, not only with its material, but also its lower heat option of 260 °F.

Like we mentioned above, this tool is seriously fast. It brings together all the variables that brings speedy results, including high-quality material. It also is very durable; professionals don’t choose this brand for no reason. These tools are made to last. It2s very sturdy to hold and when we look at its affordable price, its performance vs price is pretty high.


A very big drawback of Babyliss nano Titanium Curling Wand is the fact that it doesn’t come with Ionic Technology. This just may be our favorite feature and the tools that offer this technology really shows themselves in the results. It basically is made to eliminate frizz from the strands and if you have frizzy strands, this too may not be the best option for you. It also lacks another very important feature, which is auto shut-off. This is added to your tool to make sure that you don’t your forget your tool on after you’re finished with it, eliminating any risk of fire as these tools can be quite hazardous. Drybar The Wrap Party may be your best solution which has very similar qualities but offers both ionic technology and auto shut-off.

It has an ultra-smooth barrel, so your hair glides through it very easily, creating more shiny results.

It doesn’t have a digital display, but it has digital temperature control that allows you to easily change the settings.

It comes with dual voltage to make sure that you can travel with your tool without any worries. It matches with the voltage of every country in the world.


It weighs 7.7 oz slightly less than the average. It’s good to know this because a very bulky tool will most likely cause strain on your arms if used for longer periods. This tool is most probably doesn’t have this issue.

Its handle is quite thick with 1.18”, an aspect that can only be an issue if you have very small hands.

It comes with a cool touch finger grip to make this tool much easier to handle and maneuver. This is a very important little attachment especially if you are a beginner and want to avoid burning your hands while styling your hair.

It has an integrated counter rest which protects the hot tool from touching the surfaces.

Its cord is swivel which is also of importance when it comes to easy handling. It also is fabric wrapped to make sure it doesn’t get tangled up, and comes with Velcro tape to keep it tide. Its length is 8ft, a number which is above average and can be handy if your plug is far from your mirror.

We can easily say that it generally is an elegant and ergonomically designed tool.

Price & Warranty

Considering that Babyliss is a luxury brand, its price of $75 is very affordable and if you want great value for money, we suggest you consider this tool. It comes with a 2-year warranty, which is the usual number in the market. We don’t think a bigger number is necessary with this tool as the material is very durable.


If you want to take your curling iron with you, there’s a smaller version called the Babylisspro Nano Titanium Compact Curling Wand. It has a shorter barrel compared to the original, which is 4 inches long, making it easier to pack. However, the only downside is that it also has a shorter heat range, from 320 to 395°F.

And if you have fine strands this tool is not the best, with its titanium material and very few heat settings. In that case, Bio Ionic GoldPro Styling Wand seems to be a great alternative. With its tourmaline ceramic barrel and 170 °F minimum heat setting, it surely is a great gentle option for fine hair. As a budget option, the Conair Double Ceramic Straight Barrel Curling Wand is another great choice for fine, damaged hair.

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