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Bio Ionic GoldPro Curling Iron Review

Bioionic’s Curling Iron with its gold-coated ceramic barrel, seems to bring efficiency and gentleness together for both thick and fine strands

Bio Ionic GoldPro Curling Iron Review
Model name/number: N/A
Price: $99
Shape: spring curling iron
Available sizes: 1”, 1.25”, 1.5”
Best for: all hair types, chin-length and longer hair
What we like: very elegant design, long-lasting results
What we don’t like: fingers accidentally touch buttons
How it stands out: long-lasting results on unruly strands with very high heat setting and gold-coated material
Rating: 4.7/5.0

Bioionic Goldpro Curling Iron stands out with its very large range of heat settings which puts this tool in a very high place of versatility. Starting as low as 170 °F and bringing gentleness for the fragile, it does an outstanding job with thick strands with its maximum heat of 450 °F. The gold coating keeps the tool gentle even in the highest temperatures and allows you to press the button for higher settings without worrying about heat damage. Its results are also as long-lasting as it gets, not to mention the speed. It comes with three different barrel widths. While 1” is the most common one, fitting all hair lengths, the 1.25” appeals to medium to mid-back length, and 1.5” one even longer. Don’t get us wrong, this tool certainly is not perfect. Many users report design issues such as the buttons being too easy to accidentally press or its handle being too chunky. But overall, this is a tool with great material quality and in our opinion, well worth its price of $99.

Whether you’re seeking the best curling iron for thick hair or the best curling iron for short hair, rest assured, Bioionic Goldpro Curling Iron has you covered.

Below we share our experiences with “Bioionic Goldpro Curling Iron”.

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Bioionic Goldpro Curling Iron has the classic curling iron shape, usually referred as the spring iron. It has a built-in clamp that holds the rolled hair in place while styling, so you don’t need to use your hands. First of all, this attachment is great to create spiral-shaped and uniform curls, helping to achieve more perfect-looking locks rather than loose waves. The results are longer lasting and it’s a more beginner-friendly option as its easier to use and there’s less risk of burning your hands while styling. Yet because the results you’re aiming for are less casual, it may be harder to achieve than with a curling wand without a clamp. The clamp on the spring iron closes automatically and opens manually, also making it easier to use and preferable by beginners. Like all spring irons, it has a cylinder shape and the curls will get will all be same size. While this tool is perfect for a fine finish, if you want natural-looking results, a wand shaped tool may be a better option for you. The perfect alternative comes from the same brand which is called Bioionic Goldpro Styling Wand, and can create very casual-looking beach waves while having very similar qualities otherwise.


There are two sizes to consider here, both being equally important; barrel’s width(diameter) and length.

Barrel’s diameter basically determines the size of the curls that you create. Smaller sizes create smaller locks and bigger sizes create larger ones as well as more voluminous results. Another rule to follow is that the longer hair you have, the larger barrel it needs. Bioionic offers a generous amount of size options including 1”, 1.25” and 1.5”. 1” option is the most common and kind of the standard size in the market that almost all curling iron brands offer. It’s the most versatile one that fits almost all hair types and needs. It can create smaller or larger locks and it fits to short as well as longer hair lengths. If you’re hair is shoulder length or shorter, this is the size that you should am for. 1.25” is still very versatile, but better for hair types from shoulder till mid- back. 1.5” one on the other hand, is specifically designed for longer strands and should be avoided if your hair is short. The larger sizes can also heat better and tame unruly strands easier. If your strands are shorter than chin length, these sizes may not satisfy you as much as a very slim barrel. This is also the case if you’re aiming to create very thin retro curls. In these scenarios, a curling iron with a slimmer barrel such as Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron with a barrel as slim as 0.5” would be a much better fit.

When it comes to the barrel’s length Bioionic is quite average with 5.25”. This size also adds to this tool’s versatility as it’s long enough for longer strands and short enough to maneuver and handle for short hair.

Heat and Variable Settings

Bioionic Goldpro Series both prove themselves to have the widest range of heat settings that raises in 20 increments which makes them even more versatile. The Bioionic Goldpro Curling Iron has a minimum temperature of 170 °F and is the tool with the lowest heat setting on our list, providing the gentlest results which is especially beneficial for very soft and thin hair. Its highest setting on the other hand, is what really impresses us and makes this tool one of our favourites for thicker strands this year. It has a maximum heat setting of 450 °F and is one of the highest numbers. Its results are very fast and long lasting when it’s used in this setting, and with its gold coating that provides extra protection from heat damage on high temperatures, even normal (not very thick) hair types can use the maximum setting without a worry. Long story short, this tool has a right temperature setting for you no matter what your hair type is.

Material and Performance

Bioionic Goldpro Curling Iron has a gold coated ceramic barrel which means it has the qualities of both these materials. First of all, it has the gentleness of ceramic. It heats up slowly and evenly, making it a beginner friendly option. The Gold coating really makes a difference when it comes to protecting the hair from heat damage. It’s used to protect the strands in a way that they can handle higher temperatures, and out tests show that, there really is much less hair damage when this tool is used. This material is certainly is not the fastest though, and speed is your priority, a titanium alternative will fit your needs much better such as Babyliss Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron (10). It brings very fast results and is usually preferred by professionals.

In terms of performance, this tool is definitely above average on our list. It has great material quality, meaning it’s durable and will last you for many years. It also is sturdy to hold. It actually is more affordable than its other luxury equals. So, its price vs performance is quite satisfying.


This tool’s ionic technology is the first feature that stands out, which is one of our favourites. It makes sure to eliminate frizz as much as possible and if you have this issue, make sure to choose a curling iron that has this technology.

It has a smooth barrel that lets the hair glide rather than stick to the barrel, allowing the curls slide straight through the tip, allowing a more undone look.

This tool has all the basic features that makes things easier for beginners. It has a digital display as well as temperature control so you know exactly at which setting you currently are. It has light indicators to let you know when the right setting is reached.

It doesn’t come with heat protectant gloves which is a down side in terms of heat protection. But they can easily be purchased separately if needed and don’t cost much.

It has dual voltage that makes sure that you can use your tool in every country, making this tool quite travel friendly.

It has a 60 min auto shut-off which is the average number amongst the tools that has this technology. This feature makes sure to provide maximum safety against fire as well as keeping your mind at ease.


Bioionic Goldpro Curling Iron weighs 7.9oz which is quite average compared to the tools on our list. It’s not the most light-weight tool and most likely will cause some arm fatigue if you use it for long, but it won’t be unbearable. It also is not the most compact tool but still travel-friendly enough if you need to take it with you for a holiday.

Its handle is also the average size of 1.07”, yet still some users complain about its chunkiness. So, it may get a bit annoying if you have very small hands.

It has a built-in counter rest that is very convenient and protects the tool from touching the surfaces while it’s hot.

It has a very long swivel cord with is 9ft which is very handy for the readers that have their mirrors away from the plug. It also has a Velcro tape that keeps the cord tidy while the tool is not being used.

We have to note that there are some design issues with this tool and many users complain about the buttons being hit accidentally while being used. It does not the easiest to handle if you like using the cool tip. It does come with a cool touch finger grip, but it’s not very easy to hold and not the most ergonomically designed. But it has a very elegant shape and appeals to the eyes. It does make us miss the ergonomic quality of GHD Curve Classic Curl Curling Iron though, which is perfect in terms of ergonomics.

Price & Warranty

It may not be the most affordable flat iron in the market, but it definitely is great value for money. When we compare it with the other luxury tools, it has similar material quality and performance while generally being cheaper than them. $99 is a fair investment to make if you have the budget for it. In case you don’t, there are still many very efficient options that will satisfy your needs, such as InfinitiPro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron (17) which only costs $26.

Bioionic only comes with a 1-year warranty which is way less than the average 2 years. There are many with much longer numbers, such as Hot Tools 24K Gold Curling Iron, which takes things to next level with a 7-year limited warranty.


The Revlon SmoothStay Curling Iron is a budget-friendly option. It also has a wide heat range between 180°F to 430°F, which is great if you have fine or damaged hair.

Another alternative to the Bio Ionic GoldPro comes from Bio Ionic again. The Bio Ionic Long Barrel Curling Iron has a 6.25-inch long barrel, which is 1 inch longer than the GoldPro and great for long hair. However, it may not be suitable for fine hair as its temperature range is between 250°F to 430°F, and the starting temperature of 250°F is too high for curling fine damaged hair.


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