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Revlon SmoothStay Coconut Oil-Infused Curling Iron Review

An affordable spring iron that appeals to both fragile and unruly strands with wide range of heat settings and ceramic barrel

Revlon SmoothStay Coconut Oil-Infused Curling Iron Review Featured

Model name/ number: RVIR1190 (1″), RVIR1191 (1.5″)
Price: $25
Shape: traditional spring iron
Available sizes: 1”, 1.5”
Best for: all hair types and lengths
What we like: has ionic technology to eliminate frizz, very wide range of heat settings
What we don’t like: material quality is low
How it stands out: affordable tool that appeals to both fine and thick strands with both gentleness and high performance
Rating: 4.3/5.0

Revlon SmoothStay Curling Iron is an elegantly designed curling iron with one of the widest range of heat settings in the market. This quality allows it to be as versatile as possible, appealing to both very fragile and very thick strands. Its maximum heat is 430 °F and is more than able to tame unruly strands, very fast and effectively. Its minimum temperature of 180 °F is also impressive and provides a very safe styling session to delicate strands. Its 3 layers of ceramic barrel also makes this tool as gentle as possible. It heats up slowly and more evenly than its titanium alternatives. It’s a spring iron with a holding clamp to keep the strands attached to the heated barrel while styling. This attachment is great for creating spirally and perfect looking curls. It comes in 2 different barrel widths and the size of locks that it creates will depend on which option you choose. This is a very affordable tool and while it doesn’t sacrifice on performance, we can’t say the same thing about its material quality. It’s not very durable and it’s a bulky tool with 8.3oz. But it comes with ionic technology to eliminate frizz from the strands which is usually a feature found in luxury tools.

Whether you’re seeking the best curling iron for fine hair, or the best curling iron for short hair, rest assured, Revlon Smooth Stay Curling Iron has you covered.

Below we share our experiences with “Revlon Smooth Stay Curling Iron”.

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It’s a traditional spring iron and like all curling irons with a holding clamp, it creates spiral curls, rather than s-shaped. The clamp holds the tip of the strands, so they can be exposed to equal amount of heat as the rest of the hair. This allows the creation of a more perfect-looking style and a finer finish. This shape is not for the ones that would rather achieve a more casual look and an undone finish, and if this is your case, we recommend to aim for a wand-shaped tool which leaves out the holding clamp on purpose. Spring irons are known to be more beginner-friendly, as you don’t need to use your second hand to hold your strands. But the style that it creates is more demanding than a wand-shaped tool and maybe a bit more challenging to achieve.


This tool offers 2 barrel width options; 1” and 1.5”.

The 1” one is the standard number amongst curling irons and basically all brands offer this size. The reason for that is, it’s by far the most versatile option, in terms of styles that it can achieve and different hair lengths that it can appeal to. It gives loose waves for short hair and creates messy beachy waves or glamorous full-bodied waves for medium to long hair.

So, if you’re confused and can’t decide on which size to choose, this is the safest option, especially if your hair type is not on the extremes.
The 1.5” one is considered quite large, and appeals to armpit-length or longer hair types. The locks that it creates are large and bouncy, and while this would be perfect for long strands, it wouldn’t work well with short hair.

The length of this tool’s barrel is 5.2” which is close to average. This size is pretty versatile as well and while being easy to handle and maneuver, it also can cover a large enough area at one pass to appeal to longer strands.

Heat and Variable Settings

When it comes to heat settings, this tool is extraordinarily generous. It offers only 10 variable options to choose from, but covers a very wide range of temperatures. Its maximum setting is of 430 °F is one of the highest numbers in the market and can tame even the unruliest strands. Its minimum temperature is 180 °F, and is also one of the gentlest curling irons for fine hair in the market. It’s very safe to use, no matter how thin and fragile your strands are. So, in terms of hat, this tool is one of the most versatile options in the market and you can confidently go for this tool without any worries about heat damage or low performance.

Material and Performance

The material of choice of Revlon SmoothStay is ceramic. While ceramic is known to be the gentlest option in the market. This tool takes things to next level with offering 3 layers of ceramic which basically means much higher ceramic content in its barrel, amplifying its benefits. It heats up slowly and less than titanium, providing much more room for mistakes. It also distributes the heat more evenly than its alternatives. This is the most beginner-friendly material in the market.

While ceramic is known to be a slower option than titanium, this tool is seriously fast, if you choose its highest heat setting. So, if you have thick strands and would appreciate speed, this tool will provide you with what you need. It’s price vs performance is very high, considering its very affordable price. But its material is not the best quality. It’s not the most durable in the market nor the sturdiest to hold.


Ionic technology is a feature that we really appreciate on a curling iron. It basically eliminates frizz from your strands while styling by emitting negative ions. While its usually offered by luxury brands, we’re pleased to see that Revlon is generous enough to provide this. This tool definitely has frizz free results, combined with its super smooth barrel.

It comes with the usual 60 minute auto shut-off, that makes sure that you don’t forget your hot tool on which can be dangerous in terms of fire risk. It also has an integrated safety stand to make sure that your tool doesn’t touch surfaces while its hot.

Its power button needs to be held a couple of seconds to be turned off and on, which is a great since these buttons usually get pressed accidentally.

It comes with dual voltage, so you can use this tool with any kind of plug, anywhere in the world.


Revlon Smoothstay is a relatively bulky tool. With 8.3 oz, its weight is considerably above average and it’s not the most compact tool in the market. This is important to know in case you’re considering to travel with your curling iron. It also is something to think about if you use your tool for longer periods of time. These tools can cause arm fatigue very easily, and if you don’t have the strongest arms, it may get frustrating to hold.

Its handle is slim with 1.04” and very comfortable to hold, even for the smallest hands. It also has a long and comfortable cool tip which makes it easier to handle.

It doesn’t come with digital display, but has temperature control buttons for the most precise numbers.

Its cord is 6”, which is pretty short. It probably is long enough for home stylists, unless your plug is far from your mirror. In that case, it’s best to consider an alternative with a longer cord.

Price & Warranty

Revlon SmoothStay is very budget friendly with only $26. With this level of affordability, its as effective as it gets in terms of performance and in our opinion, it has great value. It comes with a 2 year warranty which is the usual number amongst curling iron brands. While we’re pleased by its speed and ability to tame strands, we’re not very impressed by its material quality. So, if you would rather have a luxury product and don’t mind paying the price for it, there are many other options in the market that would be much more durable.


Bio Ionic GoldPro Curling Iron is a premium alternative for delicate hair. With its high-quality materials and wide temperature range (170 to 450°F), it’s gentle yet effective. While it’s a bit pricier, it’s worth the investment for healthier, beautiful curls.

The Revlon Perfect Heat Curling Iron is a great choice if you need a smaller curling iron. It comes in 1/2″ and 3/4″ sizes, which you can’t get with the Smooth Stay model. These smaller sizes work well for tighter, more defined curls, especially if you have shorter hair.

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