5 Best Blow Dryers For Natural Hair – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2019)

Best Blow Dryers For Natural HairEveryone has to dry their hair at one point or another. A blow dryer is often the got to for most naturals as they want the least amount of heat damage to their hair.

Did you know that you can easily damage your hair with a low-quality dryer just as you would with those complicated tools that you fear already? The type of device doesn’t matter as much as the quality of the machine.

The best hair dryer for natural hair must have some key characteristics.

  • Advanced technology: The better advanced the tech, the less harmful it is to your hair e.g. ceramic dryers
  • Several heat settings: A blow dryer should at least have a high-low and cool environment.
  • Choose higher wattage: Don’t fret about this; more watts means less exposure time
  • Replaceable attachments: If you have natural hair, a broken comb tooth attachment is common so don’t buy a dryer whose attachment replacements you can’t find.
  • 4.8 Customer Rating
  • BIO IONIC 10x Ultralight Speed Dryer, Black
  • PRICE $$$$$
  • Watts : 1800
  • Number of Speeds : 3
  • Num of Heat Settings : 3
  • Cool Shot Release : Yes
  • 4.2 Customer Rating
  • T-3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Ion Generator Professional Hair Dryer
  • PRICE $$$$
  • Watts : 1800
  • Number of Speeds : 2
  • Num of Heat Settings : 3
  • Cool Shot Release : Yes
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • Parlux 385 Powerlight Professional Ionic and Ceramic Hair Dryer
  • PRICE $$
  • Watts : 2150
  • Number of Speeds : 2
  • Num of Heat Settings : 4
  • Cool Shot Release : Yes
  • 3.4 Customer Rating
  • TAIFF Fox Ion TC Hair Dryer
  • PRICE $$$
  • Watts : 2000
  • Number of Speeds : 2
  • Num of Heat Settings : 3
  • Cool Shot Release : Yes
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • Elchim Classic 2001 Dryer
  • PRICE $$
  • Watts : 1875
  • Number of Speeds : 2
  • Num of Heat Settings : 3
  • Cool Shot Release : No
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • Panasonic EH-NA65-K nanoe Hair Dryer
  • PRICE $
  • Watts : 1875
  • Number of Speeds : 2
  • Num of Heat Settings : 3
  • Cool Shot Release : Yes

Best Blow Dryers For Your Natural Hair Reviews

1. BIO IONIC 10x Ultra-light Speed Dryer

As part of the luxe pro collection, this dryer is infused with natural volcanic rock minerals in it. The natural materials create even heat and ensure that your hair is being dried to perfection without stripping all the moisture. To ensure this doesn’t happen it is well refined to emit negative ions that will ensure your hair turns out smooth and shiny.

The negative ions work by pushing small water molecules into the hair while closing cuticles to ensure the moisture is not lost and to reduce frizz. At 1.1 pounds this dryer is lightweight and won’t have you tiring out before the process is done especially if you have long or thick hair.

It will dry natural African American hair well because it has three heat settings to choose from you can switch using the toggle on the handle.

Pressing down on the button substantially will release cool air when needed. The dryer has a contoured shape to reduce wrist fatigue.

The speed nozzle is easy to put on and off. It increases the effectiveness of the dryer by reducing the time needed to straighten your locks. If you have long, thick or coarse natural hair, this is an excellent choice for you.

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2. T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Ion Generator Professional Hair Dryer

If you have long or thick natural hair, then this dryer is a winner for you. The lightweight of this dryer will make all the difference during your drying process.

Wrist fatigue will be a thing of the past, and with a 9-foot swivel cord, you will have the power to maneuver your hair easily. The ergonomic design of this dryer ensures holding it while you dry your hair isn’t tedious.

A 2.5-inch tourmaline ceramic brush makes sure your hair will turn out silky smooth and shiny. Negative ions are emitted from this brush that works by sealing all the natural moisture of your hair while closing the cuticle to avoid frizz. This is a great addition for African American hair that s prone to drying out so quickly.

The three heat settings allow those with thicker or finer hair to choose their preferred heat settings. Two-speed settings mean you can now choose how quickly or slowly you want to dry your hair. A cool shot button is included for those times you need cool air.

With a long life motor that has a 5-year warranty, this dryer will last you long after you buy it.

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3. Parlux 385 Powerlight Professional Ionic and Ceramic Hair Dryer

At a meager 1.8 pounds, this dryer is light weight and easy to use. You won’t get any wrist fatigue here. The dryer comes with three professional heat settings .the cool, warm and hot settings are great if you plan on sharing your dryer with a younger sister or child because the heat can be adjusted.

With new technology motor, this dryer comes with two-speed settings. High blow or low blow for your preferred choice. Using this dryer won’t lead you to be deaf as it has a unique silencer inbuilt that reduces the noise to almost nothing giving you an easier straightening time even at high speeds.

Equipped with both ceramic and tourmaline dryers, this is your best bet for healthier hair at a low heat exposure. Ceramic releases soft air that means it releases negative ions that break down water molecules into smaller particles for faster drying.

The tourmaline is great for even distribution of heat and is a healing stone making it best for dry and damaged hair. This dryer is, therefore, great if you want to repair damaged hair by infusing more moisture in your hair. The long 9-foot swivel cord will give you more room to move around. The cord comes with a hook for easy storage.

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4. TAIFF Fox Ion-TC Hair Dryer

New -TAIFF Fox Ion-TC Hair DryerDo not be fooled by the small size of this dryer it is a power-packing little fellow. At 2000watts it’s best to believe that not only will your hair get dried completely but also faster.

With tourmaline technology you are assured of excellent heat distribution and the healing powers of the stone means dry and color treated hair will get a boost in moisture. The ceramic grid will release negative ions that fight static and therefore reduce frizz. This is the first dryer to have over 5million negative ions per cm3.thats a lot of ions!

This just means more moisture is infused into your hair shaft and locked in by closing the cuticle. The dryer comes with three heat settings. This means you can use the dryer on different hair types.

The extra ionic technology is great especially if you have natural hair that has a lot of kinks and coils that make it harder to dry.

A cool shot button for the final touches on your procedure a long lasting motor is included for durability. The two concentrator nozzles make focusing heat easier. They have a non-sliding rubber material to prevent them blowing off or falling off easily. The dryer also has to speed settings, low blow, and high blow.

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5. Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer

This dryer uses a new technology motor that is heavy duty and can last you long. The dryer is lightweight to avoid wrist fatigue. The control buttons for on-off are situated on the handle, and it has an ergonomic design to give you a better grip. You can use a hot setting for thick hair or use a low to medium setting for fine hair or young children’s hair.

The nozzles a great addition for that stubborn hair that needs you to focus more heat on it. With three pro heat settings, this dryer is a great fit for all types of hair.2 speed settings give you a professional feel and allow you to control the noise level.

For naturals that need the extra heat, the high heat setting coupled with a high speed should dry even the thickest hair extremely well. The Elchim dryer is just what you need if you like your noise levels as low as possible.

This dryer is almost silent while using it, especially on the low-speed setting. A nine-foot swivel cord will allow you to maneuver around your bathroom without fear of getting caught in a tangled mess.

The dryer is a great addition to natural hair especially African American hair because it dries your hair without stripping out all the moisture.

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6. Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe Hair dryer

With a diffuser and concentrating nozzle straightening your hair will be easier especially if you have African American hair. You can use the concentrating nozzle to focus more heat on your hair.

The diffuser is great if you have curly or fine hair. It spreads the heat out evenly in your hair straightening it without creating those dreaded hot spots that burn off sections of your hair.

Using ionic technology the Panasonic dryer infuses water particles from the air thus providing more moisture than other ionic dryers. The water molecules are infused in your hair shaft and make it stronger and shinier .this also prevents your hair from over-drying both due to the heat and constant brushing of your hair.

A quick dry nozzle is great for those times you’re in a rush to get going providing even drying at a faster rate. The diffuser will add more volume especially if you have fine hair. The dryer comes with three heat settings, cool warm and hot, for different hair types.2 speed settings are included for a professional styling experience.

At 1875 watts you can be sure that this dryer is packed with loads of power to make drying process a lot faster. A cool shot and o off button are positioned on the handle for easy access.

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Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Hair Dryer for Natural Hair

Natural hair, what a delicate yet strong strand to talk off. When air dried, it can be agravity-defyingg fro or hold curls that no curling iron can duplicate. When wet, natural hair can snap off so easily hence the paradox. If you are natural, you know that despite the fantastic hairstyles you can pull off with your natural hair you also need to straighten it every once in a while.

Whether it’s just to see how far it’s grown or more popularly known as a length check, or you just don’t want to be left with the sometimes difficult task of styling your natural hair in the morning. Keeping a natural mane tamed can be next to impossible especially if you’re a new natural or are transitioning from your permed locks. A simple and uncomplicated way to straighten your hair is to use a blow-dry. This method doesn’t have to cause heat damage if you use the right procedure to dry your hair.

The type of dryer you use is important because it dictates the results you get. A few characteristics are important when buying a dryer for natural hair. Below is a list that should give you a good idea of what you need to look out for when buying a dryer for natural hair.

4 Things You Need to Know to Buy the Perfect Hair Dryer for Natural Hair

  1. The wattage
    I can see you shake your head in confusion, yes you read that right the wattage is just as important when it comes to natural hair. But won’t it fry my hair with the added heat? Is probably what you’re asking yourself. No, a higher wattage means that your hair dries faster on a lower setting. What this does for you is to reduce the amount of time it takes to straighten your hair thus less heat exposure. Remember a higher wattage means more power not necessarily more heat. A good dryer should have several heat settings so you can adjust according to your hair type.
    Choosing a blow dryer with higher wattage means you have more power to speed through even very thick hair. It will save you plenty of time that would have otherwise been wasted straightening one part a whole lot of times and damaging your locks in the process.
  2. Heat settings
    As mentioned in the above point, a good dryer has several heat settings. Whenever you’re buying any hot tool for your natural hair especially African American hair, ensure you have control on the heat settings. Just like clothes, heat settings on a dryer cannot be one size fits all. The fine haired naturals need moderate heat while our thick haired sisters need a bit more juice to get the job done. So if the dryer you see in your beauty supply store has only an on/off button, leave it where you found it. These types of dryers can have the most ambiguous heat settings pre-installed .you don’t know it will be too hot or not hot enough for your hair type.
    For great results allow your hair to dry a bit before using a dryer to avoid using high heat settings. Like we always say here, you don’t have to crank your hot tool to the maximum and test it every time you use it.
  3. Technology
    Know some of you are old fashioned and don’t believe in this new age technology but when it comes to straightening those locks you might want to reconsider. New technology means a certain type of improvement in most cases though not all. Materials such as ceramic and tourmaline infused plates are the newest thing on the market.
    Ceramic dryers give off evenly distributed heat to avoid damaging hotspots. You can now use some of the earth’s natural materials to be gentler on your hair and give better results. Tourmaline is one of those materials, a stone that boosts negative ion production drying your tresses faster. The tourmaline also gives off softer heat meaning its great especially for color treated or damaged hair. Ionic dryers’ breakwater droplets into smaller particles ensuring your hair dry faster and are great news for thick hair that takes longer to dry.
  4. Motor
    A great hair dryer will have a large motor that will give you several speed settings. Sometimes you need the regular slow setting if you’re doing your hair later in the day. When drying a child’s hair, you may also need to use the slow speed for their tender scalps. A higher speed setting is great when you’re in a rush or need to get through a head of thick or coarse hair. Different speeds for different folks.
    The speed setting accompanied by a specific heat setting will play a major role in how your styling turns out. Thick haired girls often need a high speed to emit more hot air at a time to straighten their hair faster. No matter what hair type you are different speeds will impact your straightening.
    Look for a heavy-duty motor if you have natural hair .you want something durable and won’t give up on you or under strain off your stubborn curls.

If you want to learn more about how to blow-dry your natural hair, just read below 7 steps for a detailed guideline.

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7 Easy Steps To Blowdry Natural Hair!

Blow-drying your hair is something that you have to do at one point in your natural hair journey. We all know how stubborn those curls or kinks can get.

You can choose a heatless drying method such as African threading or banding. These methods are most suitable if you’re growing out your hair or don’t want to use heat, especially on a child’s hair. These methods will not straighten your hair to full length but provide sufficient length for styling or at least keeping your hair neat.

If you’d rather use a faster or less complicated method then blow drying is the choice for you. Here are a few basic steps you should consider doing both before and after blow-drying. Easy Steps To Blowdry A Natural Hair

  1. Always begin with a clean head of hair
    We cannot emphasize how important it is always to clean your hair before using any form of heat on it. Cleanse your hair with a light shampoo or clarifying conditioner so as not to strip the hair of all its moisture. A deep conditioner before any drying is imperative because your hair is going to undergo stress while drying.
  2. Don’t blow-dry dripping wet hair
    Always let your hair dry out for a while before you start blow drying. A microfiber towel would work well just don’t use a regular towel as it will snap the hair that is weak in its wet state. The best option and cheapest for your natural hair is an old clean cotton t-shirt.
    Do not rub your hair, just wrap whatever material you’re using around your head and pat it.
  3. Section your hair
    Never start blowing natural hair without sectioning it. If you do this all your asking for is a bunch of tangles. Detangle every section before blow drying. You can use either your fingers or a comb depending on your hair type and length.
  4. Apply a heat protectant
    Just because you’re straightening your hair doesn’t mean you should leave it exposed to damage that is often irreversible. Apply a heat protectant, so your locks don’t burn as you dry them.   Do not use natural oil if you have natural hair. The oil will cause your strands to burn or smoke during heating.
  5. Blow dry on low or medium heat
    High heat will damage your hair strands .use medium or low heat to prevent damage.
  6. Blow dry down the hair
    Drying your hair in the same direction that the cuticle closes will ensure that the moisture is sealed in and reduce cases of frizz.
  7. If you’re drying one section, the other will obviously dry out due to the heat emitted so remember to wet the next section with a light spritz bottle.

Tips for Natural Hair Drying and Great Tricks to Try!

Now blow drying not a one way fits all road so if you have curly, coiled or kinky hair read on to know just which method is right for you. The following are four methods you can employ to blow dry your hair like a pro.

The tension method

This must honestly be the most gentle method. It’s perfect for fine hair or any other type prone to breakage and needs less manipulation. If your natural comb read fingers s the method you use most when detangling your hair then this method is best for you. Use this routine to straighten your hair.

Hold your hair out and stretch it using your fingers and place it a few centimeters from your hair taking it down as the hot air straightens out your strands. Be careful not to place it directly on the hair because you will burn your strands if the heat is too high. The nozzle also helps if you want a lengthening effect and helps focus the heat better.

The modified tension method

Natural hair can be a struggle to smooth out especially the ends. This method is almost identical to the tension method only difference being how a soft brush is used to straighten out your ends. Use a paddle brush to smooth out your ends while simultaneously using the dryer on your hair.ths will just give you a smoother result you can also use a Denman brush if you don’t have a paddle brush.

Caution: if you don’t use a brush or your hair hates the darn things keep them far away even during blow drying.

The Round Brush Method

It’s time to give that hair more volume. If your hair is fine as a feather, you will need a little bounce to help your hair not look so limp. Even thick hair can be made bouncier using this method with a slight twist to keep it tamed. Using a round brush is not going to come naturally patience is needed as always. Take your time to practice and ensure your hair can handle medium to high heat. If your strands can’t stand the heat, just stay away from this method altogether.

The comb attachment method.

This is another variation of the tension method. The only difference in this variations that it would require a comb attachment to straighten your hair. If you have thick hair that hardly gets detangled without the help of a comb, then this method is something you should consider. Do not use this method if you do not use combs often. This method makes the hair straighter than all the others. Your blow dry will also hold for longer with this method than others.


If you plan on blow drying, your hair follows the above-suggested methods. Consult with your stylist if you don’t know your hair type. Different types of hair need different types of treatment .blow drying your hair without doing some research will lead to terrible results. The amount of heat your hair can handle is crucial to both how your blow-dry turns out .it also affects the long-term effect on your strands. Heat damage is a natural girl’s greatest enemy make sure you’re not doing more harm than good. If you’re looking for the best blow-dryers for natural hair, follow the link below to see the dryers we have already checked out.

Best Blow Dryers For Natural Hair Comparison Chart

PRODUCTPRICEWattsNumber of SpeedsNum of Heat Settings
BIO IONIC 10x Ultralight Speed Dryer, Black
T-3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Ion Generator Professional Hair Dryer
Parlux 385 Powerlight Professional Ionic and Ceramic Hair Dryer
TAIFF Fox Ion TC Hair Dryer
Elchim Classic 2001 Dryer
Panasonic EH-NA65-K nanoe Hair Dryer

Wrap Up!

The best hair dryer for your natural hair must have all the above features but remember to use it correctly. Even a good thing can give bad results depending on how you use it.
Don’t use a high heat setting and high speed on dripping wet hair because it might lead to smoking or melt off your locks. Always attempt to air dry your hair in two strand twists until damp before using your dryer. Never use excessive heat on your hair. Finish with cool air to close the cuticle. This is just a few tips on how to use your products. What we often emphasize on is good quality products and proper procedure. Even in an exercise using the wrong form will lead to injuries rather than results, so no matter which dryer you choose knowing how to use it is equally as important.

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