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6 Quietest Hair Dryers of 2023

Most people wash and dry their hair either late at night or early in the morning. If you want to dry and style your hair effectively, it is essential to use a blow dryer. However, the chances are you will bother the other members of the household with the noise you are making that early (or late). The solution lies in finding the quietest hair dryer out there.
That is not an easy task because not everything is in the lowest amount of decibel. The trick is to find a high-performing dryer that keeps the noise it produces at a low level.
We searched up and down and singled out hair drying appliances that seem to be most popular these days. You will see many different dryers, but don’t worry because our reviews are there to help you pick the most suitable one. Don’t hesitate and start your search right away by reading our reviews!

Quietest Hair Dryer Reviews – Silent & Efficient

1. T3 – Cura LUXE

T3-Micro-Cura-Luxe-Digital-Ionic-Professional-Blow-Hair-Dryer-Would you like to use an award-winning hairdryer? That is what T3 makes possible, and there is no doubt that this product is different from others in this category.
For starters, it looks different. The handle seems thin, but the manufacturer claims it is ergonomic. The appliance has a 1875W motor, which puts a lot of power at your disposal.
You can put that beast under control thanks to five different heat settings, two-speed adjustments, and a cool shot button. It is important to mention that the appliance manages to remain relatively quiet even at the highest power setting.
The product has an automatic pause button that detects the position of your hand on the handle. As soon as you remove it, the dryer automatically turns off. While that optimizes safety, it will take a bit of effort to learn how to position hands properly.

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2. RUSK Engineering W8less Professional

RUSK-Engineering-W8less-Professional-2000-Watt-DryerIf you choose the dryer designed by Rusk, you can choose your path. The first one is utilizing the maximum 2000W of power, and bearing with a bit louder sound than usual.
Alternatively, you can slow down the process of drying your hair, but enjoy quiet operation. The appliance allows you to pick between two speed and three heat settings, as well as a cold shot button.
The controls are on the front side of the handle. The buttons do not seem as durable as the rest of the unit, which is why you should be a bit more careful when pressing them.
However, that is a minor flaw that you should ignore if you like the other features of this dryer. Overall, the product seems durable, and it treats your hair nicely, thanks to the ionic generator and ceramic tourmaline infusion.

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3. MHU Professional Salon Grade

MHU-Professional-Salon-Grade-1875w-Low-Noise-IoKeep in mind that this is not the quietest unit out there, especially if you pick the highest of three settings and the higher of two speeds. However, the noise is not high-pitched, and it doesn’t seem to bother that much.
MHU offers a couple of unique twists with this hairdryer. It combines negative ion technology and far-infrared heat. Thanks to that, it speeds up the drying process while minimizing damage and helping you to achieve the desired style.
The appliance comes with a 1875W, which secures optimal strength. You will also receive two attachments in the package – diffuser and airflow concentrator. That will give you plenty of freedom when styling your hair.
The comfortable handle and the nine-foot cord are a great combination that secures ease of use. You can take advantage of the professional hook for simple storing.

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4. CHIC REPUBLIC Professional

CHIC REPUBLIC Professional Ionic Hair DryerIt is interesting to note that Chic Republic advertises this dryer as lightweight and compact when the truth is that it is closer to standard units. That is not a bad thing because you will get 1875W of power and amazing versatility.
That versatility comes from multiple speed and heat settings. The product also has an indicator light you can use if you need to dry your hair quickly. And don’t forget the cool shot button for final touches.
Controlling the unit with your hands is a bit more difficult. Its balance shifts towards the back a bit, and the cord seems a bit heavy, too. That is why the dryer may not be suitable for long-term use.
You will have plenty of styling options thanks to two diffusers that come with the package. The overheating protection is a guarantee that you shouldn’t worry about safety.

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2. Centrix Q-Zone Dryer

Centrix-Q-Zone-DryerIt seems that the manufacturer consciously decided to sacrifice a bit of power to get an extremely quiet unit. Centrix designed this particular dryer with low noise as a top priority, and they met the expectations of most users.
The product is a great choice for drying your hair in the morning or late at night when everyone is asleep. You can expect a decent 1,500W, as well as two different speed and heat settings. For final touches, feel free to use the cool shot button, which you can activate from the barrel grip or the handle itself.
Q-Zone Dryer utilizes tourmaline ceramic technology to minimize hair damage and promote moisture and shine. Although the handle is ergonomic, it is a bit heavy, which may prevent you from working with the dryer for too long. However, that shouldn’t be an issue as long as you stick to at-home use.

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3. TURBO POWER Twinturbo 2800 Coldmatic Hair Dryer 314

TURBO-POWER-Twinturbo-2800-Coldmatic-Hair-Dryer-This Italian-made dryer is an appliance that both individuals and professionals should consider. It manages to combine 1700W of power with low noise. The fact that it achieves optimal balance and produces almost no vibration supports that cause.
You can choose between four different heat settings at two different speeds, or go for a shot of cool air when you need to style your hair. The product is durable, and the motor is long-lasting with the expected life of 2,000 hours.
It is a shame that the manufacturer put an unprotected fan at the end of the dryer. While the unit is working, you will need to be careful, or your hair could end up in the fan, which will result in tangles and burns. Fortunately, it won’t take long to get used to this specific thing, and you will then be able to see the full benefits of Turbo Power Twinturbo 2800.

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Quietest Hair Dryer Buying Guide

quiet hair dryer
If you are in the market for a quiet hair dryer, you should know how to find one. Although you shouldn’t ignore general features, it is vital to learn how to recognize a quiet appliance.
That is what we are trying to teach you in this buying guide. Read which factors to consider during the purchasing process and inform yourself about the specific reasons why hair dryers are so loud, and how to reduce that noise.

Questions to Ask When Choosing the Quietest Hair Dryer

We start with the questions that you should ask before you make the final purchasing decision. If you are buying a hair dryer, make sure you know more about these issues.

  1. What Should You Know About Noise Level of Hair Dryers?

    The noise level of appliances, other products, and other sounds that we can hear is measured in decibels. If we are going to discuss the noise level of hair dryers, it is vital to mention how they compare with other items.
    We can divide noise levels into five categories:

    • Faint

      – these can be sounds in a quiet library or whispers, and their decibel rating is up to 30dB.

    • Moderate

      – these vary from 40 to 60dB, which can be a big difference. A standard rainfall is rated at approximately 50dB, and a conversation in a normal voice is around 60dB. When it comes to appliances, clothes dryers and dishwashers are in this range.

    • Very loud

      – these are sounds that go from 70 to 90dB. The best example is heavy traffic, and many appliances fit in this category, too. That includes vacuum cleaners, food processors and blenders, and even alarm clocks.

    • Extremely loud

      – these have a decibel rating from 90 to 110dB. A motorcycle passing near you at maximum speed produces noise of around 90dB. Power tools, such as pneumatic drills, chainsaw, and lawnmowers, create noise from 100 to 110dB.

    • Painful

      – these go over 110dB. A siren of the car near your head may emit this noise level. Jet engines, firearms, and fireworks can generate up to 150dB if you are near them.

  2. Where Do the Hair Dryers Fit?

    The usual decibel rating of blow dryers is from 80 to 90dB. That puts them in the category of very loud appliances. It means that they make the same level of noise as a vacuum cleaner of heavy traffic.
    Fortunately, the manufacturers are putting in a lot of effort to reduce the decibel rating of their hair dryers. That is why you will find devices that reduce the noise to 70dB or less.
    When choosing a hair dryer, look for the lowest decibel rating you can find. However, it is also vital that the device meets your other expectations, especially in terms of performance. There is no point in buying a quiet blow dryer if it can’t fit your requirements.

  3. Does the Blow Dryer Have an AC or DC Motor?

    Here is a specification that you probably never thought to consider, unless you know a thing or two about motors. Blow dryers use two types of motors – those with alternative current (AC) and direct current (DC).
    The power that they deliver can be generous, but the trick is that AC motors are generally quieter than DC motors. By managing to reduce the noise, they’ve become very attractive to the manufacturers.
    The trade-off is that AC motors tend to be heavier than their DC counterparts. If you are a professional holding the blow dryer for hours every day, weight can play an important role in choosing the right product.

  4. Why is a Diffuser Attachment Important for Quiet Hair Dryers?

    Diffuser attachments are a neat trick to reduce the noise that your blow dryer emits. These accessories will spread the airflow to a wider surface, which might successfully decrease the noise.
    The problem with this approach is that diffusers are not for everyone. You primarily use them for waves and curls, and if you want to minimize frizz. If you don’t have issues with frizzing, there may be no reason to use a diffuser attachment.
    But if you fit the description, look for hair dryers that come with this attachment. Alternatively, you can buy a diffuser separately as it shouldn’t be expensive. However, make sure it fits your device.

A List of the Most Important Features and Specifications of Quiet Hair Dryers

In the previous section, we covered the most important factors related to the noise level of hair dryers. When choosing an appliance to dry your hair, you also need to consider other features. Here is what you should pay attention to when picking the desired unit.

  1. Materials

    The crucial materials are the ones inside the blow dryer. If your appliance uses ceramics, you are in for an affordable choice that guarantees consistent performance. Ceramic maintains heat well, and it works on minimizing damage while promoting hair volume and shine.
    Tourmaline is an excellent addition to minimize overheating and reduce the risk of hair damage. It is also a great choice if you are having problems with frizz. The negative ions produced by tourmaline interact with the positive ions in your follicles, which is why they reduce frizzing issues.

  2. Motor Power

    We already discussed the type of motor that a hair dryer might use. Apart from choosing between AC and DC motors, it is also vital to consider the power of the motor.
    The power can vary, but you will rarely find units with less than 1,000W of motor strength. On the other hand, it is not that often that you encounter units over 2,000W, either.
    Your choice will depend on your hair type. If you have strong and dense hair that is tough to style, you want a blow dryer with a generous amount of power. That way, it can produce enough heat and speed to ensure the desired styling results.
    If your hair is thin and sensitive, the appliance may not have to be so powerful. Instead, it is perfectly fine to keep it around 1,000W – 1,500W.
    Please note that motors that generate less power might be quieter than stronger units. Although that is not a rule, if your hair type allows it, a moderately strong motor may be a great choice in terms of quietness.

  3. Adjustable Speed and Temperature Settings

    Most blow dryers these days allow you to choose between different speeds and heat levels. That increases the versatility of the device and puts you in charge.
    As soon as you figure out how to maximize the potential of your device, adjustable settings allow picking the adjustments that perfectly suit your hair.

  4. Other Important Features

    Here are some other specifications that may help you choose a suitable hair dryer:

    • Size and weight – these specifications may be important when traveling.
      Additionally, a lightweight blow dryer may be easier to use for a long time.
    • Design – aesthetics might be important, especially if you are working in a salon. Most designs are classic, but some manufacturers may get creative with color combinations and shapes.
    • Price – the device cost should meet your budget. Regardless of how much you are willing to pay, the appliance should provide an excellent ratio of price and value.
    • Warranty – it can tell you if the manufacturer is confident in its product. The longer the warranty, the better for you.

Why Are Hair Dryers So Loud?

quietest hair dryerHair dryers are appliance usually powered by electricity. That means you activate them by plugging the cord into the wall socket and flipping the on the switch.
As soon as you turn on the blow dryer, you hear the noise. That noise comes from an electric motor that is in charge of powering the device. That motor generates both heat and airflow, which enables the appliance to be efficient in drying your hair.
We won’t get into technical details, but it is vital to note that motors are complex components. It is difficult to construct them as they have multiple pieces. That is true for a motor of any size, including the small ones located in blow dryers.
While the motor is running, some of its components get in touch with each other. Additionally, some other parts rotate. These actions and interactions are what causes the noise that comes from your hair dryer.
The loudness (or quietness) of a hair dryer will depend on the construction of the motor. Some manufacturers decide to sacrifice motor strength to reduce the noise. Others maximize the power and deliver a product that is a bit louder than usual.
Although companies keep working on optimizing efficiency and loudness ratio, there is still a lot of room for improvement. The good thing about that is that we can expect extremely quiet hair dryers that will be very powerful in the future.

Do Hair Dryers Cause Hearing Damage?

It might be the answer you didn’t expect, but yes, hair dryers can cause hearing damage. The usual noise level of these devices puts them into the category of very loud products.
However, it is important to mention that even the loudest blow dryer probably won’t cause immediate hearing damage. That means you shouldn’t worry how close you will put it to your ear and things like that.
The thing to worry about is cumulative long-term damage. The more you are exposed to loud noises, such as the ones that hair dryers emit, the higher the risk of hearing impairment in the future.
According to experts, loud noises can slowly kill cochlear hairs. Our body can’t produce new cochlear hairs, which is why hearing impairment occurs.
The scientists believe that age doesn’t have a lot to do with hearing damage. However, our ears suffer from loud products over the year, which is why our hearing gets worse.
It is vital to note that not only hair dryers contribute to cumulative hearing damage. You are also at risk when using headphones at the loudest volume, being near to fireworks, or working with a snowblower of a chainsaw.
When it comes to hair dryers, there are two ways to protect yourself. The first one is to find an appliance that is as quiet as possible.
Additionally, you may consider using earplugs while operating your hair dryer. That may be particularly beneficial for professionals, as well as those who dry their hair every day.

What Benefits Do Quiet Hair Dryers Offer?

It is time to discuss the benefits of using a quiet hair dryer. Here is what we believe are the crucial reasons to look for an appliance that guarantees low noise level:

  1. Reduce cumulative hearing damage. If you use hair dryers frequently, loud devices can harm your hearing, especially in the long run. Quiet hair dryers don’t have such a harmful effect, which makes them safer to use.
  2. Avoid waking up other people. Imagine this situation – you need to go to work, and other household members are asleep. You washed your hair, and you need to dry it. A loud blow dryer will wake up other people in your house, which can be very inconvenient if you have a baby around. But if you choose a quiet appliance, everyone will stay sound asleep while you dry and style your hair.
  3. Hear your thoughts and talk to others. Some hair dryers can be so loud that it is hard to hear your thoughts. That can annoy you and also prevent you from having a conversation with a person in your vicinity. But if you use a quiet blow dryer, other people in the room will hear what you say, and you will hear them.
  4. Preserve your calmness. You were perfectly calm until you heard the blow dryer roaring around your head. The drying process lasts for several minutes, and that may destroy your calmness and well-being. The appliance might make you nervous for no other reason, but the noise it produces.

FAQs & Answers

  • Q: Can I use my hair dryer every day?
    A: If you found a quiet blow dryer that can help you to achieve the desired hairstyle, you may be tempted to use it every day. While no one can stop you from doing that, please note overheating may damage your hair.
    Fortunately, you may counteract negative effects of using a blow dryer every day. However, you will need to use nourishing hair care products and ensure they become a part of your daily routine, too. Additionally, a heat-protectant spray will help to minimize the damage when using the device.
  • Q: How to minimize frizz when blow-drying my hair?
    A: You may have minimized the noise with a quiet hair dryer, but if you want to reduce frizz, you need a device that utilizes ionic technology. In most cases, these appliances will have tourmaline as a material.
    The ionic technology approach comes down to emitting negative ions. Your hair emits positive ions that create frizz, and the task of negative substances is to neutralize them. That way, you will significantly minimize frizz during the drying process.
  • Q: Do loud hair dryers perform better than quiet ones?
    A: The performance of a hair dryer will depend on the motor it uses and other features. While noise may be related to the strength of the motor, that isn’t the case every time.
    That is why you can’t say whether loud or quiet hair dryers perform better. If an appliance meets your expectations, you can conclude that it is performing well.
  • Q: Does the room where I use my hair dryer affects the noise it makes?
    A: The surprising answer is yes, and the experts suggest finding a room as big as possible to dry your hair. If you close yourself in a restricted space, the sound waves will bounce back from the walls quickly. Thanks to that, it will seem that your blow dryer is louder than usual.
    On the other hand, if you dry your hair in a big room, it will take more time for the sound waves to travel until they hit the walls or objects and bounce back. As a result, the sound that you hear near your head should be somewhat reduced.

** While buying a hair dryer can be challenging, we’ve put together this guide to make it just a little bit easier. Read on to find everything you need to know when it comes to buying a high-quality hair dryer. Here’s what to consider when buying a hair dryer for curly hair and reviews of hair dryers for fine hair. And, read on to find more details on selecting the right blow-dryer for natural hair.

Wrap Up

Choosing a quiet blow dryer isn’t only a matter of convenience. It can also help to avoid hearing damage in the long run, which makes these appliances a healthy solution.
The crucial feature to consider when looking for the quietest hair dryer is the noise level. You want a device with a decibel rating as low as possible.
Don’t forget to check out other features because the device should perform up to your expectations. You want to secure enough heat to dry and style your hair effectively.
It is also important to choose a device that will last for a long time and deliver consistent results. We suggest not to buy a hair dryer in a rush.
Instead, take your time to decide. Consider the specifics of the device and the characteristics of your hair. Finally, make sure that the blow dryer is quiet enough and confirm that it meets your budget. That way, you will ensure that you bought a product that will delight you with its performance over and over again!

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