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10 Best Professional Hair Dryers – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2021)

Best Professional Hair Dryer ReviewsIf you need a recommendation on where to start for the best professional hair dryers, here are our picks!

Investing in a pro-level, quality hair dryer is not just a good recommendation, it’s a necessity for the health of your and your clients’ hair.

Cheap drugstore hair dryers usually have a combination of high heat and little power. Hair is then exposed to more heat without actually drying properly. This leads not only to frizz but to long-term damage.

The professional blow dryers will care for you and your clients from the very beginning – that means before the styling even starts.

Best Professional Hair Dryers

1. Velecta Paramount Professional Hair Dryer

[amazon_link asins=’B003HEV1KY’ template=’imageright’ store=’adekblb-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ea6e6eed-81e1-11e7-92f6-75b02b35512e’]“Small but mighty” is how this dryer is often described. It’s noticeably compact with a much shorter nozzle and is, therefore, lighter, and easier to use because there’s just not as much material to negotiate.

This makes the Velecta professional hair dryer not only an excellent travel hair dryer but for stylists on the go. A small, ergonomic design such as this will put much less pressure on your arm joints as you lift them above and around your head.

The patented turbine technology seems to make hair dry so much faster than other hair dryers, like the wind itself drying your hair except in a much more civilized fashion!

A unique feature is the neutral temperature button which brings you back to a neutral base after choosing between the 2 speeds and 4 heat settings.

That ever-necessary cool shot button is also right there on the handle. Because of its 2000 watt power source, this hair dryer is most suitable for drying curly hair. The heat variations have its perks too! The cold shot button locks those curls and waves, hence saves the day!

Three attachments include one narrow and one wide concentrator as well as a regular circular nozzle.

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2. Moroccanoil MO2000 Professional Hair Dryer

[amazon_link asins=’B00JYI2H8W’ template=’imageright’ store=’adekblb-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’fca64868-81e1-11e7-8dc8-c514efff9a76′]You rarely see as many product descriptions online that also include a “how to” section as this one does. But everywhere you can find this Moroccanoil professional hair dryer, you’d be hard pressed not to also notice tutorial right alongside it.

That’s because the makers of the MO2000 want to make sure that you don’t just buy another hair dryer, but that you feel 100% confident and ready to use it.

Featuring Nano-Fuzeion™ technology, it’s a given that the maximum amount of moisture absorption will take place in each strand.

Choose from 3 heat settings, 2 speeds settings, and 1 cool shot button to style, lock, and seal the cuticles. The hair dryer is lightweight and has an ergonomically curved handle on a bright and cheery white base with turquoise detail.

It comes with three attachments. A traditional circular diffuser and speed dry concentrator are the obvious choices, but a straightening comb is also thrown in the mix.

Each creates quick and smooth styles, but the comb gives that extra bonus when you feel like you could actually use three hands!

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3. Sedu Revolution Professional Hair Dryer

New -Sedu Revolution Professional Hair Dryer (4000i)Powerful hot dryer. Another of our top picks in the compact hair dryers category. Sedu Revolution professional hair dryer is similar in look to the Velecta, but it features a slightly longer nozzle and 1875 watts of power – over 60% more, to be exact.

The ionic generator is coated in tourmaline and is one of the only dryers we’ve seen to actually feature its own ion switch.

The power that baby up for reduced frizz, but leave it be and you can easily add more volume to your or your client’s hairstyles. And don’t forget the cool shot button.

This Sedu hair dryer is handcrafted in France – ooh la la. One person oversees the manufacturing of each hair dryer from beginning to end.

That means that the person putting the first pieces of your blow dryer together is the same as at the end. This ensures quality in design that will undoubtedly translate to durability and reliability.

The ergonomic design is a stylist’s best friend. You can easily use it on head and head and not feel the effects of carpal tunnel.

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4. Bio Ionic 10X Professional Hair Dryer

New -Bio Ionic 10X Professional Hair Dryer10X means 10 minutes. That’s all it takes.

The patented technology behind this Bio Ionic professional hair dryer means that they guarantee your hair will be dry in under ten minutes. The powerful motor serves as an engine of a sports car, with high performance for even drying the thickest hair in an astoundingly short period of time!

There’s 57% more power behind it than hair dryers with DC or AC motors. Think of the time-saving! Even better than that, there’s a speed dry nozzle included.

As if you didn’t think it could get any faster! And by using this better hair drying technology and less time, it’s also 75% more energy efficient, releasing less carbon microparticle emissions than its competitors.

“Ultralight” speaks for itself. This hair dryer is under a pound and comes with a travel tote and 9-foot cord, so your hair will look its very best everywhere you go.

The nano ionic minerals keep your hair hydrated and smooth out those frizzy bits near the top. Heads up, don’t get sticker shock. This is one pricey blow dryer. But an investment in the health of your hair is always worth the cost.

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5. TAIFF Fire Fox Professional Hair Dryer

New -TAIFF Fire Fox Professional Hair DryerThis TAIFF Fire Fox professional hair dryer just might be the most brand new, technology-forward, powerful blow dryer you can buy right now. The extremely durable motor is stronger than most at 2100 watts and will last for years.

You might think that the more powerful the engine, the noisier it will be. But no, it’s quiet as can be. Call it the strong, silent type.

For each cubic centimeter, millions of microscopic negative ions are pumped out to counteract frizz and therefore damage as well.

It’s made of ceramic material with infra-red drying to keep the process as close to nature as possible. It’s even better than actual air!

Fine hair looks very chic and all but you must be precautious with the power in your hand. A good hair dryer for fine hair would be TAIFF Fire Fox with its low heat modes that ensures the safety of your most precious attire.

One concentrator nozzle is included. The reinforced cord is also longer than most at 10 feet. And the hair dryer body is a striking red color. The filter is easy to clean

Don’t be surprised that this is at the top end of quietest hair dryers and therefore at the high end of price points as well. But if you invest in the Lamborghini of styling tools, you’ll be guaranteed to always look like a million bucks!

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6. Twinturbo Extra Compact Professional Hair Dryer

[amazon_link asins=’B001UHN0OA’ template=’imageright’ store=’adekblb-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’fa808c9b-81e2-11e7-9125-37fb64a55252′]This professional hair dryer is much more compact than your average. But don’t be fooled – it packs a punch. It guarantees 73 cubic meters of air flowing per hour. That equals lightning fast dry time.

The K-Lamination motor is guaranteed to last you 2000 hours. So do the math – this hair dryer will be with you for the long haul!

The best feature is the range of heat and temperature settings. With 2 speeds and 4 heat, you can make the perfect combination to create your look. Two nozzles are included for either precision styling or even faster drying time.

A quick flip of the microswitch to cold air and the deal will be sealed.

Because the Twinturbo hair dryer is so often used in salons, it can get quite hot and therefore includes a safety thermostat as a built-in, anti-overheating device. It also includes a 9-foot cord< and stainless steel filter.

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7. Solano Supersolano Professional Hair Dryer

[amazon_link asins=’B0013FKZ3S’ template=’imageright’ store=’adekblb-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0575b9d3-81e3-11e7-90bb-699ed85d4a13′]This supersolano professional hair dryer does everything in ‘super’ mode. From its super velocity to super sleek style, you will notice the effects it has on your hair right away. Throw away that drugstore hair dryer!

This hair dryer has a high-end motor that produces the perfect airflow for a fast dry time. The added crushed tourmaline gemstones boost shine to the enth degree and instantly smooth hair from root to tip and the ceramic thermal grill assures even heat through each strand.

Far infrared heat is where it’s at for long-term healthy hair. And this hair dry is so durable that it will be ensuring you that healthy for years and years.

The handle is comfortably designed to flip your wrist back and forth and, though the Supersolano doesn’t give itself a big lightweight name in its title, it is just that at only a pound and a half. It comes with not one, but two concentrators. One is excellent for basic hair drying technique and the other really lets you get in there and style with perfection.

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8. Rowenta Expertise Inspiration Hair Dryer

New -Rowenta Expertise Inspiration Hair DryerDon’t you just love when you’re at the salon and the stylist pulls out that super sleek, aerodynamic-looking hair dryer? You just know you’re going to walk out with the best cut and style.

The disappointing part is that you end up thinking that you’ll never be able to recreate that look on your own. Well, fear no more! This Rowenta hair dryer is exactly what you would find in a salon – you can tell just by looking at it.

The exterior is a sleek matte plastic with components made of both durable titanium and smooth heat-producing ceramic and tourmaline. Its cutting-edge technology gives you 35% more air and 20% more free time.

With a high-low speed choice and three heat settings, you can easily switch from a quick dry to a concentrated blowout.

Speaking of concentrated, the included attachment is much thinner than normal at a third of an inch for extra precision. A wide five-inch diffuser is also included for those curly and wavy days.

Perhaps the coolest feature is its auto on-off mechanism. It senses when it’s in your hand and ready to move about and turns itself on for you. When you set it down, it turns itself back off! Talk about smart technology.

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9. Rusk W8less Professional Hair Dryer

New -Rusk W8less Professional Hair DryerThis W8less Rusk is truly so weightless that it’s even better than air drying itself. It just might be the lightest hair dryer we’ve come across in our research for the best professional blow dryer.

It uses that glorious combination of tourmaline and ceramic on the grill of the hair dryer and generates millions of teeny negative ions to give you the most shine from the inside of your cuticles out.

Multiple reviews note that, because of its 2000 watt motor, this Rusk gives the fastest drying time you could ever imagine.

With high and low speeds and low, medium, and high heats with that added a cold shot bonus, this hair dryer features seven settings to choose from.

The high end of the heat settings is just perfect and won’t ever burn your scalp. The sleek white finish has a black concentrator nozzle on the end that twists off easily and an 8-foot power cord.

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10. Karmin Salon Pro Professional Hair Dryer

[amazon_link asins=’B00H6YLXQI’ template=’imageright’ store=’adekblb-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’98246273-81e3-11e7-bf28-91a2d1cacd1f’]Right from the box itself, this Karmin pro hair dryer shouts super sleek style. Everything is a chic black, right down to the included velvet travel pouch.

Once voted Best Hair Dryer of the Year and definitely the best selling dryer in Karmin’s own line, you can be sure that what’s on the inside matches the style outside.

With ceramic heating and ion technology, there are 2000 watts of power designed to dry your hair faster but healthier.

Even temperature is maintained throughout its 3 temperature settings and 2-speed settings for reduced humidity and less loss of color for color-treated hair. Cuticles become sealed and flyaways a thing of the past. Just super soft shiny hair, the way a professional hair dryer should be.

Cuticles become sealed and flyaways a thing of the past. Just super soft shiny hair, the way a professional hair dryer should be.

Guaranteed to last 3 years or more, it also features a long-life AC motor.

We really love the slightly curved handle on this blow dryer. It fits fright to the shape of your hand. And best of all, a diffuser for curly styles and concentrator for that perfect blowout look are included too.

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Best Professional Hair Dryer Buying Guide

A hair dryer is the music of a salon. At all times, one is constantly in use. Blowouts put the finishing touches on your clients’ styles after cut and color. It’s like the dessert of the meal. It’s up to you to leave them feeling their best when walking out the door, so choosing a professional hair dryer is of utmost importance.

Always look for the newest technology boasting the highest amount of negative ions and reduced amount of frizz, breakage, or other damage.

Multiple heat and speed settings will always give you the most amount of control over each section. And a high wattage generally means more power, though the ones we’ve chosen here vary in number while retaining their strength to get the job done.

Best Hair Dryer ReviewsWith the introduction of the professional blowout in salons, women have come to realize just how important choosing your dryer for your hair type is.

Rather than blowing air forcefully and quickly through wet hair in an attempt to use your curling iron or straightener faster, why not achieve the best style you can with the hair dryer itself first? You might be able to skip that extra styling steps altogether. And you will definitely protect the integrity of your locks while also preventing damage.

But assessing which is the best one for you can cause a ton of research, not to mention trial and error. So we’ve done the legwork for you! We’ve scoured every review and rated the best ones on the market!

There are so many key points to keep in mind when buying the right hair dryer, where does one begin? To break it down for you, here are the most important things to consider:

Dryers for Your Needs!

  • Hair Type

    With different variations of hair types, choosing amongst appealing merchandises, finding a good dryer accurate for your specific hair type is essential. Its a tricky and risky task, to simplify, check out the links below.

    A little fragile? Require a more delicate approach? Take a look at the Best hair dryer for fine and thin hair.

    Are you a thick hair vixen, trying to tame your hair instead? Check out best hair dryers for thick and coarse hair.

    If you are looking for the best hair dryer for your curly and frizzy hair, we’re here to help you find the right hair dryer for you.

    And we have another comprehensive guide to help you find the best blow dryer for your natural black hair.

  • Expectations

    First, consider what you need your hair dryer for and what it was meant to do. Do you need a lightweight hair dryer for easy travel? Or the quietest hair dryer available?

  • Retail vs. Professional

    Everyone knows that there might be a huge difference in price here. Generally speaking, a professional hair dryer will have more power and heat behind it, but retail hair dryers have certainly stepped up their game in recent years.best hair dryer reviews

  • Wattage

    If the length of time you spend drying your hair is important, look for higher watt blow dryers as an accomplice…

  • Technology

    Always get an ionic hair dryer. The more negative ions produced, the better.

  • Features

    One size definitely does not fit all. Always look for a product that has at least 2 speed and 2 heat settings. This will help you control both the time spent drying and the results of your styles themselves.

  • Accessories

    Do you flip between straight and curly? Basically put, a concentrator attachment is better for straight styles while a diffuser runs air over curls evenly. Make sure your hair dryer includes the one, or both, you need.

Bottom Line

Why read every review you can find when you know you can count on us? If you want the best one on the market today, you absolutely won’t be steered wrong by choosing one from the list above. But even better than being the best overall is that one of these will be the best one for you!

Read further for tips on Blow-Drying Your Hair Like a Professional


10 Things You Shouldn’t Do For Professional Blow Drying Results!

Don’t you just adore those salon fresh days when you strut around with your new magnificent appearance, hair like a gold queen’s tiara collecting looks from within a 30-foot radius? Yes, perhaps for a few fleeting moments you feel the sunshine of a paradise beach with clear turquoise waters flowing through your veins and turning your soul lighter than air. Yes, to some this is what a great hair day feels like.

So how can we make these fantastic days more of a commonality in the tale of our lives? It all starts with how we take care of our hair.

We wash, we straighten, we color, we curl, and we bleach. Our hair can sometimes undergo a lot and whether we like to admit it or not, most of us are not exactly doing certain things, like blow-drying, to the best to our ability. Below we have gathered a list of ten mistakes you just might be making during your drying session:


  1. Forgetting to Use Protection!
    The key to an amazing style begins long before you even turn on your blow dryer. It begins with a great heat guard, and as you continue to style your hair, the more likely you are to take in hair damage. This, of course, comes with the territory as they say, but by no means does it entail a death sentence.Go to the store and pick up a good heat protectant and apply it onto your mane according to the directions before you start your heating regimen. In the long run, you will be rewarded with longer lasting styles, not to mention shinier, healthier hair.
  2. Not Knowing the Way
    Blow-drying may seem like a straightforward process, but there is more to it than meets the eye. The correct way entails more than just pointing the hot end towards your head, and when accurately used, can result in much better appearances than you thought might be possible with your blow dryer.It is critical to always hold the blow dryer horizontal, and the hairbrush vertically as you are drying to decrease the most amount of risk to damage while you dry.
  3. Choosing a Random Setting
    Knowing your hair, what type it is, the treatments it has taken, and what it can take will arm you with the best knowledge to extend the health of your mane. Often times, in an effort to get out the door more quickly, we switch up our blow dryers to the highest setting to dry out faster.If you want to avoid damaging your hair, you need to find out what heat setting works best for its current state, otherwise, you will be using the wrong setting for the inappropriate hair type.
  4. Blow drying Like You are Picking a Card from a Deck
    How do we pick the card from a deck? At random. The same cannot be said as you are choosing strands to blow dry. Our hair must be portioned properly, then taken section by section, carefully moving throughout our scalp in order to attain the perfect look.You should not simply start to blow dry right away especially if your hair is not the uniformly textured type.
  5. Say No to Metal Brushes
    Metal is a powerful conductor of heat; in fact, it is so fast acting, that if you are to use a metal brush on your gorgeous locks as you are drying, you will be exposing them to an increased risk of heat damage. As you are choosing a brush op for one that is comprised of a combination of nylon, these usually distribute heat more evenly than metal, as well as disperse conditioning products more efficiently.
  6. Over-Pull
    The best styles usually come from well-treated hair. Experts recommend never pulling or yanking too hard with your hairbrush as you dry. Over pulling usually causes unnecessary stress in your mane, so make sure you achieve what you set out to do and don’t be too hard on your hair.
  7. Never Figuring Out What That Extra Nozzle Was Used For
    Ever open up a brand new blow dryer and discover a mysterious duck-billed shaped piece of plastic at the bottom of the box like a mysterious oddly aesthetic hitchhiker?This piece of equipment disperses airflow evenly as you are blow-drying, and can be lifesaver for acquiring perfect styles. Attach this nozzle and utilize parallel to the brush, and dry directly behind the pull to achieve a more controlled dry. It is not uncommon for some to leave this handy tool behind in the box after they open their new blow dryer.
  8. Drying Wet Hair
    Taking your time is the key factor in avoiding this next mistake. Try not to jump out of the shower and go straight to blow-drying. This can cause some major harm especially if you are flat-ironing or hot curling afterward. Allow your hair to dry, and then proceed with the next step in your regimen.
  9. Finishing the Wrong Way
    Just like a pre-game plan, there must be a post-game plan. After you finish the main part of your hair routine be sure to apply a healing serum or spray that compliments any heat styling your mane just underwent. Finishing products usually help complete the look by eliminating frizz, static, and holding the style for an extended period of time.
  10. Not Allowing Some Air In Between
    After you blow-dried each sectioned, be sure to allow some downtime for the strands to set. This will result in longer holding styles and smoother qualities. Finish the section so that it may hold the shape you desire.


Professional Hair Dryer Attachments and Accessories

When it comes to attachments, think about what styles you or your clients want most. Bouncy blowouts are all the rage, so a concentrator is pretty much a given.

Do you or your clients prefer the scrunched curly look from using a diffuser or can you give them waves with just a hair dryer and round brush? If the answer to the latter is no, then make sure to look for a diffuser as well.

It’s important to consider your hair type when choosing a blow dryer.

Bottom Line

It may feel as if there are too many options to weigh or you might make the wrong decision. We promise that if you choose one of the

We promise that if you choose one of the professional blow dryers from our list, you will quickly be the favorite stylist in your salon.

You need it to work immediately, all day, every day, and for a long time to come. It’s a daunting task to choose the perfect tool for your trade. You need the absolute best professional hair dryer you can find!