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Dyson Corrale Styler Straightener Review

Our take on Dyson’s extravagant flat iron, which puts minds at ease in terms of heat damage and speed, but not so much when it comes to our budgets

Dyson Corrale Styler Straightener Review Featured
Price: $500
Available sizes: n/a
Best for: all hair types and lengths
What we like: cordless, flexing plates for fast and gentle styling,
What we don’t like: expensive, heavy
How it stands out: the most luxurious flat iron in the market with the highest technology available
Rating: 4.9/5.0

Dyson is known to come up with very impressive hair tools and their Dyson Coralle Hair Styler Straightener did not disappoint us. This tool is like the Cadillac of hair straighteners. It’s hard to compare it with any other flat iron in the market but we will try our best. The most outstanding quality of it is its capacity to style hair with much less heat damage to the strands. It achieves this firstly by its plate material which is an alloy of copper and manganese. The alchemy of this combination can style the hair on much lower temperatures. It’s the only flat iron in the market with this material and they claim to have perfected it after years of study. Dyson also offers something called flexing plate technology. This means that its plates have the capacity to gather and straighten strands equally, instead of spreading the hair out. The result is successful styling with much less passes. Combining the two, this tool is the most powerful yet the gentlest tool in the market. It comes with three heat settings; 330 °F, 365 °F and 410 °F. It may seem like these numbers are not low enough for fine hair. But don’t be fooled by them. It actually fits all hair types and you can use this tool even on your thinnest strands. And if your hair is very stubborn and thick, we say you’re in very powerful and efficient hands. It also has the technology of regulating its temperature 100times a second, which means that it recovers its heat very quickly. It heats up really fast, literally in a couple seconds it’s ready to use. So, it’s a delight for speed lowers. This is a chargeable and cordless tool. While this gives you the freedom to take it with you anywhere and style your strands even while jogging, the battery is limited to 30 minutes. So, you will have to attach it to its power if you want to use it for longer. We have to say that it’s quite heavy with almost 20 oz, which is definitely a down side and something to consider if you struggle from arm fatigue. Oh and, most importantly, it’s a huge investment with $500. We say, it’s an incredible investment, if you will use this tool daily and you can afford it. But there are plenty others in the market which appeal to your budget. Below we share our experiences with “Hot Tools Black Gold Evolve Ionic Salon Flat Iron”.

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Shape And Size

Dyson Corrale is a beautiful creature as this brand pays a huge attention to style. While it’s a classic flat iron, it’s quite fat around the plates which allows you to curl your strands with it as well. There are tutorials on their website to show you how to create different styles with it, be it loose waves or tighter curls.

It also comes in different colors which are all very stylish.

It has 1” plates which is the standard number in the market. This tool keeps things simple and versatile in terms of size and offers only one option. It’s large enough to effectively tame longer strands and small enough to come close to your roots for shorter hair styles.

The size of the tool is around 12” long and let’s say it’s not the smallest nor the most lightweight tool in the market. But it compensates its bulkiness with its cordless styling option, which makes it much easier to handle and manoeuvre.

Flexing Plates Technology

We have to emphasize Dyson’s very special feature which is flexing plates technology. This tool’s plates have a very different mechanism. Other flat irons spread the hair across the plates, which results in uneven straightening. Dyson’s plates change shape according to the pressure, and provides different levels of tension from the base and the tips of the strands. This way, all hair gets equal amount of heat and tension and gets straightened in much fewer passes than usual. The result is better protection from heat damage and much faster styling.

Cordless Design

This tool is truly unique with its cordless design. It comes with an integrated battery which is chargeable. It basically allows you to use your tool anywhere, without worrying about finding a plug around you. You can even use it while taking a walk, if you feel like. It’s important to mention that its battery only lasts for 30 minutes and it needs to be plugged in or charged afterwards. It comes with a 11ft cord, which is by far the longest that we’ve ever seen. We have to say that it’s a bit too bulky to use it with a cord and not very easy to handle. So, we recommend using this tool cordless.

Heat And Variable Settings

Dyson Corrale offers three different heat settings which are 330 °F, 365 °F and 410 °F, which is much less than what’s usually offered by flat irons. It’s minimum temperature normally would be way too high to be safe from heat damage on fine strands. But this tool is special, and is much gentler on the strands, with its flexing plates and material. You can use this setting for fine hair, and to be honest, it’s enough even for hair types with medium thickness. What really stands out is its capacity to straighten even the most stubborn strands with less heat and less passes. Long story short, this tool appeals to all hair types comfortably and effectively.

Material And Performance

Dyson Corrale’s plates are made out of an alloy of copper and manganese. This is a very extraordinary combination of metals and minerals that they came up with after years of studies. They claim that this material has the capacity to style the strands in much lower temperatures. After testing Dyson on many hair types, we can say that it definitely offers a very gentle yet effective styling experience.

This tool is the most luxurious flat iron in the market and very far from being budget friendly. But in terms of material quality and performance, there’s nothing else that can come close to it. It’s a big investment that we can only justify if you use your flat iron often. If this is the case, we really recommend it as your hair will thank you. This is ignoring the fact that it’s quite bulky, which is the only down side we can see.


As a unique tool, it doesn’t come with the usual features that flat irons offer, such as auto shut off or ionic technology. But they become irrelevant as it offers other qualities. On thing that caught our attention which can be improved is lack of memory function. You have to adjust the temperature that you desire every time you use the tool. But this is a small issue that can be overlooked.

Dyson has a system that regulates its own temperature. It basically checks the heat 100 times a second and responds to your hair type and length, adjusting the temperature.

It comes with a travel charging dock, magnetic charging cable heat resistant travel pouch, to make it more travel friendly.


Dyson Corrale weighs 19.7 oz, which is the heaviest flat iron on our list. This is because of its battery. This is the only issue worth mentioning when we look at this tool and honestly, it’s one worth considering. If you use your flat iron for long periods of time, it can get frustrating to hold and arm fatigue is a real problem that many people face. If you don’t want a heavy tool we recommend aiming for another option as it’s a big investment and not worth it if it’ll create problems for you.

It comes with a 11ft cord which is really long. We don’t know any flat iron cords this size and it’s a bit bulky to use. But you don’t really need this cord in case you need to use the tool for more than 30 minutes, it’s not an issue for most.

It has a very ergonomic and straight forward display. It just has an on-off button and temperature switch. We love how beginner friendly it is.

Price And Guarantee

This is where it gets complicated while rating Dyson Corrale. There is no doubt that this tool is one of a kind and a delight to use. It has the most durable material available in the market and the best technology. It also comes with a 2-year warranty. But it’s very expensive with $500. We really recommend it for anyone that can afford the investment and will use it at least twice a week. The gentleness that it provides on your strands is worth every penny. But if you won’t use it often, it might be worth checking a more affordable option.


If you want a good quality flat iron but don’t want to pay this much, there are still very worthy options in the market. Ghd Platinum Plus Styler is the closest tool to Dyson in terms of material quality and gentleness, and it’s $280 instead of $500. But watch out, it has a pre-set temperature of 365 °F which may be too hot for very fragile hair types.

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