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REMINGTON Pro Multi-Styler with Twist & Curl Technology Review

Our take on Remington’s tool with the most original design which can curl and straighten your strands very fast

REMINGTON Pro Multi-Styler with Twist & Curl Technology Review

Model name/ number: S16A11A
Price: $38
Shape: twisted barrel
Available sizes: 1”
Best for: normal to thick strands, medium to long hair
What we like: affordable, versatile styling with innovative design,
What we don’t like: not very easy to use, doesn’t work on short hair
How it stands out: original design that allows you to both straighten and curl your strands while being very affordable
Rating: 4.2/5.0

This time we review a tool with the strangest barrel shape which was voted 2012 Hair Styling Product of the year. Remington Pro Multistyler, as you can guess, is a tool with many faces. It has been created to both curl and straighten your strands. It has a very original and intriguing design that we just had to check it out. Basically, the slower you twist, the curlier your strands get. If you want to straighten your strands on the other hand, you just glide without twisting at all. After trying both the straightening and the curling functions of this tool, we really like how it works. It certainly has a learning curve and, in the beginning, it may feel like it just doesn’t work. But the more you use it, the more it makes sense. We don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have a very smooth barrel and it doesn’t glide through your strands very easily. But this is not surprising as it’s a budget tool which provides both a straightener and a curler at once, saving you loads of money. Another important aspect of this tool is how hot it can get. It works wonders on thick strands with its 450 °F maximum heat and it’s really fast. With its ceramic titanium barrel that provides both speed and gentleness to your strands, it’s a no brainer for unruly strands. But it’s not the safest if you have fine hair as its minimum heat setting is too high with 300 °F. So, if you want a tool that can do different styles and don’t mind a little bit of a struggle while styling, this tool is a legit option.

Whether you’re seeking the best curling iron for thick hair or best curling iron for long hair, rest assured, Remington Pro Multi-Styler has you covered.

Below we share our experiences with “REMINGTON PRO 1 MULTI STYLER WITH TWIST AND CURL”.

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So, Remington Pro 1 Multi Styler Twist and Curl comes with a very unique shape. It’s kind of like a flat iron, but it twists instead of being straight. This shape is created to be used both as a straightener and curler at once. If you just glide it through your strands, it functions as a flat iron and straightens your strands. If you twist it 180 degrees and glide it, it gives your hair volume and waves. Lastly, if you twist and hold it for some time while doing that, and then glide it, it gives you tight and spirally locks. It sounds very convenient right, especially since it’s such an affordable tool. We just had to try it.

We’re quite pleased with the straightening option of this tool. As long as you don’t have extremely long or short strands, it does a decent job. When it came to curling our strands though, it took us quite a while to be able to catch the trick. Honestly, in the beginning it seems like it doesn’t really work. But the more you try, the more it makes sense. So, if you get this tool and don’t manage to achieve decent results, don’t worry. Just keep trying.


Size is almost irrelevant with this shape as it doesn’t have a barrel, but a strange twisting heater that resembles a flat iron. It’s hard to compare it with other flat irons as well since it just is different. The only important thing that we can say is about its plate length which is 4”. This is considered average sized and usually would fit most hair lengths. But after testing this tool on different hair types, we could see that it doesn’t really work on strands which are shorter than chin length. It does work on hair length which are mid-back length or longer, but it takes a very long time to style. So, we recommend this tool mostly for medium sized strands.

Heat and Variable Settings

It comes with 5 variable heat settings which is the usual number for budget curlers. Its maximum heat of 450 °F is very satisfying and more than enough to tame unruly strands. It does a great job, especially if you want to use the straightener option of this tool. Its minimum temperature on the other hand, is 300 °F and it’s too hot for fine hair. We don’t recommend this tool if you have very delicate and thin strands as it may cause some heat damage. This is the case especially when you use the curler option and you have to hold the heated pallet on your strands for a while.

Material and Performance

It comes with a ceramic and titanium plates. We’re big fans of mixed materials as tools like this has the qualities of both. Titanium makes this tool heat up very fast and recover its heat very quickly as well. Ceramic on the other hand, helps with even heat distribution.

We can’t say that this tool has the most durable material as it’s a budget product and can’t match the material quality of its luxury alternatives. But it’s quite fast and with its high heat, we’re pleased with its performance.


When it comes to special features, we can’t say that Remington offers many. It comes with a 60-minute auto shut off to make sure that you don’t forget your tool on while not using. This is a great feature as these tools can be fire hazards.

It also comes with digital display, which is unusual for a budget tool. You can see the exact temperature on the screen and digitally control it.

It doesn’t have dual voltage and you need to be careful if you want to travel with your tool as it may not work in other countries.

It doesn’t come with ionic technology either which is a feature that helps with eliminating frizz from your strands.


It’s not the most compact tool and its weight is way above average with 9.6oz. Combined with the fact that it doesn’t have dual voltage, we don’t recommend this tool for travellers. It also may cause some arm fatigue for the ones that need to hold their tool for longer periods.

Its handle is 4.2”, which is quite average when compared with other flat irons and we can say that it’s pretty comfortable to hold.

It comes with a cool tip that helps you handle and manoeuvre it while using. You can also place this tool on surface while using without worrying about heat.

It comes with a 6ft swivel cord which is relatively short when it comes to hair tools. If your mirror is next to your plug, this is not a problem. But otherwise, it’s worth inquiring if it’s enough to be comfortable.

Price & Warranty

It has a really affordable price of $38. It’s especially outstanding as you basically get too tools at once when you purchase it. It definitely doesn’t have the material quality of the luxury brands, and it probably won’t last as long as them. But it comes with a 5-year warranty which is longer than what most brands offer which puts minds at ease. It also is very successful in the performance department as it gets really hot and can tame the strands very quickly. So, we think it has great value.


If you’re looking for a versatile tool like this one but would prefer a luxury option with great material quality, we think it’s worth checking out Babylisspro Nano Titanium Prima3100 Ionic Straightener.

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