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T3 Singlepass Stylemax Flat Iron Review

With a great blend of innovative technology and innovative design, this flat iron is far from being disappointing

T3 singlepass stylemax Flat Iron review featured

Price: $150
Available sizes: 1”
Best for: all hair types and lengths
What we like: wide heat range, digital display, creates great curls
What we don’t like: not very fast
How it stands out: a flat iron with great material quality and a feature that automatically adjusts its temperature according to your needs
Rating: 4.5/5.0

T3 Singlepass Stylemax is one of those hair tools that is not only elegantly designed, but it also has innovative qualities that are rare to come across. The most outstanding quality of this tool is its automatic heat customization technology. There are settings that you choose from which involves your hair texture and style and it basically chooses the right temperature for you according to your styling needs and hair type. Another thing that we really appreciate about this tool is that it’s really round, with rounded plate edges. These are both designed to allow the curling to happen much more efficiently and after our tests, we can easily say that this tool is a very effective curler. It comes with a very wide range of heat settings, and there will be an appropriate option for your hair type, no matter how fine or thick it is. It comes with ceramic plates which helps with the tools gentleness and you don’t really worry about being safe from heat damage with it. It has average sized plates bot in width and length, which makes the tool very versatile, combining its wide heat range and curling abilities. It has a led display and temperature control like most luxury hair tools. That said, it also comes with a luxury price which is $150. This is a flat iron to go for if you don’t mind the investment that it requires. But it is quite rewarding if you do with its very durable and sturdy material. Below we share our experiences with “Hot Tools Black Gold Evolve Ionic Salon Flat Iron”.

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Shape And Size

While being a traditionally shaped flat iron with its flat plates, T3 Singlepass Stylemax has an extraordinarily rounded shape on the outside. Not only that, but also it has rounded edges on its plates. Combining the two, this tool has a great recipe for curling your strands. We know that the purpose is primarily to straighten your hair, but why say no to a tool that can do both? We tested it thoroughly and can confirm that it does a great job at creating s-shaped curls, which can turn into voluminous waves.

The size of the plates is average both in width and lengths. Width is the standard size in the market which is 1”, and length is 3.75”, and this tool fits most needs. It’s narrow enough to come close to your roots, and can style shorter hair types efficiently. It also is large enough to cover enough part of your hair in case it’s long. So, versatility is one of T3’s strong suits.

The length of the tool is 11” and is a bit above average compared to other flat irons in the market. This is something to consider in case you want to travel with your tool and need it to be compact.

Heat And Variable Settings

T3 Singlepass Stylemax comes with 9 different heat settings that you can choose and adjust. It has a satisfyingly wide range of choices and we can say that in terms of heat, T3 is as versatile as it gets. The minimum heat setting is 260F and gentle enough to keep your strands safe no matter how fine they are. The maximum setting of 410F is also an efficient one, in case you have thick and stubborn strands. Heat range is something that you don’t need to worry about with this tool. After doing our regular tests in our lab, we found out that this tool heats up till 390F, which is a bit lower than what it promises, but still high enough to tame unruly hair types.

What’s really special about it is its special technology that adjust the temperature according to your hair type and styling needs. You just choose your type from the settings of the tool and it calculates and gives you the optimal temperature. All you need to do is to be aware of your hair type and specific needs.

The back of its plates heats up till 115F and its cool tip till 106F, and both these numbers are low enough to hold without hurting your hands. Since you need to hold this parts of the tool to curl your strands, this information is useful.

Material And Performance

Choice of material of T3 for its plates is ceramic which is known to be the gentlest in the market. Especially compared with titanium, it heats up much slower and gentler and its much less likely to cause heat damage to your strands. This tool, with its very low heat setting as well, is great for delicate strands that get damaged very easily. Ceramic also is the most beginner-friendly option as it leaves room for mistakes with its slower mechanism.

It’s not surprising that T3 Singlepass Stylemax, being a luxury tool with a luxury price, has very durable material. If you want a tool that protects your strands from heat damage while being effective, this one is worth considering. With its innovative technology that automatically chooses the perfect temperature for you, it adds an extra layer of protection to the styling experience. We have to say that it’s not the fastest tool, which can be annoying if you have very long or thick strands that take time to tame, but otherwise we’re impressed by its performance.


The first one that catches our attention when it comes to the features of this tool, is its automatic temperature customization. This technology, firstly, chooses the best temperature for your needs when you enter your hair type in the settings, and it really does a good job making the right decision. Secondly, you can enter which style you want to achieve with your tool and it brings you again with the right temperature for it. This is the only tool that offers this technology which can come across a bit too overwhelming when you hear it, but after testing it on multiple users, the feedback was very satisfying.

It comes with the usual auto shut off which is 60 minutes, which makes it fire safe and puts busy minds at ease.

It’s disappointing that ionic technology lacks in this tool, especially if you have frizzy strands that you would like to smoothen, but this is not an issue otherwise.

It has floating plates that helps you keep perfect contact between your hair and the plates, which provides a healthier session that ends in less passes. It also has extra silicone at the ends of the plates which is designed to prevent the strands from sliding thorough.

It has dual voltage and you can use this tool anywhere in the world, a feature super useful for travellers.

It makes a beeping sound to let you know when it reaches its desired temperature which we really appreciate.


Unfortunately, we can’t say that T3 is the most light-weight tool in the market. With 10.5oz, it’s considerably above the average on our list, which first of all, makes it less travel friendly. But more importantly, it may get too heavy to hold if you need to use your tool for longer periods of time. Arm fatigue is a common problem amongst home stylist and if this is important for you, a there are many lighter tools in the market.

Its handle is quite comfortable to hold and has a diameter of 4.75”. It’s an ergonomically designed tool that will fit most hands perfectly. It also has a very elegant white color that appeals to the eyes.

Its cord is 8ft long which is fairly long. It also is swivel to make it easier to manoeuvre.

It has all the display luxuries that a flat iron has to offer, which includes digital display and temperature control, as well as different settings to choose from.

Price And Guarantee

As you can see its price of $150 is not for eery budget and it’s a sizable investment. While it may not be for the ones that are after a budget tool, it has great quality and durable materteral. It also comes with digital display as well as a very elegant design. It’s auto temperature adjustment technology, in our opinion, is a very clever feature that brings a lot to this tool and we think this tool has great value. It also come with a 2-year warranty which is the usual number in the market.


T3 Singlepass Stylemax also offers a travel-size version, measuring just 8.25″ long and weighing 6 oz. The T3 Singlepass Compact features a fixed temperature of 410°F

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