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T3 Singlepass Compact Straightening & Styling Iron Review

T3’s most compact flat iron that appeals to travellers as well as on-the-go stylists

Price: $90
Size: 0.8”
Best for: normal to thick strands, short to medium hair length
What we like: lightweight and small and great for traveling
What we don’t like: way to hoot for fine strands
How it stands out: a very compact flat iron which can get very hot doesn’t compramise from material quality
Rating: 4.2/5.0

T3 has many different flat irons that appeal to different needs, and their Singlepass Compact is designed to be as compact as possible. First of all, it’s one of the most lightweight tools in the market with only 6”, while the average number is around 10oz. Not only that, but it also is really short with a length of only 8.25”. This information is already enough for us to say that this tool is extraordinarily small. Its plates are shorter as well with 3.07” but they’re still almost as wide as the usual number in the market with 0.8”. This size is really great if you have short strands, and it does a decent job if your hair is until shoulder-length. But if it’s longer than that, it may take more passes to tame it. It’s a great tool for touch ups and taking it to the gym. Another thing that we really like is that it comes with a heat resistant cap, so you don’t need to wait for it to cool down before you put it in your bag and carry it. Compared to other T3 flat irons, it’s pretty affordable with only $90. It’s true that it’s a simpler tool with simpler features, but it still has the same material quality, which is at luxury standards. What’s missing in this tool is heat settings and its temperature is claimed to be pre-set to 410F. Our tests show that it goes even higher, until 420F. So, don’t get fooled by its size, this tool can get hot! This temperature is perfect if you have thick hair that is hard to tame. But it’s way too high for thin and fragile hair types and you may benefit from lower heat settings if this is your case. Below we share our experiences with “T3 SINGLEPASS COMPACT FLAT IRON”.

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Shape And Size

This flat iron is classically shaped and its plates are flat. It has rounded edges so you can also curl your strands with it and it avoids snagging your hair while styling. While its shape is nothing out of ordinary, its size stands out. This is one of the smallest and the lightest tools on our list, as well as in the market. It doesn’t compromise from the plate width which are 0.8”, almost as wide as the usual size of 1”. This width appeals to all hair types and lengths. It can come very close to the roots which is beneficial if you have short hair. It also should be efficient on longer strands normally, but it fails in this department because of its short plates which are 3.07”. This plate size can’t really cover a very large area at one pass if you have armpit-length or longer strands. This means that you may need more passes
s to tame your strands properly.

Length of the whole tool is also very short with only 8.25”, which makes the tool very compact and easy to travel with.

One thing it misses out on as a simpler and a more compact tool is multidirectional floating plates which keeps the plates in perfect contact with your hair at all times.

Heat And Variable Settings

Heat settings is not T3’s biggest pride, we must say. Firstly, it doesn’t have variable heat settings and offers only one, which is 410F. Secondly, this pre-set temperature is one that doesn’t really fit all hair types. On top of that, after measuring it, we found out that it overheats and reaches till 420F. This number is great if you have unruly and thick strands which are stubborn and needs high heat to tame. But it really doesn’t fit fine strands. We can’t recommend this tool if this is your case and we advise you to be careful if you want to go for it anyways. But if you have strands with medium thickness, you will be safe from heat damage, considering its gentle plate material which is ceramic.

The back of its plates reaches till temperatures such as 168F, and its cool tip till 148F. These numbers are on the edge of being too high for some and can hurt your hands while holding it. This is something to consider, especially if you want to curl your strands with this tool, as you will need to touch these areas quite a lot.

Material And Performance

Its material of choice is ceramic which is convenient because as a tool with a harsh pre-set temperature, some softness is needed. Ceramic is the gentlest material in the market. It heats up slower and less, and leaves much more room for mistakes if you’re a beginner.

It may be a simpler tool with less complicated features, but it still carries the title of being luxurious as all T3 flat irons. It has very durable material and is sturdy to hold. Its also faster than what you would expect from a tool that size. Yet it’s much more affordable than the other flat irons that the same brand offers and we think its price vs performance is quite high.


This is a simple tool which is meant to be for on the go styling and offers simple features.

Our favourite is the accessory that it comes with which is a heat resistant cap. This is really useful, especially if you’re taking your tool to the gym for a quick touch up and don’t want to wait for it to cool down before you put it in your bag and make a move.

It has a 60-minute auto shut off, a feature that most tool offer, to make your flat iron fire safe.

It has dual voltage and it would have been weird if it didn’t, considering this is a too made for travelling. This feature makes sure that it works anywhere in the world.


Considering that the average weight in the market is around 9.5”, this tool is extremely lightweight with only 6oz. This number is not a coincidence as this tool is meant to be very compact. It’s really convenient to just put it in your bag and bring it anywhere with you. It also is very easy to handle and manoeuvre and is perfect for touch ups. It also is much less likely to cause arm fatigue, even if you use it for a long period.

Its handle is 4.75”, which is thicker that what you would expect from such a compact tool. It’s thicker than average and while it will most likely fit your hands comfortably, it may be a bit too wide for very small hands.

Its cord is 8ft and it is swivel. This number is very long and comfortable to use.

It has digital temperature control which is a pleasant surprise for such a simple design and great for beginners.

Price And Guarantee

For this material quality $90 is a truly great deal and if you’re after a compact tool which is durable, it’s a no brainer. It may not be the right one for every need, but if it resonates with you after reading this article, we encourage you to don’t overthink. It’s great value for money. It also comes with a 2-year warranty which is the usual number in the market.


The T3 Singlepass Compact, being small, has shorter and narrower plates. While it’s great for touch-ups and styling on the go, it covers less area compared to a full-size iron like the T3 Singlepass Stylemax. The Stylemax features 1” wide plates and is 3.75 inches long, almost 1 inch longer than the compact version. However, it’s important to note that the T3 Singlepass Stylemax also comes with a nearly double price tag.

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