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Hot Tools Black Gold Evolve Ionic Salon Flat Iron: Performance Review

In-depth look at Hot Tools’ budget-friendly and versatile flat iron

Hot Tools Black Gold Evolve Ionic Salon Flat Iron Review featured

Hot Tools Black Gold Evolve Ionic Salon Flat Iron

Model Name/ Number: HT7122BG
Price: $56
Size: 1” and 1.25”
For Which Hair Type: All Hair Types, All Hair Lengths
What We Like: Versatile With Large Temperature Range, Affordable
What We Don’t Like: Heavy, Not Very Sturdy
Rating: 4.2/5.0

Flat irons are perfect hair tools to create super straight and frizz-free hair. They also are very versatile tools as they can curl your strands. Hot Tools Black Gold Evolve offers a versatile styling experience with its large range of heat settings going from 205°F up till 455°F.

It has 2 different plate sizes of 1” and 1.25”, which fits most hair lengths.

Flat irons are not meant to be used every day as they get very hot and their effect on the strands is quite intense. Hot Tools has ceramic-titanium plates that heat up fast and provide very efficient results, especially with thick hair. But you may risk heat damage with fine hair as it heats up very fast.

It’s a budget-friendly product with only $56 and it’s not the most durable tool in the market. There are sturdier tools of course but they also come with their costs.

It’s a relatively heavy tool and you may experience arm fatigue if you use it for long periods of time.

Below we share our experiences with Hot Tools Black Gold Evolve Flat Iron. If you’re curious about the competition, check out the article about Best Flat Irons for Curly Hair.

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Shape And Size

A flat iron’s plate width varies from 0.5” to 2.5” and the decision will depend on your hair type, length, and styling needs. Hot Tools Black Gold Evolve has a width of 1” which is the average size that fits most hair types.

This is the most common size in the market and it can achieve many different styles. We recommend this size, especially if you’re not sure of which flat iron to choose as it fits almost all hair types and lengths. It’s large enough to style longer hair and small enough to reach the roots for shorter styles. It can create volume, waves, and curls as well as flips.

This tool is also available in 1.25” which is a larger size for longer and thicker hair as it covers a larger area and can heat up more than the smaller size.

Works way better than most curling irons

plates shape when closed

The length of the plate is 4.33”, which is also an average size that fits most hair lengths.

Hot Tools has floating plates that can tilt while you’re styling your hair and distributes the heat more evenly for a smoother look. The plate also has rounded edges which is a big help if you want to create curled ends.

The length of the tool is 11.8”, which is an above-average size compared to the flat irons on our list and it’s not the most compact and travel-friendly tool. BabylissPro Titanium Digital Straightener with only 10.5” is a much more compact option if you want to travel with your flat iron.

Heat And Variable Settings

Flat irons mostly come with variable heat settings and if they don’t, you should reconsider another option. While fine hair should choose temperatures lower than 250°F, if you have thick hair, you probably need temperatures above 400°F.

Hot Tools Black Gold Evolve goes up till 455°F starting from 205°F in 10°F increments. So, it has a lot of different temperatures to limit and control how much heat your hair is exposed to.

The maximum temperature of 455°F is reached after 50 seconds while it appears ready after 25 seconds. So it’s good to wait a little longer than what the display indicates.

Hot Tools has a led digital display, as well as an audible tone that lets you know when the desired temperature is reached, which makes it much easier to use. It has a memory function that saves the pre-set setting and a lock switch as well. It also has an auto shut-off of 2 hours that puts busy minds at ease and prevents risks of fire.

The backside of the plate heats up to 181.8°F, which is a high temperature that requires attention if you don’t want to burn your hands. But it is a good thing if you want to use your flat iron to curl your hair also.

The cool tip, with 158.1°F, also heats up a lot. If you want a tool that you can touch and feel safe from burning yourself, you can use a thermal glove which you can buy separately, or choose another tool. Drybar The Tress Press has the lowest exterior temperatures in our tests.

The handle, on the other hand, has a maximum heat of only 88.1°F and it’s very safe to touch even for the most delicate skin.


Flat iron plates come in different materials and Hot Tools have titanium-infused ceramic plates. Titanium heats up much quicker than ceramic variety. It is also famous for providing the highest level of heat which results in a faster session. So, as you can imagine, this tool is fast.

It also is a much more desirable option for thick hair as it can tame even the unruliest strands quicker.

But if you are a beginner home stylist, it may cause serious heat damage to the hair as it is harder to control. So, if you have delicate and fine hair, we recommend pure ceramic plates which take longer to heat up, such as Bio Ionic OnePass Styling Iron.

Titanium plates are known to be more expensive than ceramic plates but Hot Tools Black Gold Evolve is a budget-friendly tool and it’s much more affordable than many titanium flat irons such as BabylissPro Nano Titanium Vented Ionic Flat Iron.

Performance And Durability

Hot Tools Black Gold Evolve is a very affordable product and like every budget-friendly tool, it comes with a couple of compromises. It’s not the sturdiest tool and not the most durable in the market either. While it will provide a very effective styling session, it may not last you as long as a luxury product.

It has ionic technology that seals the moisture in the hair and provides frizz-free results. It can also cut back styling time, even in half in some sessions.


Hot Tool Pro Artist has a weight of 10.5 oz and is not a very light tool. There are much lighter tools in the market such as Bio Ionic GoldPro Flat Iron which is as light as 7.5 oz. So, if you’re worried about arm fatigue or will use this tool for longer periods of time, it might be worth considering another option.

Its handle is also not very slim. With 4.5”, its diameter is above average on our list and another option such as Babylisspro Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightener, with 3.5” may be a more suitable option for small hands.

It has a 9 feet swivel cord and while this number is not the highest in the market, it’s long enough for the usual home use. If your plug is very far from your mirror though, you may consider another option such as FHI Heat Platform Signature Styling Iron with a cord as long as 12 feet.

It also has dual-voltage which makes it travel-friendly and fits all over the world.

Last, but not least, it comes with heat-resistant gloves that protect your hands from burn.

Price And Guarantee

With a price tag of $57, Hot Tools Black Gold Evolve is a budget-friendly option. Considering the other luxury tools that can go up to $250, it’s a high-quality product that will satisfy your styling needs without hurting your wallet too much. It may not be the sturdiest product but it’s a fair compromise to make if you are on a budget.

It also comes with a lifetime limited guarantee. This is a very extraordinary and ambitious offer since most hair tools comes with a 2-year limited.


Chi is another brand that has very effective flat irons and their Tourmaline Ceramic 3-in-1 styling iron is a great alternative to Hot Tools. They both have similar prices; Hot Tools ($56) is a bit cheaper than Chi ($64).

Chi comes with tourmaline-infused ceramic plates instead of titanium that can create perfectly frizz-free results. While Hot Tools is great for straightening the hair, Chi can actually curl your strands perfectly as its hot plates surround the outer parts of the tool as well.

This quality, while being desirable for the ones who want to create intricate curls, it also creates a higher risk of burning your hands while styling your hair. So, Hot Tools is a better option if you’re only interested in straightening your strands.


Hot Tools Black Gold Evolve Ionic Salon Flat Iron

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