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Hot Tools Pro Signature Salon Digital Flat Iron: Performance Review

A close look at Hot Tool’s most affordable flat iron that can tame thick hair

Hot Tools Pro Signature Salon Digital Flat Iron Review
Model Name/ Number: HTST2575S
Price: $30
Size: 1”, 1.25”
For which hair type: medium to thick hair, all hair lengths accept very short
What we like: very affordable
What we don’t like: not very sturdy, not fit for fine hair
Rating: 4.1/5.0

Hot Tools products almost always make the cut to our list of favourites and they caught our attention with their affordable flat iron as well. This tool provides gentle results with its 3 layers of baked ceramic plates while still being frizz free with its tourmaline coating. While its maximum temperature (450F) is definitely high enough to tame the thickest hair, the low setting(280F) may not be gentle enough for very fragile strands. It’s one of the most affordable flat irons with only $30. It comes with a few compromises on sturdiness and it also has a slight design issue regarding the buttons on the handle but it’s a value for money product and if you’re on a budget definitely worth considering. Below we share our experiences with “HOT TOOLS PRO SIGNATURE CERAMIC DIGITAL FLAT IRON”. If you’re curious about the competition, check out the article about BEST FLAT IRONS LINK

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Shape And Size

Flat irons’ width varies from 0.5 to 2.5 inches, and the decision is about your curl pattern, length and type of your hair. Hot Tools Pro Signature Ceramic comes in 2 different sizes, 1” and 1.5 inches. While 1” is the most common size that fits most hair, 1.5 is more desirable for longer strands as it can cover a larger area at one go and style your hair faster. Larger plates also get hotter so if you have thick hair, they’re perfect but there’s higher risk of damaging your hair if it’s fragile. 1” plate will be able to create more delicate curls while 1.5” will provide beach waves. The length of this tool’s plate is 3.58”, which is one of the shortest on our list after Voloom Petit Volumizing Iron with 2.8”. Shorter plates are not the best for long hair as the longer the plate the larger the area it can cover. Size of the tool is 11” and it’s average, for the ones who worry about how compact their tool is. It comes with multidirectional floating plates that provides maximum contact for more effective styling. It also has rounded edges which eliminates any creasing while you’re curling your hair.

Heat And Variable Settings

Hot Tools Pro Signature has variable heat settings which goes from 280F to 450F. While the maximum heat is very sufficient for even the unruliest hair, the low setting (280F) is not low enough for very fragile hair. There are many in the market that offer a much gentler styling session. Tools such as BIO IONIC Gold Pro which goes as low as 170F and they’re safer for delicate strands.

The heat of its handle stays around 88F and its completely safe to touch and use for long periods of time. Its cool tip gets reaches till 158F after some use and may be too hot to touch for some. The back of its plates on the other hand heats as high as 181F and should be avoided while styling your hair.

(handle, cool tip temp, ne kadar sürede ısınıor eksik)

Like most flat irons on our list, it has a 2-hour auto shot-off that makes this tool very safe to use as well as giving a peace of mind to the busy heads. It also has a digital display which allows you to control the temperature. You can save the pre-set setting according to your needs and use it regularly. This tool doesn’t have an audible warning when it reaches the desired temperature. This function usually comes handy but it may be an annoying touch for the ones that have someone sleeping in the room.

Material And Performance

Hot Tools usually offers good quality material. They offer a wide range of flat irons and this one, being the most affordable, doesn’t have the sturdiest material and not the most durable either. If you’re looking for a luxury tool that offers very high-quality material, there are ones for you in the market such as BIO IONIC Styling Iron and Babybliss Pro Nano Titanium. While these tools have great quality, they also come with a cost that not everyone are willing to invest on.

It has plates made of 3 Layers of baked ceramic infused with tourmaline. Now this is an extraordinary plate material that most flat irons don’t offer. It has the qualities of ceramic which are providing even heat distribution and easy heat regulation. It also carries the qualities of tourmaline material which are frizz free results and a smoother finish. It doesn’t have ionic technology which is a big down side since this aspect brings frizz free and faster results. But it compensates with its tourmaline infused plates.


Weight of a flat iron can be important since long periods of use may cause arm fatigue. It has a weight of 10.6 which is above average and definitely something to consider if a light weight tool is your priority. There are many other cheaper options such as FHI Heat Platform Pro Styling with only 7.7oz.

The diameter of its handle is 4.5” which is the average size among flat irons. If you have very small hands and require a slimmer tool, there are brands Babybliss Pro Nano Titanium Ultra Thin Straightener with a handle of only 3.5” diameter.

It has a 6ft swivel cord that is the average size in the market and unless your plug is very far away from your mirror, it’s long enough. It also has dual voltage which makes it compatible to use in all countries and makes it travel friendly.

It has a small issue regarding the handle; the temperature control buttons are on the side of the handle and when you twist the tool to curl your hair, your hand touches the button and you may turn the tool off. As we mentioned, it’s a small issue but never the less inconvenient and may get frustrating.

Price And Guarantee

This is an extremely affordable tool. With a price of only $30, it’s one of the cheapest on our list right after Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron with $20 and Infinitipro Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron with $29.99. It also comes with a 5-year limited guarantee which is a cherry on top for such a budget friendly tool. Of course, like every cheap item, it comes with a few compromises such as lack of sturdiness but overall, it’s great value for money.


Infınıtıpro Tourmaline Ceramic Flat iron also offers a tourmaline infused tool and it’s exactly the same price as Hot Tools Pro Signature Ceramic. It also offers 1” and 1.5” inches of plates for extra versatility. They’re both great value for money tools that would satisfy most needs equally, but while Hot Tools have a sturdier material, Infinitipro is lighter with only 7.9oz instead of 10.6”.

If you’re willing to invest more on your flat iron and want similar size as Hot Tools, FHI HEAT Platform Pro Styling Tourmaline Hair Straightener is a great alternative that offers different sized plates for different needs. It has a price of $140 and has a much lower maximum heat of 230F and goes as low as 140F for extra fragile strands.

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