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Bio Ionic 10X Styling Iron: Performance Review

We put Bio Ionic’s new flat iron to the test which has unique sonic vibrating plates that claims to increase surface contact for premium results

Bio Ionic 10X Styling Iron review

Model Name/ Number: Z-FGTST-OP
Price: $240
Available Sizes: 1”
For Which Hair Type: All Hair Types
What We Like: Rounded Shape For Creating Curls, Veey Shiny Results
What We Don’t Like: Expensive
Rating: 4.8/5.0

Bio Ionic 10x Styling iron took things to the next level and came up with a tool that actually vibrates to optimize contact with hair and provide faster and shinier results. After testing this product, we can confirm that it definitely has superior abilities in terms of providing beautifully smooth results. It has ceramic plates which means it’s gentler on the strands but it also results in a slower session. It claims to straighten the hair in less than 10 minutes and we can easily say that this is not true, especially with curly hair.

Its maximum temperature is 450°F and is strong enough to tame unruly hair. Its minimum temperature (280°F) on the other hand, is too high and while we don’t usually recommend this temperature for delicate strands, its ceramic plates create a balance and makes this tool is safe enough to use for on hair as well.

This is an expensive product with $240 but it comes with a vibration system that explains the price, as well as high-quality material. Below we share our experiences with “Bio Ionic 10X Styling Iron”.

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Shape And Size

While flat irons come in a range of different sizes, 1” plates are the most common as they fit almost all hair types. Bio Ionic 10X styling iron comes only with 1” plates, and as much as it’s a very versatile size, you may want to consider a different size if you have very long or very short hair. But if your hair stays in the medium range and isn’t really on the extremes, this size probably is the right one for you. FHI Heat Platform Signature is a great example that comes in many different sizes including 0.5” for short and 1.75” for longer strands. While we can say the width of its plates are one of the most important aspects to consider before choosing a flat iron, the length of the plates also matters as it affects the area that it can cover at one pass. This tool has one of the longest plates on our list with 4.52” which speeds up the process while taming the hair.

This tool, not only is a very smooth straightener, it also successfully creates curls and beach waves with its rounded shape. If you look at it closely, you’ll see that it has a much rounder shape than most flat irons in the market. It also comes with rounded-edged plates which ensures perfect curls without crease.

The size of the tool is 12” and one of the longest on our list, something to consider if you want to travel with your flat iron as it’s not the most compact. If choosing a compact tool is one of your priorities, Voloom Petit Hair Volumizing Iron with its 9.5” size, with satisfy you much more.

It has multidirectional floating plates that increases contact with hair at all times, and combined with its vibrating plate technology, it really makes a difference in creating the smoothest results.

Heat And Variable Settings

Opting for a flat iron with variable heat settings is crucial as it will affect the results and health of your strands immensely. Bio Ionic has a heat range between 280°F and 450°F. First of all, this tool’s maximum temperature is more than enough to tame unruly hair and is suitable for long, thick, and curly hair types and African American hair that need higher temperatures to tame. But the low temperature may not be as satisfying. Fine hair definitely needs a maximum temperature of 240°F to have a safe and gentle session which is much less than this tool’s minimum setting. It does balance it out with its ceramic plates which are gentler on the strands but nevertheless, if you want to be as safe as possible, we recommend another flat iron with a lower minimum heat setting. Funnily the same brand provides the perfect tool which is Bio Ionic Goldpro Flat Iron which goes as low as 170°F and comes with gold-coated ceramic plates.

It takes less than a minute to reach its maximum temperature which makes this tool faster than most flat irons on our list.

Heat of its handle is 80°F and is safe for hands. But its cool tip is as high as 170°F and the back of its plates with 193°F, is higher, and both too hot to touch. You should be careful while using this flat iron and try to avoid touching these areas to not burn your hands. It does come with protective gloves though, to protect your hands, which is a great help.

It has a 60-minute auto shut-off technology that ensures a safe session as forgetting flat irons on can be a hazard. It also puts your mind at ease. It doesn’t come with a lock switch or an audible warning to let you know when the desired temperature is reached, but it comes with a digital temperature control which makes things easier, especially for beginners.

Material And Performance

Bio Ionic 10X Styling Iron comes with ceramic plates. Ceramic provides a gentler session than other materials as it gets less hot and it heats up slowly. But this quality also makes it slower and it may require more passes than titanium to finish your session. It also has natural volcanic rock infused into the plates to drive water molecules into the hair for healthier and more hydrated strands.

This tool comes with a feature called “Sonic Vibration Technology”. It basically has vibrating plates and which makes this tool unique as no other flat iron in the market offers such thing. It claims to offer a more polished look and after putting it through many tests, we can say that it does create shinier results than most flat irons on our list.

Bio Ionic is a luxury brand which has durable material. But when it comes to being sturdy, it falls behind its competitors like Babyliss as it has a lightweight design. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still sturdier than the budget-friendly alternatives but with a price tag of $240, we would expect perfection which it lacks.


Bio Ionic 10X Styling Iron weighs 8.7oz, which is considered lightweight compared to others in the market as flat irons can go up to weights like 13.4oz (Babyliss Nano Titanium Prima3000). A lightweight tool saves you from arm fatigue which most home stylists suffer from, especially if the tool is used for a long period. It’s important to note that while its lightweight design makes this tool compact and travel-friendly, it also takes away from its sturdiness.

The diameter of its handle is 3.5” and is the smallest number on our list. It’s perfect if you have small hands as we know it can be frustrating to try to hold a large tool that doesn’t fit your palms perfectly.

Its cord is 9ft and is one of the longest sizes in the market and is swivel which makes it more comfortable to curl the hair.

This tool vibrates which means it makes a sound as well, 76 dba to be exact, according to our measurements. We can assure that it’s not loud enough to disturb your ears or the sleeping family members in the room.

It has dual voltage that adds to its travel friendliness that the lightweight design brings.

Price And Guarantee

This is not a cheap tool which has a price tag of $240. Even compared to other Bio Ionic flat irons, it’s more expensive, and it’s due to its ability to vibrate. It’s a luxury product and is a big investment to make but it offers a unique feature that truly creates shinier results than most other flat irons in the market. It has very durable material and will last you many years. It also comes with a 5-year warranty which is one of the longest on our list. So, if you want to gift yourself this luxury and can afford it, we say why not. But it’s true that we find it overpriced. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option with similar qualities, CHI Original Digital Ceramic Hairstyling Iron ($120) is a great alternative with 1” ceramic plates and it even has a lower heat setting of 180°F for a safer experience.


If you have fine or damaged hair, it’s best to choose a hair straightener with a lower starting heat setting, such as the Bioionic GoldPro Flat Iron. The GoldPro offers a wide heat range, starting from 170 to 450 °F.

If you’re interested in vibrating technology for even more gentle styling, another option to consider is the Drybar Reserve. This innovative also has vibrating plates to help glide smoothly through the hair, reducing snagging and pulling.

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