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Drybar Reserve Vibrating Styling Iron Review

A luxury flat iron with the rare quality of vibrating plates for extra speed and gentleness

Drybar Reserve Vibrating Styling Iron Review Featured

Price: $190
Available sizes: 1”
Best for: all hair types and lengths
What we like: ionic technology, very long cord, heat sensors to create consistent temperature
What we don’t like: overpriced, tool hard to maneuver due to being too long
How it stands out: a vibrating flat iron
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Vibrating plates technology on flat irons is a quality that we don’t come across often, yet one that we really appreciate. This feature is made to provide perfect tension between your hair and the plates, while not squeezing the strands. Snagging the hair while using flat irons is a common problem and this feature successfully eliminates it. They don’t only vibrate, but they’re also multi-directional, which also helps a lot with the better contact. This results in styling with less passes which not only means gentler, but also faster styling. It has 1” plate width which is the most usual and versatile size in the market. The length of the plates on the other hand, are longer than usually with 4.25”. This size is great if you have longer strands as it covers a larger area at one pass. But it also makes the tool harder to handle and maneuver, especially considering that the tool’s length is pretty high as well, with 12”. But we still can say that it still is one of the most versatile tools on our list and will fit your strands even if they’re short. Its heat settings are also very satisfying starting as low as 250F and supposedly reaching till 450F. The minimum temperature is just right for thin strands and it’s perfectly safe from heat damage. The problem with the maximum setting is that our tests show that it actually reaches only until 390F, which is considerably less than what they promise. While this is a bit disappointing, it still is high enough to tame unruly strands. This tool is also great at creating beautiful waves in case you need, as it’s pretty round in the back of its plates which by the way get very hot. This heat is something to watch out for though, and may be too hot for your hands. It’s quite a bit of investment but DRYBAR doesn’t usually disappoint with material quality. Below we share our experiences with “DRYBAR RESERVE FLAT IRON”.

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Shape And Size

Drybar Reserve is a tool with straight and flat plates on the inside, with rounded edges. This shape is mainly meant to straighten your strands while avoiding snagging. But also, it helps with curling the strands, especially on this tool which is quite rounded on the outside as well.

It has a plate width of 1”, which is the standard size in the market, and for good reason. It’s narrow enough to come close to your roots, which helps a lot if you have short hair. But it also is wide enough to tame your hair in not so many passes. Considering the fact that the length of its plates is also long, this tool is really suitable for long hair. Its plates are much longer than the average size with 4.25” and can cover a very large area.

The length of the whole tool is 12”, which is very long. All in all, it’s a bulky tool and it’s not the easiest to handle and manoeuvre, which is something to consider, especially if you have very short strands.

Heat And Variable Settings

Drybar Reserve has 5 different heat settings, and its range is satisfyingly wide. Its minimum heat setting of 250F, is perfect for very fragile strands, and will accommodate your needs of gentle styling without any heat damage. Its maximum temperature, is advertised as 450F, but our measurements show that it only reaches till 390F. While the lack of honesty is a bit disappointing, this number is still high enough to style thick strands successfully, even the unruliest ones. So, we can confidently say that this tool is as versatile as it gets in terms of heat.

When we look at the back of the plates, we see that it gets really hot with 170F. This temperature is beneficial if you want to curl your hair with it, as you’ll need to wrap your strands around the tool. But, it’s good to watch out as it can easily damage your hands.

Its handle reaches till 75F and cool tip 132F, which are both numbers that are okey to hold without worrying about your hands.

Material And Performance

Drybar almost always chooses ceramic as material and their Reserve Flat Iron is not different. Ceramic plates are great in terms of being as gentle as possible on your hair. They heat up much slower than titanium, which leaves more room for mistakes. This is especially good if you’re a beginner. But if speed is something you value in a hair tool, you may want to reconsider your options.

Drybar is a luxury brand and this tool’s quality reflects that. It’s a very sturdy tool and very durable as well. It certainly is not the most affordable one in the market, but as it’s a vibrating tool, we can say that this is justified. Yet, it’s a flat iron to go for if you’re not on a budget and it can be considered a bit overpriced.


The most obvious feature of this tool is its vibration technology. Its plates vibrate while styling your hair which creates a much better contact between the strands and the tool. This allows a more efficient straightening experience. It styles your hair in less passes, and avoids pulling your strands as well. It also comes with multidirectional floating plates, which is great help with the same issues.

Another feature which is a gem is ionic technology which Drybar Reserve has. It emits negative ions while styling and eliminates frizz from your strands. It really works in terms of creating a more frizz free and smoother results.

It comes with the usual auto shut off technology which turns the tool off after 60 minutes of use. This is to make sure that you don’t forget your tool on and start a fire.

It has dual voltage that makes the tool usable anywhere in the world, which is something to consider for travellers.


The weight of Drybar Reverse is perfectly average which is 9.5oz. Usually, we consider this weight to be light enough to easily handle and manoeuvre, but it may still be too bulky for the ones that use it for longer periods of time. It also is a tool that you can travel with as it’s not too heavy.

Its handle is 4.9” which is relatively thick. Handles with this size is perfect for larger hands and may be inconvenient to hold if your palms are very small.

Its cord is advertised as 9ft, but it actually is 8.6” according to our measurements. This number is still one of the longest in the market and very comfortable.

It has led display, as well as digital temperature control, which both are features that make this tool beginner-friendly.

Overall, it’s a very ergonomically designed tool with a white elegant design that we love.

Price And Guarantee

Drybar Reverse is a quite pricy tool with $190 and is definitely an investment that not everyone is willing to make. This is a flat iron that you choose for its outstanding performance and material quality, and only if you don’t mind paying the price for holding a luxury tool in your hands. Otherwise, it may be considered overpriced, even though its vibrating plates make up for it. It also comes with a 2-year warranty to put minds at ease.


As much as we appreciate a vibrating flat iron, some people enjoy a tool which is less complicated to figure out and use. If you want a luxury flat iron with similar qualities, but want to leave out the vibration, Bio Ionic 10X Styling Iron will be more than satisfying. It has very similar heat settings and even better material quality, and even comes with a 5-year warranty.

Drybar also offers a very efficient flat iron on the thickest strands, which has titanium plates. Drybar the Tress Press has shorter plates compared to Drybar Reserve but it applies intense heat to easily tame even the most stubborn strands.

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