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CHI Original Digital Ceramic Hairstyling Iron Review

A deep look at Chi’s most versatile flat iron that fits every single need, from the most delicate to the unruliest


Price: $120
Available sizes: 1”, 1.25”
For which hair type: all hair types, all hair lengths
What we like: gentle for fine hair, durable material
What we don’t like: cool tip gets too hot
Rating: 4.5/5.0

If you’re looking for a flat iron that can straighten the strands of all different hair types, you you’re in the right place. Chi Original Digital Ceramic Hairstyling Iron is one of the most convenient tools in the market. With its wide temperature range, it fits all hair types and lengths. It comes in medium sized plates which makes this tool even more versatile. Its material is extremely durable and its price is $120 which is why this product is considered luxury. When we look at its qualities, it definitely is value for money. It has ceramic plates which makes it even gentler and appropriate for daily use. Honestly, it’s difficult to find anything negative about this flat iron, other than its cool tip that overheats. But this is an issue that can easily be solved with heat protectant gloves. Below we share our experiences with “CHI Original Digital Ceramic Hairstyling Iron”. If you’re curious about the competition, check out the article about best flat irons for curly hair.

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Shape And Size

Most hairstyling irons’ plates come in a flat shape and Chi is no different. Chi’s plates come in two different sizes which are 1” and 1.25”. 1” is the most common size in the market and fits almost all hair types. It’s slim enough to come close to the roots and large enough to cover enough area at one pass for longer hair types. It’s the safest option to choose if you’re a beginner home stylist and unsure which size is best for you. The other option ,1.25”, can still be considered medium sized but if your hair is more on the longer and thicker side, it may be a more suitable option. The only issue worth mentioning could be in case you have very short hair. Babyliss Nano Titanium Prima 3000 offers 0.75” plates which does wonders on pixie and bob cuts. Length of Chi Original Digital Ceramic Hairstyling Iron’s plates are 3.74” and is also considered medium sized which makes it a truly versatile tool.

It comes with multi directional floating plates which maximize the contact between the hair and the tool at all times, speeding up the process. It also has curved edges in case you want to use your flat iron to create curls.

Size of the tool is 10.4” and is one of the shortest flat irons on our list. We can easily say that this is a compact tool.

Heat And Variable Settings

This tool has a wide range of variable heat settings. The lowest setting starts from 180F and is perfect for fine hair. The highest one, which is 425F, is also perfectly capable of taming thick and unruly strands. When we say versatile, we really mean it. It fits every hair type.

Its handle has a maximum temperature of 77F and is perfectly fine to touch, even for long periods of time. But when we look at its cool tip, we can see that it really overheats. This is a problem if you’re one of those that uses this part of the tool, but it can easily be solved with heat protectant gloves. When we measure the back of its plates, they also heat a lot, 187F to be exact. Both these parts should be avoided while styling your hair.

Flat irons can be fire hazards and this tool comes with auto shut off technology to avoid any risks. It automatically shuts itself off after 60 minutes and puts you mind at ease.

It also comes with an audible warning mechanism to signal when it reaches its desired temperature to make sure you’re using the correct heat setting, as well as to remind you in case you forgot that the tool is on and working.

Material And Performance

Chi Original Digital Ceramic Hairstyling Iron has ceramic plates. Combined with its low minimum heat setting, this quality makes this tool one of the gentlest flat irons on our list. It provides slow but steady heating; it heats evenly without cold or hot spots. It’s much more suitable for daily use and much less likely to burn your strands when it’s compared to titanium plates. But if you’re after the fastest and the smoothest results, and if you have unruly hair, you may want to consider a flat iron with titanium plates. All Babyliss Flat Irons come with titanium plates and they’re preferred by professionals, as they provide the most effective results. We especially recommend Babylisspro Prima 3100 with a maximum temperature of 465F.

This tool is as durable as it gets when it comes to flat irons. It will last you many years and it endured many of our tests without breakage. With its lightweight design, it’s a bit less sturdy than other Chi tools, but is still deserves its luxury title and is very comfortable to hold. Its price of $120 speaks for itself as this is a high-end tool and, in our opinion, great value for money, compared to its similarly priced alternatives.


Chi Original Digital is a lightweight tool compared to most flat irons on our list with only 8.1oz. When we consider the fact that it’s also shorter than most, we can easily say that this tool is very travel friendly. It also comes with dual voltage which allows us to use it anywhere in the world. It’s light weight design also comes handy for the ones who want to avoid arm fatigue as it can get frustrating to use heavy hair tools for long periods of time.

Diameter of its handle is 4.25” and is slightly slimmer than the usual flat irons in the market. This is a good thing for most people, especially for small hands.

The fact that it has a swivel cord is very useful, but every flat iron on our list offers this feature so we can’t say that it’s something extraordinary. The cords size is 6.5 and it’s shorter than most flat irons on our list. If your mirror is far from your plug, a longer size will fit much better to your need. Bioionic One Pass Styling Iron is a great alternative with similar qualities and a 9f cord.

This tool comes with all the digital features that a flat iron can offer. It has led display, preset temperatures for customized styling and digital temperature control.

Price And Guarantee

Chi products are considered luxury tools and luxury tools can be very expensive. With $120, Chi Original Digital Ceramic Hairstyling Iron is actually a very reasonably priced tool for what it has to offer. Its durable material speaks for itself and it fits every need of a home stylist. Frankly, it’s close to being perfect and in our opinion, its great value for money. But if you don’t have the budget to spend this much on your flat iron and would prefer a more affordable tool, there are many, such as Conair tourmaline ceramic Flat Iron with only $56. It may not be as durable as Chi, but it also has ceramic plates for maximum gentleness and does a decent job at taming your strands.

It comes with a 2-year limited guarantee, which is the usual number in the market.


As we mentioned above, Chi Original Digital Ceramic Hairstyling Iron has ceramic plates and it may not be as effective as titanium in terms of speed and heat. If you have very thick and unruly strands, another option such as Drybar Tress Press is more likely to satisfy your needs. It comes with titanium plates and has a maximum temperature of 450F. It costs more than Chi with $170 and the decision is mostly about your hair type.

If you have very short hair, it’s always important to consider the fact that you may have extreme needs. A flat iron that offers very small plates is probably the right option for you.
FHI Platform Signature Pro Styler offers extraordinarily short plates of 0.5”, half the size of Chi. It’s definitely worth considering as you will probably need a tool that comes very close to your roots.

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