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Tymo Ring Vs Tymo Ring Plus Comparison

An in-depth comparison between TYMO’s unique straightening brush and its latest version

Tymo Ring Vs Tymo Ring Plus

Tymo Ring Vs Tymo Ring Plus

Straightening brushes are gentle yet effective tools that straightens the hair while giving it a natural look rather than bone-straight results. They’re usually preferred because of their ease of use and capacity to use every day. While flat irons apply intense heat to the strands and can cause damage if used too frequently, a straightening brush is a convenient everyday tool. If you want the gentleness of a straightening brush but also would prefer the sleekness of a flat iron, Tymo Ring may be worth considering. It offers a unique tool which has a comb-like shape and has the capacity to straighten the hair better than the paddle-shaped straightening brushes. While Tymo Ring is an excellent straightener, they recently came up with an upgraded model which has some noticeable differences. We couldn’t help but compare the two. Here is what we found out…

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  • Both tools are suitable for all hair types and lengths.
  • While Tymo Ring is ceramic, Tymo Ring Plus offers nano titanium coating.
  • Plus has a digital display while the original doesn’t.
  • Plus has a larger heat range and a faster heat-up time.
  • Plus is $10 more expensive but we think it’s worth it with all the upgrades.

Tymo Ring Plus:

Tymo Ring:

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Keynotes On Their Differences:


Tymo Ring has an extraordinary shape which is neither a paddle nor a barrel. It resembles a comb which enables smoother and sleeker results when it comes to straightening the strands. The original and the upgraded “plus” version both have the same shape and they’re both superior at straightening the hair, almost like a flat iron. They both have slim heater plates but while the original is 1.24” wide and 3.83” long, plus is a bit smaller with 1.25” width and 4” length. Not only they create sleeker results, they also are more effective on shorter hairstyles as they can come very close to the roots. They’re not the best detanglers and if this aspect is a priority for you it may be wise to consider a paddle-shaped tool such as GHD Glide. They both have the same length of 10.5” which is a quite short number.

Material And Performance

First of all, these tools have a feature called anti-scalding technology that makes them extra safe, both for hands and for hair. This unique technology makes sure that you don’t burn your strands while taming them, no matter which temperature you use.

Tymo Ring has ceramic plates. Ceramic is a great material, especially for damaged hair as it heats up gently and avoids burning. Tymo Ring Plus has Nano titanium technology which is perfect for thicker hair as it heats up faster as well as having a quicker heat transfer capacity. They both successfully distributes heat evenly avoiding hot and cold spots.

While Tymo Ring heats up in 60 seconds, Tymo ring plus offers a considerable upgrade with a 30-minute heat-up time. This is important for our readers that want to spend as little time as possible in front of the mirror every morning. It also is important as it improves the heat recovery time and provides the same heat in every stroke.

Heat And Variable Settings

Both of these tools have variable heat settings to adjust according to different hair types and needs. But while Tymo Ring has 5 heat settings, Tymo Ring Plus has 9, which makes a much more intricate tool that accommodates for specific needs. Tymo Ring plus also offers a wider temperature range. Tymo Ring varies from 266°F to 410°F and Tymo ring extends this range to 250°F to 410°F. This may not be a big difference but it’s beneficial for extra fragile strands.

The temperature of their handles is similar with 113°F and 115°F and their cool tips are 87°F vs 90°F. These numbers are relatively low and safe to use even for the most sensitive hands. The back of the plates on the other hand, is 135°F on Tymo Ring and 160°F on Tymo Ring Plus. While 135°F is on the limit of being too hot, 160f can be hard to touch, especially for longer periods of time.

Digital Display

Tymo Ring doesn’t come with a digital display which can be frustrating if you’re a beginner with hair tools. Tymo Ring Plus offers a great upgrade and comes with a led display which shows the temperature. Tymo Ring only has Led Light indicators which doesn’t show the exact temperature you’re using.


They have similar weights; Tymo ring 10.4 oz and Tymo Ring Plus 10.5 oz This number is above average compared to another straightening brushes on our list and it can be concerning if you’re using for long periods of time. If you want to avoid arm fatigue, there are much lighter tools in the market such as Conair Instant Heat with only 4.8 oz.

The handle of Tymo Ring is 3.5” while Tymo Ring Plus is 3.75”. This information may be beneficial for small hands as Tymo Ring would be more comfortable to hold.

It’s worth mentioning the small issue regarding the buttons on the handle of both of these tools. They sometimes get on the way and the hand accidentally hit the buttons. Sadly, the issue continues in the new version as well, but it’s a small problem that and is not a big deal as long as one is aware and careful.


Tymo Ring is an efficient straightening brush and well worth considering as a hair tool. It provides sleek results and a luxury experience with its high-quality material while being gentle on the strands. Tymo Ring and Tymo Ring Plus don’t have a very big price difference. While Tymo Ring is $59, Tymo Ring Plus is $69. The upgrades are quite substantial and in our opinion, it’s more than worth considering the new version.


Tymo Ring Hair Straightening Comb
Tymo Ring Plus Hair Straightening Comb

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