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Hot Tools 24K Gold One-Step Blowout And Volumizer Review

An in-depth look at HOT TOOL’s new hot air brush “24K Gold”, which proves to be as gentle as it gets when it comes to smoothening fine hair while creating great volume

Hot Tools 24K Gold One-Step Blowout And Volumizer Review

24K Gold One-Step Blowout And Volumizer

Model Name/ Number: HT1076
Price: $75
Heat Settings: Low: 130.5°F / High: 150.0°F
Best for: Fine and fragile hair, as well as long models
What we like: Gentle yet very effective styling, sturdy material
What we don’t like: Too big for short hair
Rating: 4.1/5.0

Anyone with fine hair knows that it can be tricky to use hot hair tools without damaging the hair. The trick seems to be able to choose the right tool with the right temperature settings. That’s why we appreciate the qualities of Hot Tools products as they offer tools for specific needs.

Their most popular brush “24K Gold One-Step”, with its gold barrel, distributes heat evenly. Its 2.8 inches oval barrel can tame large surfaces at one go, which reduces heat damage. The ionic technology eliminates frizz. This tool is our top pick for fine and fragile hair and for good reason. Below we break down our experiences with “24K Gold One-Step”. If you’re curious about the competition, check out our article about the best hot air brushes.

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Barrel Size And Shape

The first thing we need to consider before buying a hot air brush is its shape and size. With its 2.8 inches oval brush, Hot Tools 24K Gold One-Step is a pretty large tool. It’s one of the largest on our list. (The largest one is Conair Detangling Hot Air Brush with a 3.0-inch barrel)

This size has the ability to grab large amounts of hair at one go and style the hair in a shorter time. This brush saves a lot of energy and time if you have long hair. While speed is its strong suit, it’s not very comfortable for short hairstyles as it can’t come too close to the roots and grab the short strands.

The oval shape is much gentler on the hair as it creates less tension. It also is preferred to achieve perfect volume but it fails to curl the hair.


Bristles might seem like a small issue that wouldn’t make much of a difference but don’t get tricked by the size. You will feel their effect on your hair.

First of all, Hot Tools 24K Gold One-Step Blowout has very sturdy bristles. Yet it’s important to mention that after our tests, we noticed that it’s not the best at detangling and pulls the hair strongly if there’s a knot.

It has average-sized bristles with 0.66 inches nylon pin and 0.38 inches tufted.

If you want to straighten your curly hair you need more tension than the 24K’s bristles can maintain. Drybar The Double Shot has denser bristles compared to 24K Gold, and it can maintain the correct tension between your hair and the tool to stretch your curls.


– Heat Settings

Hot Tools is a brand that is usually known for its high heat and consistency. Now this can be a blessing and a curse according to your hair type. That’s why we generally recommend these tools for thick and unruly hair because if your strands are fragile, you might suffer from heat damage. 24K Gold One-Step, on the other hand, compared to other Hot Tools hot air brushes, gets much less hot.

Our tests show that this tool gets as hot as 150°F on the high setting and 130.5°F on the low setting, while the cool tip temperature is only 108.9°F. These numbers are very low compared to its following model, Hot Tools Pro Artist Black Gold, which is 213.9°F on high setting.

As a matter of fact, it’s less hot compared to most hot air brushes on our list. This means that Hot Tools 24K Gold One-Step not only creates voluminous and frizz-free results, but it also does it with great gentleness and safety. You can use this tool without any worry about heat damage.

Like almost every hot air brush on our list, it has variable heat settings, which include high, low, and a cool shot option. As this may seem to be standard, this quality is important to note as it makes one’s life much easier, especially the cool shot option. This setting seals your style after you’ve finished the smoothening and prevents it from getting ruined quickly.

– Handle Temperature

Unlike Revlon One-Step Volumizer, its handle doesn’t get hot (around 84°F) which makes the session more pleasant.

– Cool Tip Temperature

Performance And Durability

The performance of a hot air brush usually depends on the wattage and the material. While the wattage is quite average on 24K Gold One-Step, the material is quite unique. This tool has a golden surface, which is designed to distribute the heat evenly. This quality prevents cold and hot spots on the surface of the brush, preventing heat damage and inefficient straightening.

Combined with ionic technology, it eliminates frizz more than any other tool that we tested. Like all Hot Tools products that we tested, 24K Gold One-Step is a durable and long-lasting hot air brush. Compared to its biggest competitor Revlon One-Step Volumizer PLUS 2.0, the bristles are stronger and the handle feels sturdier when it’s held.


– Weight:

We measure the weight of every hot air brush on our list, as it can make a big difference on the quality of a styling session. If you style your hair daily and arm fatigue is something you want to avoid, 24K Gold One-Step might not be the best option for you. With 16.8 oz, it’s one of the heaviest hot air brushes on our list. Lighter options are always available and Revlon One-Step Volumizer (14.8 oz) is a great alternative if a light tool is your priority.

The handle of 24K Gold is ergonomically designed and sturdy. Mind that this tool is not detachable. While this fact makes it sturdier, it’s a big downside as it’s less compact and there are no extra head options for versatile styling.

– Handle Size:

– Length:

– Noise Level:

Around 94 dBA, it’s one of the loudest tools on our list. We know that this detail is useful for some of our readers, especially ones with sensitive ears or that have a sleeping family member next door.

Other Models From Hot Tools

While 24K Gold One-Step is our favorite Hot Tools hot air brush, there’s a number of other options. These include Pro Signature One-Step V1 and One-Step V2, as well as Black Gold One-Step Detachable. Hot Tools Black Gold One-Step is the next generation that claims to offer a better quality blowout, which may be the case with very thick and afro hairstyles as it gets really hot (213.9°F).

But our tests show that 24KGOLD is a gentler option while still bringing effective results. If you want to find out more about the in-depth comparison between the two, check out Hot Tools Black Gold vs 24k Gold One Step Blowout & Volumizer


Revlon One-Step Volumizer is the biggest competitor of Hot Tools 24K Gold One-Step. Their barrel sizes and shapes are the same which is the most important topic to consider. Revlon is a more affordable model with $40, while 24K Gold One-Step is $75. But this price difference is understandable since 24K Gold One-Step is much sturdier and it doesn’t get as hot, making it safer for your strands.

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