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Hot Tools Black Gold vs 24K Gold One-Step Comparison

It’s no secret that Hot Tools blow dryer brushes are superior at styling thick and unruly hair. But which Hot Tool to choose?

Hot Tools Black Gold vs 24K Gold One-Step

Hot Tools Black Gold vs 24K Gold One-Step

Hot air brushes keep evolving and small details keep changing with every generation they offer. We know that it can seem tricky to find the right one for each individual’s needs. Hot Tools seems to be the queen of taming unruly hair, creating super sleek results even with the most stubborn hair types. Hot Tools 24K Gold One-Step, with its golden barrel surface, provides superior heat conductivity and distributes heat evenly. They recently came up with a new model called Hot Tools Black Gold One-Step. They call it “a revolution in technology”, quite a bold statement.

The barrel size (2.8 inches) and shape (oval) are the same between these two tools, as well as the charcoal-infused bristles and ionic technology. While they seem similar, there are still some interesting differences worth analyzing. We couldn’t help but to compare the two.

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After measuring and analyzing every detail, below we share our experiences with “Hot Tools Black Gold” and “24K Gold One-Step Blowout & Volumizer”.


Hot Tools 24K Gold One-Step

Model Name/ Number: HT1076
Price: $75
Heat Settings: Low: 130.5°F / High: 150.0°F
Best for: Medium to long hair, Fine hair types
Pros: Gentler session for fragile hair
Cons: Heavy and not versatile

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Hot Tools Black Gold One-Step

Model Name/ Number: HT1096BG
Price: $90
Heat Settings: Low: 172.8°F / High: 213.9°F
Best for: Medium to long hair, thick and unruly hair types
Pros: Detachable design, lifetime guarantee
Cons: Gets really hot

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Table of Contents

Keynotes On Their Differences:

Barrel Size And Shape

They have the same barrel size and shape. 2.8″ Barrel is great for those with medium to long hair as well as those that would like some extra oomph.

Detachable Design And Attachment Options

If we consider all the qualities that hot air brushes offer, detachable design is one of the most important ones, especially if the brand offers extra attachments that can improve your session.

“24K” fails to provide this option for the users.

“Black Gold”, on the other hand, not only is detachable, but it also offers additional attachments that can be purchased separately.

  • 2.8″ One-Step Blowout Volumizer Attachment HT1093BG
  • One-Step Paddle Dryer Attachment HT1094BG
  • 2.4″ One-Step Blowout Volumizer Attachment HT1098BG
  • 1.5″ One-Step Round Brush Attachment HT1210BG

If your priority is being compact and having versatile styling options, we recommend considering “Black Gold”.


“Black Gold” and “24K Gold” have the same size, flexibility, and density of nylon pin and tufted bristles. These bristles can detangle, style, and smooth without breakage on thick or fine hair.


– Heat Settings

Hot Tools are known for their high and consistent heat capacity. If you have thick and unruly hair, you’ll definitely benefit from this feature. But you might be in danger if you have fine hair.

There’s a huge difference between “24K” and “Black Gold” when it comes to heat settings.

While “24K” goes only to 150°F, “Black Gold” can go as high as 214°F at high heat setting. Even the low setting of “Black Gold” (173°F) is higher than 24K’s high heat setting (150°F).

Now what does this mean exactly? Hot Tool advertises this high heat capacity as a positive thing. But keep in mind that these tools can burn your hair if they’re not used or chosen wisely. High heat can be very efficient and beneficial for thick and frizzy hair. But it will definitely burn your delicate strands if you have fragile hair.

– Handle Temperature

Handle temps are nearly the same, and these values are under average and comfortable to use.

– Cool Tip Temperature

Not to mention the cool tip temperatures which are 109°F (24K) vs 118°F (Black Gold). These are average values when compared to the other hot air brushes on our list. We can easily say they don’t overheat and are comfortable to use.

Performance And Durability

There’s a lot of positive feedback about the quality of the material of both of these products. While they are different from each other, they both provide sleek and shiny results that distribute the heat evenly. They both have charcoal technology, “24K Gold” is plated in gold, whereas the “Black Gold” is coated in titanium and ceramic.

Gold is a better conductor of heat, which means 24K Gold’s surface heats up faster than Black Gold. It recovers lost heat faster, and this may provide long-haired ladies with a faster styling session.

Black Gold, on the other hand, takes longer to heat up, but it distributes heat more evenly. This helps to evenly flatten out waves and curls with each pass and decreases your chances of facing severe heat damage.


– Weight

We know that the weight of the tool can be a burden for everyday stylers. While “24K” is 16.8 oz, which is one of the heaviest on our list. It’s definitely something to consider if you experience arm fatigue while straightening your strands. “Black Gold” ‘on the other hand, is only 15 oz, which is an average weight amongst other hot air brushes on the market.

– Handle Size

Both have the same handle sizes. Hot Tools brushes have larger handles compared to other models on our list. Those with small hands may not easily grasp without discomfort.

– Length

Both hot air brush lengths measure up the same at 13″. 13 is the shortest among the hot air brushes we’ve tested, however, we don’t feel this to be an advantage or shortcoming.

– Noise Level

The noise levels are above average. We have tested many brands of hot air brushes and we wouldn’t be wrong if we say that Hot Tools is the noisiest.

– Cord:

Hot Tools seems to have listened to the consumer requests because the new “Black Gold” has an 8.5-inch cord while “24K” is only 7.5 inches. Don’t take this lightly, this 1 inch can make a big difference in the comfort department, especially if your mirror is not right next to the plug.

Price And Guarantee

Their prices are quite similar; 53 dollars for “Black Gold” vs 40 dollars for “24K”. Now this is a very small difference for the upgrade that “Black Gold” provides. We advise you not to mind the difference and go for whatever is best for your needs.

“Black Gold” provides a lifetime limited guarantee, which is absolutely delightful to hear. It’s the only hot air brush on our list that offers such a privilege. “24K”, on the other hand, offers 7 years limited warranty, which is quite high as well.

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