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Babylisspro Nano Titanium Ionic Thermal Paddle Brush Review

In-depth look at Babyliss’ thermal paddle straightening brush that can provide the gentlest styling for even the most fragile strands

Babylisspro Nano Titanium Ionic Thermal Paddle Brush Review

Babylisspro Nano Titanium Ionic Thermal Paddle Brush

Model Name/ Number: BNTPB1UC
Price: $70
For Which Hair Type: All Hair Types, All Lengths Except Very Short Hair
What We Like: Very Low Heat Setting For Extra Fragile Hair
What We Don’t Like: Not Very Sturdy
Rating: 4.0/5.0

Babylisspro Paddle Brush has been getting very popular lately and with its large-sized paddle and high heat capacity it’s no surprise. This tool is for the ones that want to straighten their hair without losing any volume. The thermal paddle brush that heats up to 370°F and as low as 120°F, it has a large heat range that can be beneficial for both thick and fine hair. Its digital display brings an extra level of comfort to the session. It’s fairly cheaper than its closest competition GHD Glide and Drybar yet still provides satisfying results. Below we share our experiences with “Babylisspro Thermal Paddle Brush”. If you’re curious about the competition, check out the article about Best Hair Straightening Brush Reviews of 2023.

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Shape And Size

With a 2.3” width and 4” length sized heated plate, Babylisspro is a relatively large-sized paddle brush with an oval shape. Like any well-functioning straightening brush, it’s meant to straighten the strands without losing their volume and unless you’re looking for bone-straight results, Babyliss will satisfy your needs perfectly. There is only one larger option on our list which is GHD Glide with 2.5” width and 5” length, which may be a better option for extraordinarily long hair but Babyliss is also a great option for any length. If you have very short hair though, an option that can grab the roots better may be a more satisfying option as Babyliss can’t come very close to the scalp. Tymo on the other hand is designed specially to grab the shorter strands and provide outstanding results. Babylisspro’s shape and size simply is what a usual straightening brush offers for desirable results.



Babylisspro has only heated bristles on the inside and detangling bristles on the outside of the heated plate. While the heated bristles smoothen the hair, the detanglers work on the knots if there’s any. The thickness of its detangler bristles are 0.08” and their length is 0.75”. As they’re relatively thick and long bristles, they are not the best detanglers and GHD Glide, for example, is a much better detangler on our list. The heated bristles come in 3 different thicknesses(0.25”, 0.18”, 0.15”) and lengths(0.56”, 0.49”, 0.43”), and they’re very effective smoothers.

Heat And Variable Settings

Babylisspro comes with heat settings that you can adjust with a scroll wheel and you can see the temperature on the digital display. It has a big range starting from as low as 120°F and up to 370°F. This lowest setting is the smallest number on our list which makes Babyliss the gentlest option for the damaged and fragile strands. The high setting, on the other hand, is lower than what the brand promises (400°F). Yet 370°F is still an average temperature that has the capacity to smoothen most hair types. But if you have very stubborn hair that needs high heat to tame, there are stronger options in the market such as Drybar (420°F) and CHI Amplitude (390°F). Babyliss also has auto shut-off that activates after 60 minutes which makes the tool fire proof and gives peace of mind to busy bees.

The heat of the handle gets only up to 82°F, which is a safe temperature for any situation.

Performance And Durability

Babyliss is a respected brand with good quality material. This tool can be considered average quality with its average price and as much as it’s well-functioning, it’s not the most durable option in the market. As far as paddle straightening brushes go, GHD and Drybar both offer sturdier materials but this fact also reflects on their price.

BabylissPro has nano titanium coating, which is an upgrade from ceramic that most straightening brushes come with. This technology also contributes to the fact that Babyliss is the gentlest tool because titanium helps distribute the heat evenly, protecting the hair from heat damage.


Babyliss is a lightweight product with only 8.1 oz. It’s not only the lightest paddle brush on our list, it also comes in a smaller compact size for the ones who want to travel. It has dual voltage as well which you can use anywhere in the world, making it even more travel friendly.


It’s also the shortest straightening brush with only 10”, compared to most brushes in the market that can go up to 13” such as Chi Amplitude.


It has a 8 ft swivel cord which is an above-average length; a convenient number for the ones who doesn’t have a plug next to their mirror.


Price and Guarantee

Babyliss is an averaged price straightening brush. It has a price of $70, which is actually the cheapest paddle brush on our list compared to GHD and DRYBAR, but there are other similar priced tools in the market like Tymo Plus, even cheaper ones such as Conair Instant Heat Hot Brush. The 3-year guarantee that it offers makes this tool extraordinary since most straightening brushes offer 1 or 2 years.


Drybar Brush Crush is the biggest competition of Babylisspro. They both have similar-sized paddle brushes, a big temperature range, and a digital display. While Drybar is a more luxury product that has a very sturdy and durable material, it also is higher priced. The decision between the two will be about your budget.

Another interesting straightening brush that’s worth mentioning is Tymo Ring Plus. This tool has the same price as BabylissPro, but it has a comb-like shape instead of paddle and offers greater straightening qualities instead of more volume and a natural finish. So, while Babyliss is the right tool for you if you love a natural look but if you want a sleek result rather than volume Tymo may be the right one for you.


Babylisspro® Nano Titanium™ Ionic Thermal Paddle Brush

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