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Babylisspro Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron Review

Babyliss’ Titanium Ceramic spring iron seems to bring together versatility and speed while being a delight for the wallet


Model name/number: BNT75S (3/4″), BNT100S (1″), BNT125S (1 1/4″), BNT150S (1 1/2″)
Price: $59.99
Shape: traditional spring iron
Available sizes: 0.75”, 1”, 1.25”
Best for: all hair types and lengths
What we like: frizz-free results with ionic technology, affordable
What we don’t like: too heavy, cool tip is too small
How it stands out: highly versatile tool that appeals even to the shortest strands while bringing fast and long-lasting results
Rating: 4.6/5.0

Babylisspro Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron is one of the most versatile curling irons on our list, first of all, because of its different size options that appeals to different hair lengths and styles. It also has the widest range of heat settings in the market with a heaping number of 50, reaching up till 450 °F, which is the highest available number in the market, and can tame even the unruliest strands. If you want a traditional spring iron for extra precision but still would like beach waves rather than tight curls, this tool is perfect for you. Its material is also extraordinary, bringing together titanium and ceramic, hence providing the qualities of both; fast and long-lasting results with titanium and gentleness with ceramic. It has ionic technology and the results that it brings are as frizz-free as possible. For a normal-sized curling iron, we have to say that its barrel is quite short, which is not the best for very long strands. Its cool tip is also almost non-existent and not easy to hold. But other than that, it has a very elegant design. It has a unique feature called turbo heat button, which brings the maximum heat as fast as possible for the ones who prioritise speed. It’s a very affordable tool considering Babyliss is a luxury brand with great material quality.

Whether you’re seeking the best curling irons for fine hair or best curling iron for beach waves, rest assured, Babylisspro Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron has you covered.

Below we share our experiences with “Babylisspro Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron.”.

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Coming as the most commonly found shape in the market, this tool is a traditional spring iron which has a holding clamp. The clamp closes automatically and opens manually. Its barrel is cylinder-shaped and provides the same-sized curls from the base till the tips of your strands. The curls that are created are more spiralled rather than s-shaped. The clamp is provided to hold the strands in place, attached to the barrel while styling your hair, and the results have more precision since all parts of the hair receives equal amount of heat. It’s considered the most beginner-friendly shape as you don’t have to hold your strands with your hands and risk your hands getting burnt. Spring irons are usually preferred for perfect-looking results and if you prefer a casual look, a wand-shaped tool may be a better option for you. Babylisspro Nano Titanium Curling Wand is a great alternative to this tool as it has very similar qualities but leaves out the clamp for more natural-looking results.


When it comes to versatility, this tool is a winner. It has three different barrel width options to choose from; 0.75”, 1”, and 1.25”. It’s worth explaining them separately as they all offer different qualities.

The 0.75” one is for creating tighter curls. Since the barrel is slim, the curls will also be smaller, and is perfect for creating retro curls. It provides a bit of volume but not too much. It can be used on fine and thick strands as it actually is a quite versatile size. It’s best for shoulder-length and shorter strands.

The 1” size is the most commonly found size in the market and all curling irons offer this option for a reason. If you’re confused about which size to choose, this is the safest option for you as it can create a large variety of hairstyles and it appeals to almost all hair lengths and types. It can create more defined curls as well as looser beach waves.

1.25” is above the average size, yet still quite versatile. It does a better job with shoulder-length and longer hair and it may be a bit too large for short strands. It has a wide range of hair styles that it can achieve, yet its specialty is beach waves. Also, if you’re looking for voluminous results, this is the right size for you.

While the width of its barrel varies, the length remains the same. It has a barrel length shorter than average with 5”, and is quite easy to maneuver and handle. But if you have extra-long strands and want to style it as fast as possible, you may want to opt for a longer barrel that can cover a larger area at one go. Check out Babyliss Nano Titanium Extended Barrel Curling Iron that provides great results on very long strands.

Heat and Variable Settings

We have to point out that this tool comes with the highest number of variable heat settings, 50 to be exact. Being another aspect that adds versatility to this tool, it allows you to find the perfect temperature for your strands. Its highest temperature is 450 °F, which is the highest number that we’ve seen so far. This number will tame even the most stubborn strands and provide the results that you’re aiming for. For the finer hair types, the minimum heat setting is 250 °F, which frankly could be a bit less. If you have very fragile and thin strands that needs the softest temperatures, Bioionic Goldpro Curling Iron offers a minimum heat setting of 170 °F and provides the gentlest styling experience.

Material and Performance

It’s rare that a curling Iron offers a titanium material that is coated with ceramic. While these two materials are very different from each other, this tool allows both of their qualities at once. Titanium is known to provide a stronger experience as it can heat up faster and to higher temperatures. It’s usually preferred by professionals that know what they’re doing with their tool and would like to use it for longer periods of time. But it’s not the most beginner-friendly material in the market as it’s harder to handle and more prone to cause heat damage, providing less room for mistakes. This is where this tool’s uniqueness comes in. Because it also is coated with ceramic, it also offers a gentler session. Ceramic brings in the quality of slower and more even heating to the picture and softens the power of titanium. Long story short, this tool is very fast and effective yet is also beginner-friendly with its softer touch.

It has the material quality of a luxury brand and you can always rely on Babyliss with durability. It’s very sturdy to hold and will last you for many years to come if you take care of it. Its price vs performance is very high as it’s a very affordable tool.


The most outstanding feature of this tool is its turbo-heating system. This technology is there to boost the heat instantaneously for the ones that doesn’t want to wait at all for their tool to heat up. We can confidently say that it really works and it provides very fast heating. This feature is also great to recover heat between passes.

It comes with ionic technology which is a feature to provide frizz-free results. It does it by sealing the hair cuticle and instantly drying the hair while it’s in its most frizzles form. In our opinion, it’s one of the most important qualities in a hair tool and very useful if you have frizz issues.

It doesn’t come with any accessories, such as heat-protectant gloves, which is a downside since its cool tip is very small and difficult to hold. It can easily burn your hands if you want to use this part of your tool to manoeuvre while styling.

One feature is very handy to have and is missing in this tool is auto shut-off technology. This is made to provide extra safety against fire as hot hair tools can be quite hazardous. But since Babyliss appeals often to professionals that would rather have their tool remain hot for longer periods of time, it can be beneficial. If you want to have ease of mind and don’t want to worry if you left your tool on, maybe another brand such as GHD Curve Classic Curl Curling Iron would be a more satisfying option that offers this feature.

It comes with dual voltage to make sure you can use this tool anywhere in the world.


We were surprised to see how heavy this tool is since its advertised as a lightweight product. It has an above-average weight with 9.8oz and can be considered to be bulky and hard to handle. This is something to think about if you use your tool for longer periods and would rather avoid arm fatigue. It may not seem important but this is a very common problem amongst hair tools. This also makes it less compact and not really the most travel-friendly on our list.

Its handle is pretty slim with only 1”; less than average. This is great if you have small hands.

It doesn’t come with digital temperature control nor display. It also doesn’t have and sound or light indicators. These features can be very useful and important for beginners, but not so significant for experienced users and professionals.

It comes with an integrated counter rest to provide extra safety to make sure your hot tool doesn’t touch the counter.

It has an average-sized swivel cord of 8ft. What’s unique about it is that it actually is wrapped with fabric which reminded us of a shoe lace, to make sure that it doesn’t get twisted and tangled up.

Price & Warranty

It’s a very affordable tool considering Babyliss is a luxury brand. After testing this product over and over again, we can say that it offers great value for money. $60 is an extremely fair price for the quality that this tool offers. But there still are more luxurious curling irons which are very ergonomically designed as this tool lacks a bit on that department with its small cool touch finger grip. Drybar The Wrap Party is a very ergonomic option to consider with a very comfortable cool tip and perfect material durability, and with a feeling of comfort when you hold.

It comes with a 2-year warranty which is the usual number in the market.


If you’re willing to invest a bit more in a curling iron, Ghd Classic Curl is a fantastic choice for medium thickness hair. It’s gentle yet highly effective, providing excellent results without causing damage. The superior material quality ensures durability and optimal performance, making it worth the extra cost for those seeking a reliable styling tool.

For Babyliss fans, another great alternative, if you are looking for a gentler tool is Babylisspro Porcelain Ceramic Spring Curling Iron. With its Porcelain Ceramic barrel, 0.75″ longer barrel length, it provides a better session for longer lengths.

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