Ezgi Gelirli

Founder and Senior Review Editor

Ezgi is the founder of Beautilab and her passion really represents itself in this platform. Like most women in the world, she also is a victim of bad choice in hair tools and experienced the loss of money and time, even hair health on the wrong decision. In the search of the right way to solve this problem and help people all over the world, she decided to create a website with full integrity in terms of sharing genuine information. She’s not only curious about hair styling, but what’s even more special about her is the fact that she’s a mathematician. Once she committed to this work, she quickly realised that there are many websites that guides people in the topic but they all fail when it comes to technical analysis.  She looks at the success of hair styling from a different perspective and has a uniquely analytical approach to perfection. She is responsible in testing each hair tool to its technical core to be able to understand its capacity. She believes that analysing the data of these tools correctly can bring the solution for precise needs. But her role in testing the products is not limited to being theoretical. Her skills allow her to evaluate the effectiveness in a healthy way, as well as figuring out the best insights for each hair type and styling need. She does her work with lots of love and commitment to truth. 

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