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Voloom 2.0 Hair Volumizing Iron: Performance Review

Our take on Voloom 2.0, a unique styler created for volumizing the hair with its patented plates

Voloom Petite Hair Volumizing Iron Review featured

Voloom 2.0 Hair Volumizing Iron

Price: $140
Available Sizes: 0.75”, 1”, 1.5”
For Which Hair Type: Fine To Normal Hair, All Hair Lengths
What We Like: Great Volumizer
What We Don’t Like: May Leave Visible Marks On Hair
Rating: 4.7/5.0

If you have fine hair, you know that volume is a real concern and if what you’re looking for is a flat iron that delivers the most voluminous results, this article is for you. Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron is a unique tool that has a patented checkerboard design rather than a flat surface. It looks similar to a hair crimper and it works by styling the underlayers of the hair. It’s meant to create volume pockets in the hair. Our test show that results are long-lasting, and you can actually go extra days without shampoos like they promise. It has ceramic material which makes this tool a gentle option and considering the fact that mostly home stylists with fine hair will need this tool, gentleness is necessary. Its temperature range is from 220°F to 395°F and while this is not a very large range, it’s perfectly enough for what this tool is trying to achieve. It costs $140 and in our opinion is value for money as there are not many tools that can achieve the voluminous results that Voloom brings. One downside of this process is that sometimes the marked layer can be visible and messes with the perfection of your hairstyle. Below we share our experiences with “Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron”.

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Table Of Contents

Shape And Size

Voloom Hair Volumizer is a tool specifically created for volumizing the hair. It doesn’t straighten or curl the strands but creates a structure on the underlayer of the hair to give it extra volume. This tool has a unique shape. It has patented checkerboard-shaped plates that allows you to create a crimp-like texture on the hair that is supposed to stay hidden and create the illusion of a very voluminous style.

It comes in 3 different sizes to make sure to appeal to all hair types and lengths. First one is called “Petite” and it has 1” plates. It’s perfect for medium-length hair as well as normal thickness. It’s the most versatile size that fits most users. If you have longer hair and your strands are more stubborn, “Classic” may be the one for you with its larger plates of 1.5”. If your hair is shorter than chin-length on the other hand, you may want to consider “Rootie”, which has a slimmer design and is 0.75”. If you’re too confused and can’t decide which size to choose, recommend going for “Petite” as it’s the most versatile one.

When we look at the length of its plates, we see that it’s much shorter than any other flat iron which is 2.8”, but this shouldn’t be a concern as the function of this tool is completely different from others. Size of the tool is 9.5” and is the shortest on our list which makes this tool compact and easy to travel with.

Heat And Variable Settings

Voloom has variable temperature settings that increases in 5F increments for the best precision. The minimum heat is 220°F and is gentle enough for all hair types. The maximum temperature on the other hand, is only 395°F may be too low to tame very thick and unruly hair. But considering this kind of volumizing is needed mostly by fine hair types, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Maximum heat of its handle is 84F and is completely okey to use, even for long periods. The cool tip gets hotter, 160°F to be exact. It may be too hot for some and should be used with caution. When we measure the back of its plates, we can see that it reaches up till 239°F and is way too hot to touch. Be very careful using this tool and make sure your hand doesn’t touch this part of the tool.

It doesn’t have an audible warning to indicate when it reaches the desired temperature. It has auto shut-off technology though, to make sure it switches off when it’s not used to eliminate fire risk.

Material And Performance

Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron has ceramic plates which is known to be the gentlest material for the strands. As a volumizer like this is needed mostly by fine hair types, a ceramic tool is the perfect option for this tool.
Voloom is a luxury product and is very sturdy to hold. Its material is durable and this tool will last you for many years. We know that it’s not the most affordable hair tool in the market but it’s worth its price with its high-quality material and effective results.

While we generally appreciate the performance of Voloom, there is one issue that needs some improvement. Their process is quite unique and this tool volumizes your hair by working on the underlayer of the hair. It clamps the strands right beneath the top layer, which is supposed to be hidden and give volume to the whole hair. But sometimes, the texture underneath is visible from the outside and can create undesired results. So, coming too close to the top layer of the hair while clamping should be avoided to eliminate this problem. It takes some trial and error to achieve the perfect look.


Voloom is a lightweight tool with only 9oz. It’s below average compared to most styling irons in the market but there are even lighter ones such as Bio Ionic GoldPro Flat Iron with only 7.5oz. Its lightweight design combined with how short it is, makes this product compact and travel-friendly. It also eliminates arm fatigue while using for longer periods.

Diameter of its handle is 4.5” and it has the average size which most hair styling tools offer.

It has an 8ft swivel cord. This length is an average number and satisfies the basic needs but if your plug is far from your mirror, it may not be long enough. There are tools in the market with a much longer cord such as FHI Platform Signature Pro Styler with 12ft.

It comes with led display and digital temperature control that makes this tool easy to use.

It comes with a sectioning brush, 3 grip clips, and a travel pouch. These are all very useful since you have to follow an unusual process with this tool and its helpful to have little helpers during your session.

Price And Guarantee

Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron costs $140 and is not the most affordable hair tool in the market. But considering its uniqueness and the extraordinary results that it achieves; we can say it’s value for money. If you struggle with lack of volume in your hair, you can’t find many other products as effective as Voloom. It’s a luxury product with high-quality material which is also the reason why it’s not cheap. They actually offer a full refund; if you’re not satisfied with the product, you can return it with no explanation within 30 days.


This tool is created specifically to create volume on the hair and won’t work if you want to straighten or curl your strands. If creating curls is what you’re aiming for, other tools like Bio Ionic 10X Styling Iron is a great alternative with its rounded surface. It also has ceramic plates for a gentle styling experience and creates extraordinary beach waves.

Another unique tool that is straightener and curler at the same time is Chi 3 in 1 hairstyling iron. It has a flat plate on one side and a rounded barrel on the other. The tool has customized settings to activate the side you want to use or both. This is also a special product that is very different than the usual flat irons that you find in the market and delivers the best curls that a styling iron can offer.

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