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Hot Tools Professional Black Gold Review – Ionic Flat Iron


HOT-TOOLS-Professional-Black-Gold-Micro-Shine-Flat-Iron-2The best hair styling tools are those that are versatile. Our ideal hairstyling tool is the one that can create multiple hairstyles with perfection and care. Investing in such appliances is a smart thing to do because they’re a budget-friendly choice. If you have a tool that can both curl and straighten your hair, you can also keep your travel luggage light.
The HOT TOOLS Professional Black Gold Micro-Shine Flat Iron is an all-in-one device for different hair styling purposes. This flat iron from HOT TOOLS can help you create every hairstyle you want without having to use several other hairstyling devices!
Here are some benefits of using this flat iron.

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  • Travel-friendly

    This flat iron will be your perfect travel partner. It is lightweight and compact, so you can easily fit it in tight spaces in your travel bag. It operates on dual voltage, so you can use it on international tours and quickly style your hair on the go. With this tool, you can forget about needing to carry other hair styling tools. Just this one will be enough to cater to all your needs!

  • Flawless Hairstyles

    The primary reason we recommend this flat iron is its ability to create different hairstyles. On an ordinary day, you can use this device to straighten your hair for silky-smooth results. On the other hand, this product can also help you create shiny and gorgeous curls for formal evenings.

  • Smart Design

    This tool has been designed to ensure smooth and quick hairstyling. The patented curved edges and floating plates of this flat iron make hair curling effortless and snag-free. The sleek body of this flat iron makes it easy to handle and a 9 ft. long 360° swivel cord enables you to style your hair without any hassle.
    It’s also a timesaving device for professionals as they won’t have to switch between different products while creating elaborate hairstyles. It’s black and gold exterior makes this device a stylish product that you’ll love to show off!

  • Temperature Control

    This product has a pretty competent and secure temperature control. It can heat up to 450°F, which is ideal for styling stubborn and thick hair. You can use the rotating dial and LED display to select one of the 27 different temperature settings on this device. Its 1” wide smooth plates spread out heat evenly onto every section of your hair. This results in beautiful and balanced hairstyles.

  • Micro-Shine Technology

    Another plus point about this flat iron is its ion generation technology. Not only does this device help you create gorgeous hairstyles, but it also ensures that your locks look shiny and healthy throughout the day!

  • Automatic Shut-Off

    This flat iron has an auto shut-off time of two hours. This feature helps save electricity and avoid overheating or electrical damage. If you ever leave the product on accidentally, you can rest assured that nothing will catch fire.

Check The Price on Amazon!


  • Expensive

    A downside to this tool is that it has an expensive price tag. Both newbies and professionals may find it difficult to invest in this product. However, this product is worth the investment. If you purchase different products for straightening and styling, you may strain your budget even more. This HOT TOOLS product can meet all of your hairstyling requirements at a comparatively lower price than two separate tools.

  • Absence of Drying Vent

    A drying vent absorbs moisture from your hair and reuses it in the form of steam to protect your hair’s texture. Sadly, this flat iron doesn’t come with a drying vent. So, to prevent your hair from any heat damage, we strongly recommend that you apply a hair protectant spray before using the flat iron.


Overall, the HOT TOOLS Professional Black Gold Micro-Shine Flat Iron is a reliable purchase. It won’t disappoint you in terms of its performance, and it will give you a variety of hairstyling options. The micro-shine particles also make sure that your hairstyle looks presentable all day long. Travel-friendliness is another reason this device can be your first choice. In a nutshell, this flat iron is a secure and beneficial investment for both beginners and professionals!

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