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Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Gold Curlbar Review

A deep look at this innovative tool that provides salon quality results and prioritises speed

Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Gold CURLBAR Review Featured

Model name/ number: HTCURL1181 (1″), HTCURL1110 (1 1/4″)
Price: $99
Shape: curl bar with straight barrel wand
Available sizes: 1”, 1.25”
Best for: medium to thick strands, all hair lengths
What we like: innovative design, very fast styling
What we don’t like: takes some time to get used to, gets too hot for fine hair, expensive
How it stands out: a curler with a 90-degree angle, providing ease of use as well as very high levels of heat for speedy results
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Hot tools look at hair curling from a different angle this time, literally. This tool offers one of the most unique designs when it comes to hair curlers and we really dig it. Instead of coming with a straight design, it has a 90-degree angle. After testing this tool for some time, we can confidently say that it does provide an extra level of ease while styling. It’s less straining while holding the tool, and helps a lot with arm fatigue. It also is a very lightweight tool. And putting these two qualities together, it’s one of the most comfortable tools. It does take some getting used to though, especially if you’re used to the usual curling iron shape. It’s still a straight barrel wand and provides causal looking and voluminous waves, instead of perfect looking ringlets. Another important aspect of this tool is the fact that it gets really hot. 450 °F is one of the highest numbers in the market and this tool tames your strands extremely fast. If speed is your priority, this tool is a no-brainer. But if you have fine hair that needs gentleness, we recommend you to avoid this tool, as its minimum heat setting (310 °F) is way too high to be safe. The 24k Gold material also helps a lot with speed as it distributes the heat evenly and avoids hot and cold pockets. So, it helps you style your hair in much less passes and provides long-lasting results. As much as we like what this tool provides, we do think that it’s a bit overpriced for what it is. We’re big fans of its speed and performance, but it still lacks the material quality of a luxury tool. It does come with a 7-year warranty which helps, but it’s not as durable as some of its competitors with the same price range.

Whether you’re seeking the best curling iron for thick hair or best curling iron for beach waves, rest assured, Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Gold Curlbar has you covered.

Below we share our experiences with “Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Gold Curlbar”.

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This is a tool with a very different approach to hair styling and it’s the only curling iron on our list with a 90-degree angle instead of a classic straight barrel. It certainly is an intriguing quality and we just had to test it. And we’re pleased with the result. This shape allows you to hold your tool in a different position that puts less strain in your arms which helps with easier styling without arm fatigue. If you’re already a home stylist and used to the usual curling iron shape, it probably will take some getting used to. But we think it’s a beginner-friendly tool.

This is a straight barrel wand. Like any usual wand, it leaves out the clamp on purpose and you will have to hold the tips of your strands while styling. The results that it creates are s-shaped and voluminous. It gives a rather casual look with an undone finish. But if you’re after perfect looking spirals, a spring iron may be a better option.


It comes with two different sizes which are 1” and 1.25”. They’re both considered very versatile and both would fit almost all hair lengths. The larger size gets hotter than the 1” with its larger surface. The 1” one creates medium sized curls which are a bit on the tighter size, and the results come out more voluminous if you have armpit length or shorter hair. The 1.25” one, on the other hand, creates looser waves and you will achieve that bed heady look that looks very casual. It creates great volume if your strands are on the longer side. But you can still use it on shorter strands, especially if they’re thick and you need a tool that heats up as much as possible.

This tool’s barrel length is 5” and is below average. Shorter barrels are much easier to handle and manoeuvre than the long ones, but their session also takes longer on long strands as you can cover less of it at one pass.

Heat and Variable Settings

Heat settings of this tool is something to take into consideration. It’s a curling iron that can get really hot with its maximum heat setting of 450 °F. This is the highest number that we’ve ever come across in the market and it certainly can tame even the thickest and the unruliest strands. But its minimum temperature is way too hot for fine hair. Damaged or thin strands need temperatures as low as 250 °F and we don’t think this tool is safe enough from heat damage if this is your case. But it’s a perfect tool for thick and curly strands and it won’t disappoint you with its speed and efficiency.

Material and Performance

24K Gold is the material of choice of Curlbar. Gold’s most important quality is its even heat distribution and this tool provides quality results in fewer passes than usual. It does that by eliminating hot and cold pockets that are usually formed in other barrel materials. If speed is your priority, this tool is definitely worth considering. Gold can also heat up to very high temperatures, and while it’s not necessarily the gentlest material, it protects your strands as fewer passes means less applied heat.

This tool is a relatively high-quality tool with a high-quality price and its material is quite durable. It’s sturdy enough to hold, but what’s most impressive is its speed and performance levels. It’s a curling iron that really delivers its promise with very long lasting results and we think its price vs performance is very high.


The most outstanding feature of this tool is its built in timer that vibrates while you’re styling your strands. This way you can make sure that you spend equal amount of time in every part which helps with the quality of your session.

Another feature that it offers is pulse technology. Hot Tools likes this one as it helps the tool heat up very quickly, as well as recovering its heat fast. We’re not joking when we say this tool is fast.

It comes with a 60-minute auto shut off which is the usual number in the market. It makes sure that you don’t forget your tool on while not using as these tools can be fire hazards.

It doesn’t come with ionic technology which is always a disappointment for the ones that want to eliminate frizz from their strands.

It comes with a heat protectant glove to wear on your hand which will hold the strands in place while styling. This is a very useful accessory especially for wand shaped tools.


Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Gold Curlbar is a lightweight tool and is very easy to handle, which is the whole idea behind the 90-degree angle. This tool is a breath of fresh air for the ones that suffer from arm fatigue not only in term of arm positioning, but also weight.

One thing that caught our attention about this tool is its lack of integrated counter rest. This tool doesn’t sit on the surface like normal curlers do, instead it gets attached to the side of your counter without touching the surface naturally. As much as we appreciate its innovative nature, we prefer our tool to be able to rest comfortably on our counter.

It has an average sized handle with 1.07” and would fit all hands comfortably. It also comes with an extra-long cool tip that helps with handling your tool.

When comes to control buttons, it doesn’t have digital display, but has a dial to adjust the temperature. It has a light indicator to let you know when the tool is switched on and its temperature control is precise.

It comes with a 9ft cord which is the longest sized cord in the market. This is no surprise as it’s usually preferred by professionals and very useful if your mirror is not next to your plug.

Price & Warranty

As of price, it’s above the average and you can find much cheaper tools if you prefer to stay on a budget. With $99, it’s an investment but what you’re getting is a very powerful tool with a very unique design. We can understand the concerns about its material quality as it’s not extra ordinary. But it’s durable enough and comes with a 7 year warranty which is extraordinarily comfortable. It’s something in between a luxury and a budget tool and what it offers is also reflecting this.


If you’re a fan of Hot Tools’ innovative wand designs, we also suggest checking out the Hot Tools Pro 2-in-1 Curling Wand. It offers two different-sized wands in one.

And if you’re in the market for a compact curling wand, we highly recommend considering the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Compact Curling Wand. The compact design makes it perfect for travel or on-the-go styling, fitting easily into your bag or suitcase.

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