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Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron Review

Conair’s Double Ceramic Curling Iron protects fine strands from heat damage while appealing to wallets with its affordable price

Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron Review Featured

Model name/number: CD701GN
Price: $23
Shape: traditional spring iron
Available sizes: 0.75”, 1”, 1.25”, 1.5”
Best for: fine to normal hair, all hair lengths
What we like: affordable, lightweight
What we dont like: some design issues such as badly placed buttons
How it stands out: provides extra gentle results for fine strands with double ceramic material and low minimum heat setting
Rating: 4.3/5.0

Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron is one of our favorite curling irons for fine strands this year, and for good reason. Ceramic is the gentlest material in the market, and when it comes to protecting fine strands, the one to seek out. We’re impressed by how smoothly it styles the strands, without heating up too much. It also has a minimum heat setting of 245 °F, which is perfect for fragile strands. Its maximum temperature of 375 °F, on the other hand, is a little too low, in case you have thick hair that needs high heat to tame. It’s a traditional spring iron, meaning that it has a holding clamp. It creates spirally locks that appeals to the ones who are looking for perfect looking results, rather than a casual look. This curling iron comes with many different size options. So, one will fit your needs, no matter how long your strands are and what kind of curls you’re looking for. It’s one of the cheapest curling irons on our list with $23, with obviously means that material quality is not its strong suit. It also has some design issues such as its buttons being placed poorly, which may cause fingers to turn it off accidentally. But it has an elegant design and its quite sturdy to hold.

If you’re seeking the best curling iron for fine hair, rest assured, the Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron has you covered.

Below we share our experiences with “Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron”.

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As a traditional spring iron, Conair Double Ceramic has the most commonly found shape in the market. It comes with a holding clamp that keeps the strands attached to the heated barrel, so the tips get exposed to equal amount of heat as the base of the strands. This results in spiral shaped curls, as well as a fine finish. We recommend this shape to the ones who are looking for a perfect look. It’s one of the most beginner friendly shapes available and very convenient to use. But if you’re looking for a more natural looking style which is undone, a wand may be a better option to consider. There are many wand shaped tools in the market, even offered by Conair with very similar features.


When it comes to size, this tool has a very generous range of different options. In terms of barrel width, there is a right size for every hair length and styling need.

The 0.75” is the smallest option and it appeals to shorter strands. It provides relatively medium sized locks and is quite versatile. If your strands are shorter than your shoulder line, this probably is the right size for you. But even if you have longer hair, if you’re looking for tighter locks, this is still a legit option to consider.

The 1” one is the most commonly found size in the market and it basically fits to all hair lengths. It also provides the largest range of styles. So, if you can’t be sure which one to choose and want to be on the safe size, this may be the best choice.

The 1.25” one is still considered to be versatile, but it provides larger locks and is perfect if your strands are armpit length or longer.

The 1.5” one is an obvious option for long strands, mid-back or longer, to be exact. The curls that it creates are very large and voluminous, which is perfect for long hair.

This tool has a barrel length of 4.75”. This number is way belove the average of 5.4” on our list, which has its consequences. First of all, it’s a compact tool and is travel friendly, fitting in your suitcase comfortable. Secondly, while being easy to handle and manoeuvre, it may not be the best for very long strands, as it will cover less area at one go. So, it’s not the fastest option.

Heat and Variable Settings

We’re genuinely impressed by how many heat settings this tool offers, considering its very affordable price. It comes with 30 different temperature options to choose from, which is great if you’re a beginner and want to explore which setting is best for your hair. Its minimum temperature is 245 °F, a number low enough to gently style even the thinnest strands. This quality is one of the biggest reasons why this tool is one of our favorites for fine hair since heat damage is a common problem. When can’t express the same satisfaction towards its maximum temperature of 375 °F though. It will do a decent job if you have normal hair. But if it’s thick and curly, it may not be hot enough to tame your strands. In this case, we recommend to opt for a curling iron with at least 400 °F maximum heat setting.

Material and Performance

Double Ceramic is an extraordinary material of choice, since most tools offer simply ceramic barrels. It means that it has a higher ceramic content which amplifies its benefits. Ceramic is a slow heater and it’s known for its gentleness, which is another reason why we love this tool for fine strands. It provides even heat distribution and is the safest option against heat damage. It also is the most beginner friendly material in the market as it leaves more room for mistakes. That said, it’s not the fastest material that you find. If speed is a priority for you, a titanium barrel may be a better option to consider, as long as you don’t mind high heat.

This is a budget tool and its material is not the most durable. But as one of the cheapest curling irons on our list, it definitely is sturdy enough to hold and is a great option, especially for fine hair.


The most outstanding feature that this tool offers is “Bonus Heat Shield”. This basically is an accessory that it comes with. It’s a heat protectant case that you can just slide over your iron immediately after use which helps you store the tool even when it’s still warm. This is a great convenience, especially if you’re in gym using your tool and you don’t want to wait till it cools down.

It also comes with auto shut-off that automatically turns the tool off after 60 minutes of use. This puts minds at ease and makes sure that you don’t forget your tool on, which can cause fire.

It doesn’t come with ionic technology, which is disappointing. This feature eliminates frizz from the strands and we recommend opting for a tool that offers this technology, in case you have frizzy strands.

It has dual voltage which means that you can use your tool anywhere in the world, a feature that can be important if you’re a frequent traveller.


Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron is a lightweight tool with only 7.2oz. This is a quality which we value in hair tool as it can be very frustrating to hold them for longer periods. So, this tool probably won’t cause you any arm fatigue. It also means that, combined with its dual voltage and short barrel, this tool is very compact and perfect for travelling.

Its handle is 1”, which is the average number in the market. It most likely will feel very comfortable in your hands, even if they’re very small.

It doesn’t have a digital display but it comes with digital temperature control. This usually is a great quality, especially for beginners. But it actually has some design issues. According to some users, the buttons are placed poorly and it’s too easy to accidentally hit and turn off the tool. The digital control is also not very simple to read and it’s not very easy to tell which temperature the tool is on.

Its cord is swivel which makes it easy to manoeuvre. But it’s very short with only 5 ft. This can be very annoying if your plug is not right next to your mirror.

It comes with a decent sized cool touch finger grip, which makes it easier to handle. It also has an integrated counter rest to prevent the hot tool from touching the surfaces. All things considered; this tool is a very beginner friendly product.

Price & Warranty

Being one of the cheapest curling irons on our list, this tool sacrifices on material quality. It definitely is not the most durable tool in the market and it doesn’t feel as luxurious as its more expensive alternatives. But it is very sturdy to hold and comes with an elegant white design that compensates these facts. Overall, we can say that this tool has great value.

The warranty that it offers is 2 years which the standard number that’s found in the market. This would usually satisfy us but since this tool is not the most long lasting one, a longer warranty would have been more reassuring.


While Conair Double Ceramic is perfect for fine hair, we can’t say the same thing about unruly strands. If your hair needs high levels of heat to be tamed, Infinitipro Roes Gold Titanium Curling Iron is a great option to consider. It’s even a more appealing alternative if you’re looking for a similar price, with only $31. Its titanium barrel provides stronger and faster heat and its 400 °F maximum heat setting makes it easy and smooth to style thick hair.

Another budget alternative comes from Conair, if you have damage-free, thick strands and want to have longer-lasting curls. Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron‘s barrel combines 3 metals and provides heat faster and more efficiently.

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