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Drybar The Double Shot Vs Revlon One-Step Volumizer Plus

An in-depth comparison between the two most popular hot air brushes in the market

Drybar The Double Shot Vs Revlon One-Step Volumizer Plus

Drybar The Double Shot Vs Revlon One-Step Volumizer Plus

Drybar Double Shot is our favorite hot air brush this year and Revlon is a close second.

While Drybar is a luxury tool that satisfies us on every level, it comes with a cost of $150, and it’s a big investment. We know that not all of our readers are up for spending that much on a hair tool.

Revlon offers a much more budget-friendly option with great efficiency, and they recently released their second-generation hot air brush Revlon One Step Plus Volumizer. It has the same shape and size as Drybar Double Shot yet it’s much more affordable.

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We just had to compare the two. Below, we share our experiences with “Drybar Double Shot and Revlon One Step Plus Volumizer”.


The Double Shot:

Model name/ number: 900-2225-4
Price: $150
Min. / max. heat: 125°F / 150°F
Hair type/ texture: medium to long hair, all hair types
Pros: durable and sturdy material, straightens hair as you brush it out, gentle low-heat setting
Cons: overpriced, not detachable
How it stands out: It creates serious volume and ensures great grip for taming stubborn hair with its dense bristles. It is better for smoothing and stretching curly or long hair.

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Revlon One-Step Volumizer PLUS:

Model name/ number: RVDR5298N/ULT
Price: $70
Min. / max. heat: 140°F / 150°F / 170°F
Best for: medium to long hair, medium to thick hair texture
Pros: affordable, 4 heat settings, detachable design, will not snag or pull hair
Cons: does not provide a strong grip and tension to stretch the hair for a smooth finish, not sturdy or durable, gives off a smell of burnt plastic
How it stands out: reasonably priced and offers good value for money. It is a better detangler for fine or thinning hair.

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Table of Contents

Keynotes On Their Differences:

Barrel Size And Shape

Choosing the right-shaped and sized barrel is crucial before deciding on the perfect hot air brush.

Revlon and Drybar have the same shape and size when it comes to their barrels. They’re both oval-shaped and 2.4” sized barrels. Oval shape makes them superior at boosting volume but also makes it more difficult to create curls. They are gentler tools than round brushes since they create less tension in the hair.

The 2.4” barrel is quite a large size and it can cover a big area at one go, making it faster and more efficient, especially for longer hair. It also creates less risk of hair damage since there will be less need to pass through your hair over and over again.

If you have short hair though, this size is not the best. It doesn’t do a great job coming close to the roots and it doesn’t have a strong grip. Fortunately, Drybar offers smaller-sized barrels for short hair. Drybar The Half Shot is a perfect hot air brush with its 1.5″ barrel even for the shortest hairstyles.

Revlon, on the other hand, doesn’t offer any slimmer barrels. As a matter of fact, this is the second generation of Revlon One-Step Volumizer which has a 2.8″ barrel.

Detachable Design And Attachment Options

It’s very important to mention that Revlon has a detachable head and Drybar doesn’t.

This is one of the biggest positive aspects of Revlon, making the tool much more compact and travel-friendly. After Revlon One-Step Volumizer which didn’t have a detachable design, it’s a great upgrade to offer this feature.

Users have been waiting for Revlon to come up with extra attachment options but they haven’t come up with any yet.

Drybar, on the other hand, doesn’t have a detachable design. This is definitely a downside, it also makes this tool sturdier. Drybar anyways is a durable tool that has very high-quality material, and the non-detachable design certainly makes it even stronger.


The most significant differences between Drybar’s The Double Shot and Revlon’s One-Step are the quality and quantity of the bristles. And they make a big difference in the tools’ detangling and styling capacities.

Drybar has the thickest and firmest bristles on our list, and Revlon has the softest ones. Drybar also has longer and denser bristles compared to Revlon.

Firm and dense bristles are very efficient at providing great grip and styling even the thickest hair perfectly. On the other hand, softer bristles are great detanglers for fine or fragile hair since they don’t get stuck and break the strands.

So, we can say that Revlon is superior at detangling fine hair, and Drybar has a stronger grip for more efficient styling on medium to thick hair.


– Heat Settings

The right level of temperature is very important since it can be the reason why your hair is so smooth and frizz-free, but it can also be the reason why it’s damaged. You have to find the temperature that is just right for your precious strands.

While thick and unruly hair can handle high temperatures and actually needs it, fine hair needs gentle smoothening.

First of all, Revlon has four heat settings (high, medium, low, and cool), while Drybar has three (high, low, and cool).

The maximum temperature of the Drybar is 150°F, it’s a quite gentle tool, even on the high setting. and on the low setting, it’s as low as 125°F, which is gentle enough for even the most fragile strands.

Revlon Plus is 170°F on high setting (which is an effective yet not extreme temperature) and 150°F on medium setting (as high as the high setting of Drybar). Revlon, even on its low setting, is 140°F, which is a quite high number.

As we can see clearly, Drybar has a much gentler temperature range than Revlon. For fine strands, Drybar will be a safer option, but Revlon can tame unruly hair quicker with its high heat capacity.

– Handle Temperature

Their handle temperatures are similar with 86°F for Drybar and 88°F for Revlon, both average and safe for hands to use.

– Cool Tip Temperature

When we look at their cool tip temperatures, Drybar stay safe and low with 97°F but Revlon gets hot with as high as 123°F, which can get uncomfortable to touch for long periods of time.

Performance And Durability

There’s a quite large difference between the quality of their materials.

Drybar is a very strong tool with a wattage of 1170W, which is the highest number on our list. Revlon on the other hand, is 1100W and it’s on the average side.

Drybar is a luxury product with very high quality and long-lasting material. It’s very sturdy and it will last you for many years. It just feels good when you hold it. But these qualities also reflect on its price. With $150, it’s an investment that not everyone is ready to make on a hair tool.

Revlon ($70) on the other hand, is very affordable, almost 1/3 of the price of Drybar. It’s not the most durable hot air brush, and some users complain about its sturdiness. Its detachable design also makes it less sturdy. It also gives off a smell of burnt plastic during the first few uses. But it’s a great value-for-money product with its budget-friendly price and still a very effective styler.


– Weight:

The design of the tool also affects your styling experience immensely. A well-designed hot air brush should be lightweight, and its handle should be slim and comfortable to hold.

When we look at the weights of these two tools, we notice that they’re both quite lightweight. While Drybar is 15 oz, Revlon is even less with only 14.8 oz.

These numbers are both below average and provide a comfortable session without arm fatigue.

– Handle Size:

They both have slim handles. Revlon’s handle is 4.8” wide and Drybar is slightly larger with 5”.

Revlon is easier to hold than Drybar. This may be important for our users with small hands.

– Length:

– Noise Level:

Hot air brushes can get really loud and frustrating for the one’s with sensitive ears.

Drybar’s noise level is 91 dBA, which is below average. Revlon on the other hand, goes u to 94 dBA, which is one of the highest numbers on our list. This is something to consider if there’s a family member sleeping next door.

Drybar is a quieter tool than Revlon.

– Cord:

They both have swivel cords but Drybar has a much longer cord with 8.7 ft (This is the longest size available in the market) and Revlon is only 5.7 ft. A long cord can be a lifesaver if you don’t have a plug right next to your mirror.

Price And Guarantee

The price aspect is the most important difference between Drybar and Revlon.

Drybar is a luxury tool and it has a luxury price tag. With a cost of $150, this tool is not for every budget. It does justify its price with its high-quality material, elegant design, and effective and damage-free styling.

But there are many others in the market with a much more affordable price such as Revlon. The upgraded version costs only $70 and it also provides very effective results. It’s true that the material less sturdy and durable and it’s less safe than Drybar for your strands. But it’s a perfect option for the ones that are looking for a budget-friendly alternative.

While Drybar has only 2-year guarantee, Revlon offers a good 4-year, which is ambitious and a big plus.

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