Different Types of Hair Straighteners

When it comes to straightening your hair, you've got two main options: flat irons and straightening brushes.

Flat irons: If you have thick and very curly hair, a flat iron is a better choice as it can heat up to higher temperatures. It can also give you longer-lasting styling results and plenty of styling options like straight, curly, or wavy.

  • Ceramic - If you have dry, thin, or damaged hair and need extra protection, this is the ideal choice.
  • Tourmaline - If you plan to use the device daily and have normal to coarse, frizzy hair, this is the perfect choice for you!
  • Titanium - If you have medium to coarse, stubborn hair that isn't damaged, you'll love this option.

Straightening Brushes:
Straightening brushes are perfect for daily use, especially for those with fine to medium hair looking to add volume. They're simple to use and quicker than traditional flat irons, providing a convenient way to straighten hair.