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Wazor Pro Review – Lightweight Smart Voltage Hair Dryer


MHU Pro Dual Voltage Hair DryerWazor Pro Professional is a lightweight hair dryer that has many features beneficial to the user. With an 1875-watt power motor, Wazor is not only drying your hair, it moisturizes and eliminates frizz. Wazor has a salon-worthy DC motor which is the secret behind its quiet performance. Unlike other hair dryers with an AC motor, this is one that can be used without disturbing others and still powerful enough to dry your hair. The Wazor Pro Professional is a travel-ready hair dryer. It is lightweight with a folding handle to make it compact and easy to transport. It comes with a wrap cord that is simple to store away. Wazor hair dryer has two heat and speed settings with a cool shot button option.

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  • Quiet Performance

    Wazor Pro Professional is considered one of the quietest dryers. The Wazor Pro Professional Hair Dryer has a Salon DC motor. This motor is what helps this dryer operate quieter than the AC motor hair dryers. The Wazor is perfect for use at any time and you no longer have to worry about disturbing others with a noisy hair dryer. While it gives you a quiet performance, the Wazor Pro Professional is also giving quality results. It has negative ion charge which transforms drops of water into micro molecules that the hair absorbs. These micro molecules are what will give your hair a shiny and smooth finish.

  • Tourmaline Ceramic Technology

    Tourmaline ceramic technology protects your hair from heat damage as well as potential over-drying.
    With the Wazor Pro Professional being able to reach a high temperature, tourmaline ceramic provides the technology to ensure your hair maintains its moisture and shine. In addition to the tourmaline ceramic, the Wazor Pro Professional has natural ionic technology. These ions are a second contributor to smooth your hair. These ions also minimizes your frizz and any fly-away pieces.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Wazor Pro Professional is easy to maintain. The Wazor grid is designed to reduce hair and lint from being drawn into the dryer. Located in the back of the dryer, the Wazor grid filter makes it easy to maintain a clean hair dryer. Storing this hair dryer is easy as well due to the smart design. The cord is an easy to wrap salon power cord. The Wazor Pro Professional has a hanging loop located towards the bottom of the handle. You will be able to wrap the cord and then hang your hair dryer in a convenient, safe place.

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  • Button Placement

    The Wazor Pro Professional has a sleek, smooth look. This hair dryer comes with a few useful features, however the layout of the buttons could improve. The temperature control and the on/off buttons are located on the back of the handle. The sliding style button can accidentally turn to high or low or even shut the dryer off during mid-use. To prevent moving the button, you are awkwardly holding the hair dryer. The results that this hair dryer gives is above satisfactory, however, the placement of the buttons cause it to be difficult to use.

  • Nozzle Attachment

    While you can achieve great results using Wazor Pro Professional, it comes with a concentrator so it can focus the airwaves on smaller sections. Unfortunately, the attachment does not securely stay on the nozzle. For intense use, Wazor could improve the concentrator so that its attachment is sturdier. The functionality of the concentrator is compromised when it falls off frequently.

Wrap up

The WAZOR Pro Dual Voltage Hair Dryer is a lightweight, 1875 watt blow dryer that works quickly and efficiently. Wazor Pro Professional is easy to carry and travels well with its dual voltage ranging from 110 to 240 volts. The Wazor Pro Professional Hair Dryer has a quiet performance that allows you to use it and not disturb others. The tourmaline ceramic technology works in your hair’s favor by adding shine and moisture. Easily store the Wazor Pro Professional Hair Dryer with its convenient hook and salon wrap power cord. There are a few areas of improvement for the Wazor such as the placement of the buttons. The frustration with accidentally changing the temperature or shutting off the dryer is a drawback to many users. However, the Wazor hair dryer has benefits that outweigh its design flaws.

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