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VOLOOM Classic OIPW15 Review – Beveled Platforms


VOLOOM Classic 1 1:2 Inch Volumizing Falt IronLooking to add some thickness and volume to flat or limp hair can be a challenging task. Going to a hair professional frequently for blow-outs can become costly over time. Luckily, there are a few great straighteners to use to achieve volume in your fine hair and with a little time, achieving a salon-style look is possible.

The Voloom Classic hair iron is a lightweight iron that lifts your hair to achieve a fuller look. With a 1 ½ inch wide iron and weighing just a little over one pound, the Voloom Classic can be handled easily with one hand. The way the Voloom achieves such large volume is with its patented checkerboard design that creates volume pockets. These alternating platforms have a beveled edge that will gently bend the hair.


  • Patented Features

    The Voloom Classic is an iron that has altered the basic crimper features, giving you sexy, fuller hair and safely. The biggest selling point of the Voloom Classic is the alternating beveled platform. The Voloom creates volume pockets within the hair to achieve a thicker look and those with thin or limp hair can experience the difference immediately. What makes the Voloom stand out against other types of hair irons is that the beveled platform leaves the hair tangle-free. It can be considered a root booster due to the high level of volume that is achieved.

  • Ease of Use

    Going to the salon frequently for blowouts can get old quick. Achieving a full, sexy look with your hair may not come naturally and other products can take a lot of time until you get the hang of it. The Voloom Classic enables ease of use that will achieve a professional and desirable look. Best when used on freshly washed hair, using the clamps that are included with the hair iron. The benefit to the Voloom locks in volume for days, allowing you to make it to your next shampoo and not have to use every day.

  • Delivers on Performance

    The Voloom Classic works on different types of hair, from thinning hair to fine hair. Even for thicker hair that may need a little extra volume, the Voloom Classic can effectively achieve it. The secret to the Voloom is that it works in the bottom layers of the hair. The Voloom does not leave a clear pattern in your hair like the standard crimper. It is still recommended to not use on the top layer of your hair. Take one-inch size sections and starting at the root of the hair, clamp down and release and move down towards the end of your hair. The Voloom Classic does not need to have any products to help give your hair volume.

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  • Improve on Results

    Hair irons that claim to give you high volume require a certain type of plate and high temperature to achieve. Many crimping hair irons leave some sort of a mark on the hair. To achieve high volume quickly without any product, many irons have to alter the actual hair or crimp the hair to give it height. The Voloom Classic is no different in that regard. The positive aspect with the Voloom is the patented design of the plate is that the design is checkerboard to reduce the mark left on the hair. The checkerboard design will still leave a subtle mark on the hair. The way to work around this is to strategically use the Voloom under the top layer as to hide the design pattern that may occur.

  • Avoiding Damage

    When using any hair iron, the potential for heat damage is always a possibility. With such high temperatures, applying the iron on the hair too long can cause damage to any hair type. The positive with the Voloom Classic is that with its design and temperature settings, you can quickly clamp your hair without leaving it on the hair for an extended time which may cause damage. The locking mechanism helps to quickly achieve the high volume, also shortening the application time.

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Wrap Up

The Voloom is 13 inches long and comes with its sectioning brush and several large plastic clamps. Using on dry hair, take small sections, clamp and release the hair near the scalp. While the pros for the Voloom include patented features and high performance delivering desirable results, there are just a few cons that may occur if not used properly. Like any hair tool, there is the possibility to leave subtle marks on the hair. Overall, the Voloom Classic is a hair straightening iron that will achieve that full look every time.

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