Vidal Sasson VS433C Tangle-Free 2 -in -1 Hot Air Brush Review

Here is a very good hair styling and drying product from the reputable hair care company Vidal Sassoon. There are few company names that are stronger in the hair care industry than Vidal Sassoon so you know you can trust their products. If you are into tangle-free styling and drying when you need to get your hair done in a hurry, then this product may be just what you are looking for.

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Quick Overview of Vidal Sasson VS433C Hot Air Brush

Take a look at the good and bad features of this model hot air brush:


  • Two heat and two airflow settings
  • Handy tangle free hairbrush bristle design
  • 250 watts of drying power
  • Easy styling thanks to its 1” inch barrel design
  • More volume without the frustrating frizz


  • Can be a little tedious to use on very long hair because of its thin barrel brush size
  • Need to dry your hair to a light dampness in order for it to work best

Vidal Sasson VS433C Hot Air Brush’s Key Characteristics

One nice thing about this hot hair brush is all of the different choices it gives you. There are two-speed settings and two heat settings on it. That means you can customize this hot hair brush to your liking as you are drying and styling your hair.

It also has a soft bristle brush that does a nice job of catching your hair as you run the hot air brush through it but at the same time easily releases the hair when you turn it to a certain point. This makes it very easy to style your hair and leave it tangle and frizz free.

Although the air flow on this Vidal Sassoon product will not blow you away it still does a nice job of drying your hair as you style it. That means the secret to success with this model hot air brush is to get your hair dried enough so it’s only damp before you start using it.
It also comes with a cool tip to make styling your hair safe and easy. The cord on this model is 7 feet long so it gives you a lot of freedom of movement too when using it.

The Best Feature of Vidal Sasson VS433C Hot Air Brush

This hot hair brush has two convenient speed settings you can use when styling your hair. This gives you a nice choice of options depending on your hair type. Too many hot hair brush designers make their devices a one size fits all hot hair brush but that does not work in most cases. So it’s nice to see a hot hair brush model like this one that gives you more choices that cater to your specific hair type.
If you have thick hard to curl hair then you would want to select the high-speed setting and if you have thinner hair then the low-speed setting will help you style your hair easier and faster.

Check The Price on Amazon!

Areas That Could Use Improvement with Vidal Sasson VS433C

If you have very long hair this hot air dryer may frustrate you a little bit. It has a very thin 1-inch barrel that does a nice job helping you style your hair but does not supply the larger surface area for drying that larger hot air brush barrels do. This is something to seriously consider if you have extra-long hair and are looking to buy a hot air brush.

Also, this hot air brush is a little underpowered when it comes to air flow. Its 250 watts of drying power is generally considered to be about 200 – 250 watts less power than your average hair dryer. That means you will have to dry your hair almost all the way before you use this hot air brush if you want to dry and style it in a hurry.

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Review Summary

This is a great product for drying and styling your hair at the same time. The Vidal Sasson VS433C Tangle-Free 2-in-1 Hot Air Brush is easier on your hair than most other model hot air brushes. It uses gentle heating to help lift up your hair roots to create volume and also can help you curl your hair if you so desire. This model hot air brush is a must check out item if you are looking to buy one of these fine time-saving hair drying and styling products.

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