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Turbo Power TwinTurbo 2600 Review – 2 Speeds Hair Dryer


Turbo Power Twin Turbo 2600 Hair DryerAre you confused about which hair dryer to buy next? If you’ve tried out several models already, chances are that you must know what features to look for in a good device. Easy handling, a powerful motor, consistent airflow, and optimum temperatures are some essential features of every renowned hairdryer model.
Aside from a few, there aren’t many companies that manufacture high-quality and worthy hair dryers. If you want your next dryer to be worth your investment, you need to be careful about its features while looking at the price tag. In terms of such features the Turbo Power TwinTurbo 2600 Hair Dryer has gained appreciation from hairstyling experts.
Here are some reasons why we recommend this hairstyling device for your inventory!


  • Smart Heating System

    This hair dryer has a safe and well-equipped heating mechanism that ensures secure and quick hairstyling. It’s fitted with a device to prevent overheating and is made up of shockproof and temperature resistant thermoplastic. The heating element consists of nickel and chrome, which leaves hair silky smooth and flawlessly styled.

  • Powerful Motor

    The Italian motor of this hair dryer uses the power of 1,700 watts to generate a consistent and robust airflow, which is approximately 65m³/hour. This gives fast and smooth hairstyling with perfect results, even on your busiest days. Despite its high power, the dryer is a lot quieter than other conventional, full-sized models. The sound range is only around 87 decibels, which is alright for human ears. The motor also has a work-life of nearly 2,000 hours.

  • Speed and Temperature Settings

    This product comes with six different user settings. It includes two-speed options and four different temperature settings. You can select the medium or high-speed setting according to how much time you have to dry and style your hair. You can also choose a temperature setting that suits your hair type. A cool air shot button allows you to style your hair with cool hair, so you don’t worry about heat damage.

  • Works Well on Thick Hair

    This tool is a must-have for those people who find it challenging to style thick and unmanageable hair. The nozzle gives an intense burst of air with consistency that helps to hold your hair in place and gives you excellent control while styling. The results are impressive, easy to achieve, and last all day long.

  • Cord and Nozzle Concentrators

    The dryer comes with two separate and removable nozzle concentrators that can be used on different occasions for different hairstyles. A 9 ft. long swivel cord allows you to move freely while using this device.


  • Single Voltage Option

    A disappointing feature of this dryer is that it runs only on a 110 voltage. So, if you plan on taking the TwinTurbo 2600 Hair Dryer along with you on foreign tours, you may face difficulty with different voltages. We strongly suggest you carry a converter with you in order to ensure dual voltage for safe and easy international use.

  • Limited Warranty

    This hair dryer has a warranty of only one year, which is less than what most other brands usually offer. However, the device is made of premium quality material and is built sturdily enough to last you a few years. This makes the limited warranty one of your least worries!

  • A Little Heavy

    The dryer weighs around 2 pounds. Though this is the average weight of a full-sized hairdryer, some people may still find it heavy to carry for long. However, the weight isn’t much of a problem for those who use it at home. But if you’re a professional facing this issue, we recommend you take breaks between hairstyling while you use this device to keep your limbs from straining or hurting.

  • No Ionic Technology

    This device lacks one of the most useful hairdryer features: a frizz-reducing ionic technology. If you have rough, dry, and coarse hair, you may find it challenging to maintain your hairstyle for long. To solve this problem, you can use hairspray and a heat protectant to keep your hair safe and your hairstyle secure.


The Turbo Power TwinTurbo 2600 Hair Dryer is a useful investment for professionals and beginners. Its body and motor are a classic pairing and are sure to give you an impressive hairstyling experience!

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