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The Beachwaver Co. S1.25 Review – Dual Voltage


The-Beachwaver-Co.-S1.25-Dual-VoltageImagine trying to achieve luxurious curls, as seen on many celebrities on the red carpet. Trying to repeat salon-worthy styles on your hair is hard when using the standard curling iron. More specifically, achieving a beach wave look is nearly impossible because there is a lot of twisting and turning with the standard curling iron. It becomes very time-consuming. There is an easier way to curl your tresses with the Beachwaver Co. automatic curler.

Released in three various barrel sizes, the largest auto-curler, the Beachwaver Co. S1.25 Dual Voltage, is perfect for achieving loose waves on longer hair. The Beachwaver is a patented product that will do the work of curling your hair for you, with a push of a button. The Beachwaver Co. S1.25 has a heat range of 290°F to 410°F. The internal heaters are customizable to give you just the right amount of controlled heat. The lightweight wand has a 1.25” barrel in diameter and a 5.5” ceramic protected rod. With an automatic, rotating rod, the Beachwaver Co. was made specifically for curls so it is the best option when looking to achieve that carefree, loose curl look.

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  • Innovative Design

    As a patented product, you know there is no other brand that operates like the Beachwaver. The innovative design has on/off push buttons that is located towards the bottom of the curler, near the temperature controls. Just above the on/off button is the digital temperature display. On the side is the switch to set the auto-curler on “fast” or “slow”. The front of the Beachwaver has the dual rotation option.

  • Dual Rotation

    Creating salon-inspired beach waves takes more than just using an automatic curler. The curls have to be done in the right direction to give it a professional touch. The Beachwaver has a 9” swivel cord so you can maneuver throughout your head with ease. In addition, it has a dual rotation by arrow button control. Your curls can now have a cohesive look without you straining your wrists to create it.

  • Safe to Use

    The lightweight Beachwaver Co. S1.25 is a safe tool to use. With its ergonomically designed handle, the shape allows for a comfortable grip. Compared to the traditional curling iron, you are moving your hand and holding the curler in all different angles just to achieve curls. The Beachwaver Co. allows you to hold in one upright direction and let the curler do all the work for you. Outside of the shape, the Beachwaver Co. has a 30-minute automatic shut off button. For those that forget to turn off the curling iron, this feature prevents the curling iron from overheating.

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  • Tangling

    Tangling your hair is a major concern that comes to mind when considering an automatic curler. With just a push of a button, you are able to quickly curl your hair, then push another button to release the hair. Like any product, user error can definitely occur such as if the hair gets tangled in the clamp. The Beachwaver Co. has preventative measures in place such as the speed option for the auto-curl as well at the Home button to help release the hair. The risk of tangling is still inevitable. The best way to avoid is to read the instructions before use and ensure that the hair is separated properly when in use.

  • Expand the Features

    The Beachwaver has a few notable features that is loved but could be better. For one, the clamp is a little over an inch long. The clamp is used to hold the tip of the hair in place while the automatic wand curls your hair for you. While it doesn’t need to be the standard size of the clamps on the traditional curling irons, it limits the amount of hair you can curl at a time. Besides the clamp, there aren’t many improvements necessary for the Beachwaver Co. since it is a simple, yet impactful design.

Wrap Up

The Beachwaver Co. S1.25 is an innovative automatic curler that gives you luxurious beach waves with every use. The patented design means that there are no other brands made quite like it. In particular, this edition works best on longer hair. By clamping the end of your hair, then simply clicking one button, you can create beautiful beach waves. You can click the home button for the curler to return to its original state and release the hair. The Beachwaver Co. S1.25 is a curling iron to not only add to your hair tools collection, but one you can use every day.

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