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Remington D5000 Review – Compact Ionic Travel Hair Dryer


Remington-Compact-Ionic-Travel-Hair-DryerHairstyling is a practice that requires a lot of skill and precision. Even amongst professionals, there are very few who can style the perfect blow-dried look. So, we searched the market for a hairdryer that is easy to use and helps beginners create their desired hairstyles. We found the Remington Compact Ionic Travel Hair Dryer D5000, one of the best hairdryers in the market with several advantages, just for you!

This compact hair dryer by Remington is quite easy to use because of its lightweight build and compatibility. It has a variety of speed and temperature settings with eco-friendly options to suit your convenience. Despite its small size, its powerful mechanism can blow air at a great speed. The ionic technology makes it an ideal hair dryer for frizzy and damaged hair.
Here are some major reasons why we recommend using this product.


  1. Perfect for Traveling

    If you’re planning on a trip and wonder what hair equipment can fit your backpack perfectly, this hairdryer is your answer. It can fit in easily without occupying too much space. Another advantage of this tool is that it doesn’t need a separate handle to hold it. Its dimensions are just 5.1 × 2.5 × 9.5 inches, so it can be handled and used with ease.

  2. Lightweight

    This product weighs only around 14.5 pounds, so it is easy to carry and handle. Its small size gives you better control and guarantees safe use without causing pain in the arms.

  3. Powerful Motor

    Most compact hairdryers have low performance and take time in drying and styling. With the Remington D5000, you do not have to worry about that, either. It has a powerful motor that functions at 120V and 1875 watts and has performance equivalent to that of bigger, more expensive hairdryers.

  4. Heat, Fan and Eco-friendly Options

    This device offers three heat and two-speed settings along with a cool air option. This means that you can decide exactly how you want to style your hair. You can also choose the heat settings that suit you most without exposing your hair to possible damage.

  5. Ionic Technology

    Another favorable feat of this hairdryer is that it releases negative ions in its airflow that helps in taming frizzy hair and giving a shiny, presentable look. The ionic technology helps in providing static-free, beautiful hair.

  6. Removable Air Filter

    The air filter at the front of this product can be removed and cleaned for a continued excellent performance.

  7. Budget-friendly

    This Remington hairdryer is definitely an affordable investment for beginners as well as professionals. As compared to other hairdryers with the same facilities, this hairdryer is highly budget-friendly.

  8. Two Year Warranty

    This tool also comes with a useful two-year warranty from Remington manufacturers.


  1. No External Attachments

    This device does not have the capability to attach any external nozzle on its outlet. So, you can only use the original design to style your hair. However, the product has a pretty decent blow-drying mechanism, so you don’t really need to think of using another nozzle on this hairdryer.

  2. Styling Takes Time

    This hair dryer has a powerful motor but, due to its size, it takes time to style hair. However, this hairdryer is pretty compatible and handy, so you can take some extra time in styling your hair which allows you to get the perfect hairstyle. Also, it’s pretty lightweight so using for a longer length of time won’t really strain your arms and wrists.

  3. Too Noisy

    The warmer heat settings on this device can produce a pretty loud noise. This makes sense since it does have a pretty powerful motor. If you’re uncomfortable with this, you can still use the other two options to style your hair because they don’t produce as much noise.

  4. Possible Hair Damage

    The warm temperature settings on this hairdryer might damage some people’s hair. To keep your hair safe, we recommend using a heat protectant cream.

Here’s what to look for if you want to buy the best travel hair dryer possible.


The Remington Compact Ionic Travel Hair Dryer D5000 is an all-in-one package for you. It has multiple speed and heat options, a frizz-reducing ionic technology for better hair and a lightweight, compatible build which makes it ideal for traveling. At such an affordable price, its powerful motor can function to provide you with the best hairstyles!

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