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Paul Mitchell Express Ion Style+ Styling Iron Review


Paul-Mitchell-PM-Pro-Tools-Express-Ion-Style+-Styling-IronIf you’re a hairstyling enthusiast, you probably know how challenging it is to find a trusted and economic hairstyling tool. Investing in a flat iron that can both straighten and curl your hair is a smart way to get a device that won’t break your budget!
The Paul Mitchell PM Pro Tools Express Ion Style+ Styling Iron is an impressive hairstyling product. This flat iron is designed to deliver a first-class performance for any hairstyle.
Here’s why you should consider investing in this tool.

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  • Infrared Heat Delivery

    This device’s plates use far-infrared heat technology for efficient heating. Infrared waves thoroughly distribute sufficient heat to each section of your hair.
    This helps save your time and enables super-fast hairstyling on the go. Just run the iron once or twice down your hair, and you’re done!

  • Ceramic Plates

    This product’s plates are coated with ceramic, which retains heat for an extended period. These plates also keep your hair safe by preventing your hair from excessive heat exposure.
    These ceramic plates are equipped with Express Ion technology. They generate negative ions that reduce the effect of static electricity and give your hair a smooth and shiny appearance. The floating plates of this flat iron also prevent your hair from snagging and breaking.

  • Travel-friendly

    Another great reason to consider the Paul Mitchell Styling Iron is its travel-friendliness. This flat iron has a sleek and compact body that can fit in your luggage snugly. It can also work on dual voltage, which makes this device useful for international tours.

  • Multiple Styling Options

    This styling iron offers a wide range of hairstyling choices to beginners as well as professionals. Its ceramic plates have curved edges that firmly clasp a section of hair in between. You can curl your hair with this flat iron more easily as compared to other curling tools.
    Whether you want to straighten your hair, curl them, or create voluminous waves, this device can deliver incredible results each time! Its 9 ft. long 360° professional swivel cord allows easy access to the back of your head. This makes it easy to style both long and short hair.

  • Temperature Settings

    This styling iron has a temperature range between 250°F and 410°F. A smart LED display and buttons allow you to set the temperature according to your hair type and texture. The lowest temperature, 250°F, works well on fine and damaged hair while the 410°F delivers satisfying results on thick, unruly manes.

  • Automatic Shut-off

    This styling iron has a one-hour automated shut-off system. This helps to keep electricity bills low and avoid any electrical damage to the device. It also ensures that you don’t damage anything by leaving this device on.

Check The Price on Amazon!


  • Expensive Price Tag

    This flat iron is placed somewhere between the high- and low-end brands of the market. The price factor may make some consumers hesitant to invest in this product. If you’re double-minded about purchasing this tool, we advise that you do so.
    This tool can play the role of different hairstyling tools, and thus, it can keep your expenses under control in the long run. If you go for separate hairstyling tools, you may end up spending more than your budget allows. So, it’s better to buy this hot tool for a much cheaper cost!

  • No Tourmaline or Silicone

    This styling iron doesn’t use tourmaline or silicone strips in its plates. If your hair is too dry or weak, this might cause a lot of heat damage. We recommend using a heat protectant spray to prevent your hair from burning.

  • Using on Thick Hair

    If you’re using this flat iron on thick and curly hair, we recommend you style your hair in small portions. This will evenly distribute the heat on all parts of your hair and help you create better hairstyles.


Keeping in mind all the positive aspects of this product, we can say that the Paul Mitchell PM Pro Tools Express Ion Style+ Styling Iron is a beneficial investment. It keeps your hairstyling expenses to a minimum and allows both beginners and professionals to perfect their skills!

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