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Panasonic NANOE™ EH-HS99-K Review – Moisturize With nanoe™


Panasonic Nanoe Hair Styling Iron EH-HS99-K Hair StraightenerHairstyling without damage is only possible if you use quality styling irons. Whether you have a thick mane or fine strands, you can always find a styling iron that suits all your needs. One of the top hair straighteners that you can get for thick and unruly hair is the Panasonic Nanoe Hair Styling Iron!
Panasonic is a company known globally for manufacturing some of the best hair styling products in the market today. This hairstyling iron is also a worthy addition to their collection. It is popular because of its precise styling ability and tendency to work on different hair types.
Here’s why we recommend that you buy the Panasonic Hair Styling Iron!

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  • Super-Moist Hair

    The Nanoe-infused ceramic plates on this hairstyling iron provide your hair with a thousand times more moisture than the usual ion-release technology! This helps in giving your hair a light shine and softness.
    It absorbs the moisture from your hair, infuses it with nanoe particles, and then releases this formula onto your hair. This is meant to avoid the loss of moisture from your hair while giving them a more moisturized feel. The enhanced moisture in your hair makes them stronger, and the hairstyle lasts longer!

  • Advanced Ceramic Plates

    Panasonic has used its advanced technology to build smooth and easy to use ceramic plates that glide effortlessly over the hair while holding them firmly in place. These plates are carefully designed to prevent snagging your hair. The ceramic plates also help this iron to maintain a consistent temperature.
    Unlike other irons, the Panasonic Hair Styling Iron doesn’t lose its heat when it comes in contact with your hair. This is because its plates are equipped with a high recovery heater, so that prevents heat loss.

  • Five Different Temperatures

    This hairstyling iron comes with five different temperature settings that are ideal for different hair types. If you want to expose your hair to minimal heat, you can use the 270°F styling temperature. The higher ones are 315°F, 340°F, 365°F, and 395°F. The highest temperature of this device works best on stubborn and thick locks with perfection!

  • Even Distribution of Heat

    Its heated ceramic plates evenly distribute the heat on every strand of hair, without exposing any part to too much heat. This way, you can get perfectly styled hair from the roots to tips. This technology makes this styling iron one of the best for thick hair.
    Ordinary styling irons cannot reach every area of thick hair, which results in poor quality hairstyles. The contoured head of this device makes it easy for you to slide it between layers of your hair for easy styling.

  • Ergonomic Design

    This hairstyling iron from Panasonic has a carefully crafted design. It’s easy to grip, and the buttons are placed within easy access of your fingers, in case you want to change the temperature while styling.
    Its 9 ft. long swivel cord makes it easy for you to move freely while using the iron! A safety clasp locks the iron securely in place, so you can place it in your travel bag without the fear of breaking the plates.

Check The Price on Amazon!


  • A Little Expensive

    This hairstyling iron from Panasonic is found at the high end of the market. It’s one of the most expensive irons out there, so some people might hesitate to invest. However, its advanced hairstyling technology justifies the high price tag. By saving up a little, this flat iron will be within your reach.

  • Using on Thick Hair

    Some people report that the iron doesn’t work well on thick or unruly hair. However, the trick to using this device on thick hair is working in sections. All you need to do is divide your hair in more sections with less hair in each section. The 395°F temperature setting will provide every strand with the optimum amount of heat!


The Panasonic Nanoe Hair Styling Iron is a high quality, high-end product on the market. It has a fantastic heating mechanism with multiple temperatures that are suitable for different hair types. Its design gives a comfortable grip, while the nanoe particles that the iron releases help to make your hairstyle last longer!

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