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Panasonic EH-NA27-K Review – Compact Travel Hair Dryer


Panasonic Compact Hair DryerPanasonic Compact Hair Dryer is full of features that are beneficial to your hair. This lightweight hair dryer is designed to go with you everywhere. With its compactible handle, Panasonic can be packed away with ease. Panasonic has nanoe technology that draws moisture from the air. It uses this moisture to infuse and protect your hair. In addition to nanoe technology, Panasonic includes another exclusive feature in the Quick-Dry Nozzle. Using an attachment like the Quick-Dry Nozzle means you can concentrate on specific areas of the hair.

Panasonic created a powerful 1400-watt hair dryer that has three different airflow settings. You can achieve multiple types of styles with the these settings. The high and low settings are what will give you quicker drying times. Being able to add in a cool temperature setting, is a plus for the Panasonic hair dryer. Not only is the Panasonic great for all hair types, it is compact. The folding handle snaps close making it easy to pack up. The last great feature for this hair dryer is that it’s easy to clean. The filter is accessible so you can continue to maintain so it performs at its peak all the time.

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  • Nanoe Technology

    The nanoe technology is a great feature that infuses moisture into your hair. It gives smoother, shinier hair as a result. How does the nanoe technology work? Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer draws the moisture from the air, pulling it to blow on the hair. The moisture is penetrating into your hair from microparticles that holds 1000x more moisture than other ionic hair dryers. The nanoe fortifies the hair to reduce the risk of any damage. With the nanoe technology, your hair doesn’t risk heat damage and can retain its moisture, giving you a great finishing look.

  • Quick Dry Nozzle

    Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer comes with a Quick Dry Nozzle. Exclusive to the Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer, this pro-quality nozzle delivers a mix of strong and soft airflow. The nozzle allows you to direct the airflow on a concentrated area to style. Due to the mix of airflow, you are able to provide even drying from root to end. When you section off the hair and use the quick dry nozzle, it cuts your drying time and gives you faster results.

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  • Low Cool Setting

    Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer has three airflow settings. This hair dryer can be set on high, medium and cool. These settings blow out according to strength and heat. Like many other hair dryers, the cool setting is essentially the low setting. Panasonic could improve this feature by combining the temperature of the airflow with how strong you need the air to blow out. If it were settings that allowed you to have a hot temperature on low speed and a cool temperature on a high speed, Panasonic would work on more hair types.

  • Unstable Handle

    Panasonic has created a compact hair dryer just under 1 lb. It is lightweight so you can pack it away with ease. The issue with this particular model is that the handle can wiggle more than expected. This feels as if the handle will collapse into its traveling position. The lock is in place and it won’t collapse while using, however, it may wobble slightly. For some users, the compact handle is not what attracted them to the dryer, it is more about the performance. Panasonic does give a high powered performance.

Wrap Up

The Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer is a hair dryer that can go with you anywhere. A high-quality lightweight hair dryer with a folding handle, Panasonic is easy to pack away and takes up little space. Panasonic has nanoe technology that creates super fine nanoe particles. These particles infuses the hair with moisture, giving it a smooth and healthy shine. This hair dryer will give you quick-drying results. The Panasonic nozzle delivers strong and soft air flows so your hair is not only dry, but it can also style. Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer has three airflow settings that do not over-dry your hair. Panasonic actually shields your hair from heat damage and makes styling easy.

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